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Will that touch... Be Riveting? Thrilling? Compelling?

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Schawk overview brochure

  2. 2. Will that touchBE RiVEtiNG?thRilliNG?coMPElliNG?Will it BE coNSiStENt?alWaYS EXactlY RiGht?alWaYS EXactlY You?BRAND POINT
  3. 3. in our accelerated, fickle, competitive, We know that compelling, consistent chaotic, new-product-saturated brand experiences create a bond in marketplace, every brand is asking consumers, an affinity – a love – for these questions. the answer for your the goods and services they need. brand can be ‘yes.’ the reason is the brand point management category. and Schawk knows that when our Brand point management delivers talents are leveraged in every medium, a compelling and consistent brand at every opportunity, wherever and When we synthesize these skills, we experience every time a consumer whenever consumers touch a brand, provide almost immeasurable value touches a brand. amazing things happen. to a brand. Because brand point management is about nurturing the Brand point management focuses Yes, we create things. We design life of a brand, maximizing agility Schawk’s global portfolio of strategic, packages and develop retail marketing and speed-to-market, and creating creative and executional expertise on programs. We retouch glamour shots, operational efficiencies while shaping a powerful point – a brand touchpoint: print billboards and mastermind brand experiences everywhere. We help that make-or-break moment when a digital asset management systems. companies strengthen their brands by consumer experiences a brand up-close We build production files, manage delivering compelling and consistent and personal. the moment when a workflows and coordinate premedia brand experiences at home, on the go, shopper is ready to make the decision for worldwide advertising campaigns. at the store, on the shelf. this is brand to purchase a product. and that’s not all. point management.MANAGEMENT.
  4. 4. AT HOME.Will it liFt SoMEoNE RiGht oFF thE SoFa aND SEND thEM ShoPPiNG? “So many customers do get their Direct mail, catalogues and FSis – This is brand point management. food ideas from published [print] these brand points actually can resources. We thought there was a command more mindshare than Schawk understands how to create huge opportunity to go into custom a 30-second spot, because there at-home brand points and how to create publishing and mail our magazine is a powerful element of “shopper synergy with others along the shopping directly to the consumers who were initiative” involved. Start with a brilliant cycle, all the way to the store shelf. of highest value to Kraft.” creative strategy; employ cutting- We combine research, ideation, design edge imaging technology to make the and deep cross-platform premedia – Kathleen olvany Riordan, VP, Global consumer Relationship Marketing materials compelling; engage workflow expertise to generate brand points that Kraft Foods; from ANA Advertiser, april 2008 management to deliver multiple are powerful – and welcomed. home is versions economically, quickly and where compelling and consistent brand- the home is suddenly a new territory for point experiences start. brand marketing. Familiar as some of consistently; apply 3D imaging and the marketing methods are, technology, animation magic to leverage the power media and lifestyle changes now call for of images across new media ... Now entirely new at-home strategies. you’ve amplified shopper affinity, before that shopper has even left the house.
  5. 5. ON THE GO.Will it catch SoMEoNE’S attENtioN WhENEVER, WhEREVER thEY tuRN thEiR hEaD? “[it’s] pioneering. i suspect there’s Billboards, posters, bus shelters, This is brand point management. been no other advertiser that’s done building wraps – their commanding something like this.” size, strategic locations and intense Schawk’s people are both experienced messaging can create instant affinity. and cutting-edge. We understand color, – Paul Meyer, President/cEo, clear channel outdoor, on the first-ever large-scale global and the bottom-line results are substrates, press tolerances, quality, outdoor media buy, for coca-cola’s “coke Side excellent when the message is consistent longevity, cost – and can generate a of life” campaign solution that fits budgets and executes with a product’s other brand points. on-strategy around the globe. and, if “usually outdoor is bought on a country- Schawk understands this. in practical you like, we can print it 16 feet wide by-country basis and is used as a more terms, the unusual formats of these and as long as a football field. tactical rather than strategic tool. this mediums put emphasis on premedia deal allows us to work more strategically and production. there are special in executing our efforts around the world.” demands on photography, retouching – coca-cola spokesperson on the deal; from Advertising Age, May 26, 2006 and vendor management to ensure that these mediums consistently leverage the average consumer experiences their inherent advantages. 3,000 brand messages a day – astounding. on-the-go brand points in strategic and creative terms, these can be lost in the blur – or they can vehicles are a special opportunity. With rivet attention like no other. their bold delivery and quick payoff, they can crystallize a brand image already forming in a shopper’s mind. or they can be that great first impression that spurs curiosity, interest, affinity.
