Data Curation: Retooling the Existing Workforce


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My presentation given at the Symposium on Digital Curation in the Era of Big Data: Career Opportunities and Educational Requirements held at the National Academy of Sciences on July 19, 2012.

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  • Data Curation: Retooling the Existing Workforce

    1. 1. Symposium on Digital Curation The Future Workforce Steven Miller IBM © 2012 IBM Corporation1
    2. 2. Symposium on Digital Curation Who needs data curation skills? © 2012 IBM Corporation2
    3. 3. Symposium on Digital Curation Who needs data curation skills? © 2012 IBM Corporation3
    4. 4. Symposium on Digital Curation Who needs data curation skills? © 2012 IBM Corporation4
    5. 5. Symposium on Digital Curation Not just your employees & contractors… Bloggers, Media, and Customers are curating your story © 2012 IBM Corporation5
    6. 6. Symposium on Digital Curation What makes curation easy? © 2012 IBM Corporation6
    7. 7. Symposium on Digital Curation © 2012 IBM Corporation7
    8. 8. Symposium on Digital Curation Storify © 2012 IBM Corporation8
    9. 9. Symposium on Digital Curation What makes curation hard? © 2012 IBM Corporation9
    10. 10. Symposium on Digital Curation Limited Life Spans of Current Storage Technology © 2012 IBM Corporation10
    11. 11. Symposium on Digital Curation Can you trust online reviews? © 2012 IBM Corporation11
    12. 12. Symposium on Digital Curation Redaction is harder than it looks © 2012 IBM Corporation12
    13. 13. Symposium on Digital Curation Redaction is harder than it looks © 2012 IBM Corporation13
    14. 14. Symposium on Digital Curation Unintended impacts of regulation make Retention hard The class-action lawsuit asserted Netflix violated a section of the law requiring personally identifiable information to be destroyed within a year "from the date that the information is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected." © 2012 IBM Corporation14
    15. 15. Symposium on Digital Curation Market Trends © 2012 IBM Corporation15
    16. 16. Symposium on Digital Curation © 2012 IBM Corporation16
    17. 17. Symposium on Digital Curation © 2012 IBM Corporation17
    18. 18. Symposium on Digital Curation © 2012 IBM Corporation18
    19. 19. Symposium on Digital Curation © 2012 IBM Corporation19
    20. 20. Symposium on Digital Curation Recent Job Postings © 2012 IBM Corporation20
    21. 21. Symposium on Digital Curation Enterprise Governance Architect Define & manage the quality, consistency, usability, security, & availability of information Ensure compliance with local, state, federal, and international regulations Define and protect key organizational information assets Define and manage processes to ensure data quality and remediate data errors Define and manage appropriate levels of security at many levels Define processes to protect against security issues such as identity and data theft Define processes to ensure appropriate testing occurs before implementing © 2012 IBM Corporation21
    22. 22. Symposium on Digital Curation Enterprise Architect – Data Governance  Perform baseline logical reviews on key system, content, data, and process assets.  Create and maintain a comprehensive governance architecture for the Enterprise Conceptual Information Model, Content Assets, and Data Assets.  Ensure governed assets adhere to architectural principles and “Golden Rules”  Work with Domain Architects as key interaction point for communication, evangelism, governance and feedback into central architecture  Work with Business / Product Strategy in order to stay up to date with business / product direction in order to anticipate long-lead-time technology needs.  Work with peers within other enterprise information management pillars to develop and maintain business strategy, policies, standards and guidelines pertaining to global enterprise information  Ensure information model, information assets, governance architecture and program are aligned to the business goals across the company and the various business units © 2012 IBM Corporation22
    23. 23. Symposium on Digital Curation Data Curator & Analyst  Develop and maintain tools/codes for day-to-day extraction, curation and management of phenotypic, genomic, breeding process, and logistical data  Be instrumental for extracting and providing clean data to statistical analysis team, IT team, breeders and managements as per request  Develop matrix to measure and track the quality improvements of phenotypic and genomic data  Proactively increase awareness of value of the data quality among breeders and researchers across the company  Work closely with corporate IT groups and statistical teams to identify and implement methods to automate tracking of breeding pipeline and increase quality of pipeline data in order to reduce time in structuring, characterizing and cleaning data.  Create and present summary statistics and reports to researchers and management © 2012 IBM Corporation23
    24. 24. Symposium on Digital Curation Senior Data Steward  Support, build, and sustain relationships with analysts, leads, supervisors and managers within the TFS Business organization on designated projects Lead all activities (planning, analysis, testing & reconciliation) in support of the delivery of small, medium, and large data and reporting projects and initiatives Serve as liaison between Business Intelligence and TFS Business units to support requests for data and analysis Analyze, monitor, profile and administer the metadata, quality and reconciliation of data within assigned areas on designated projects Prepare and execute detailed data assessments and corrective action plans Co-develop and execute the process of training business users on how to fully leverage and use TFS business intelligence tools/reports/applications Serve as a subject matter expert on TFS data for specific subject areas © 2012 IBM Corporation24
    25. 25. Symposium on Digital Curation What education programs are needed? “Governance Specialists” Data Curators/Stewards Data Quality / Master Data MBA’s Master’s in IT Executive Education Information / Data Architects Business Leaders Governance Architects Core Competencies All Students © 2012 IBM Corporation25
    26. 26. Symposium on Digital Curation What’s needed?  Awareness  Curriculum recommendations  Significant increase in programs © 2012 IBM Corporation26
    27. 27. Symposium on Digital Curation Resources for Governance Professionals © 2012 IBM Corporation27
    28. 28. Symposium on Digital Curation © 2012 IBM Corporation28
    29. 29. Symposium on Digital Curation © 2012 IBM Corporation29
    30. 30. Symposium on Digital Curation © 2012 IBM Corporation30
    31. 31. Symposium on Digital Curation © 2012 IBM Corporation31
    32. 32. Symposium on Digital Curation © 2012 IBM Corporation32
    33. 33. Symposium on Digital Curation Follow me on twitter @brandsteve © 2012 IBM Corporation33