SIGHTINGS A Look Forward: 5 Marketing Ideas for 2011


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This year, while the world re-awakens from its economic slumber, consider how you make decisions, take action, and interact with your consumer — from touchpoints to pricing. Marketing itself requires innovative thinking. 2011 is the year.

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SIGHTINGS A Look Forward: 5 Marketing Ideas for 2011

  1. 1. SIGHTINGSA LOOK FORWARD:5 Marketing Ideas for 2011
  2. 2. 5 mArKeTINGIdeAS for2011 This year, while the world re- awakens from its economic slumber, consider how you make decisions, take action, and interact with your consumer — from touchpoints to pricing. Marketing itself requires innovative thinking. 2011 is the year. 2 ANTHem’S TreNdS for 2011
  3. 3. MARKETING IDEAS1 Build focus and flexibility.With the world around us changing so quickly, it’s difficult to create business and marketing plans that don’t seem as ifthey are being re-written every other week. In such a situation, how do you make progress? As is often said, the first step isacknowledgement and acceptance. The second is building plans that have a long-term focus in mind - the end game - coupledwith a degree of flexibility. You need to know what parts of your plan are fixed to keep you on the road to your vision and whichcan change on a dime. Build this into your planning and into your everyday management of the business.2 Follow your consumer.Today there are more tools than ever to get close to your consumers and develop an intimate understanding of them. Usingonline tools and social media, you can “follow them,” per se, to understand their methods of communication, influences, andmotivations to purchase. Instead of coming at marketing expecting consumers to follow our brands, in today’s age it would bemore powerful to follow them, to understand their “path to purchase.” Understand what triggers their purchase journey andunderstand what touchpoints are influencing them along the way. With so many touchpoints at our disposal these days, byfollowing your consumer you can find the critical paths along which to create dialogue and rich brand experiences.3 Unpack the story.When doing marketing planning and developing integrated plans, think about a campaign as if you are telling your consumer astory. It’s like unpacking a box. What’s the outside - the first thing you want them to encounter and what will get them to takethe next step to learn more? What’s the next interaction - how does that further build the story? And, because you can’t controlwhere the consumer goes, think through the elements of the plot that can make your brand and the story cohesive wherever theyturn.4 Use numbers wisely.Data analysis should definitely be a part of business and marketing and can help us make critical decisions, from who totarget to where and how to optimize our marketing spend. But don’t put all your eggs in that basket. Business leaders need toaccept that numbers can’t make all the decisions for them and that building good, solid insight for decisions of judgment isjust as important. With a lot of marketers focusing on more numbers these days, we’d like to just wave a flag of caution andacknowledge that judgment will always come into play.5 Discover the new era of pricing.With all the technologies at consumers’ fingertips to check and compare pricing while shopping online or at the shelf, the worldof pricing is going to change. What strategies are retailers going to deploy to create competitive advantage? Will it get beyondEDLP? What are the implications for the manufacturer and your pricing strategy? Does it allow companies to take some of thepricing power back that has been in the retailers’ hands for so long? The point here is - the pricing landscape is changing. Thisis the year to learn about the implications and develop new strategies of your own. 3 ANTHem’S TreNdS for 2011
  4. 4. Anthem Worldwide, a Schawk Strategic Design Company, is an integrated global network that provides innovative solutions to articulate, unify and manage brand impact. Anthem creates compelling brand experiences by aligning its strategic, creative and executional talent worldwide with the business needs of companies seeking a competitive advantage. Anthem offers a full range of branding and design services. For more information on Anthem, please visit © 2011 Schawk, Inc. All Rights Reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any form without written permission from Contact: the copyright holder. Schawk is a registered trademark of Schawk, Kathy Oneto, Vice President, Brand Strategy Inc. The Anthem logo is a trademark of Schawk, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.4 ANTHem’S TreNdS for 2011