  6. 6. AT THE STORE.Will that touch taKE SoMEoNE’S BREath aWaY thE MoMENt thEY WalK iN thE StoRE? “We [are realigning] our business “out of the box” and into co-branded behavior and ensure competitive units and top leadership structure to life-sized interactive displays that kids differentiation ... in merchandising that meet the changing needs of our larger, and their parents couldn’t resist. We demands to be utilized ... and in key more diverse, faster-paced global guided a major u.K. retailer of gourmet execution areas like premedia, graphics business. these changes are designed food products to strong new distribution lifecycle management and large-format to help P&G’s businesses consistently relationships with two large u.S. chains. printing, to ensure a compelling and win at both the first (in-store) and We completely re-engineered the brand consistent brand message. second (at-home) moments of truth architecture for a major food chain’s with consumers.” store brands, with exceptional bottom- We’re not intimidated by the line results. rough-and-tumble world of retail; – a.G. lafley, cEo, Procter & Gamble; from P&G press release, May 14, 2007 we walk those aisles with confidence. We’re in a unique position to guide both the store: so familiar, yet it’s the retailers and cPGs to greater profits, powerful new untapped medium individually and through innovative in brand strategy. Retailers and collaboration that saves development manufacturers work furiously today time and marketing dollars. to influence the shopper’s in-store experience. they know that the store This is brand point management. is where shoppers become buyers and Five decades of partnership with the where profits are made. largest cPGs and top retailers has Schawk knows the store. it’s been our made us experts – in research and territory for years. at a major toy retail brand auditing to understand shopper chain we brought an iconic board game
  7. 7. ON THE SHELF. Will it MaKE thE ShoPPER’S DEciSioN FoR thEM? “[universal Music executive Jim urie] on the shelf, every stage of a product’s This is brand point management. was telling me they are changing the lifecycle is put to the test – strategy, jewel cases on many of their cDs next creative, execution. Weaknesses are on the shelf, Schawk’s advantages year to a biodegradable jewel case exposed; compelling and consistent are apparent: More compelling and because the Wal-Mart buyer simply brand messaging makes the sale. consistent messaging delivered to asked them what had they been market faster, with sharper insight into thinking, what had they been doing Schawk recently oversaw production the consumer’s wants and the retailer’s in this effort?” of the packaging for a 120-SKu line needs. lower production costs and of bedding that was being hustled better brand control worldwide. Bigger – lee Scott, cEo, Wal-Mart; from Charlie Rose, aired august 1, 2006 to market at a very large u.S. home- market share. Better margins. products chain. to meet the deadline, We know more than two-thirds of Schawk handled all prepress and on the shelf is where shoppers become purchase decisions are made in-store, sourced and managed printing in five buyers and brands are made. it’s the and a similar proportion on impulse. asian countries – china, turkmenistan, touchpoint that Schawk – better than We know that more than two-thirds Pakistan, Dubai and turkey – with anyone else – knows how to deliver. of shoppers are brand switchers, Schawk employees fluent in each and barely one-quarter are loyal to native language at all presschecks. an average retailer. here’s what the the materials reached the shelves on numbers mean: the most important time and entirely consistent in materials, moment in a product’s life is when color and quality. a consumer takes it off the shelf to consider a purchase. this is a make-or-break brand point; this moment is the backbone of our business.
  8. 8. Retailers and manufacturers alike are struggling today with new marketplace pressures, including YOUR BRAND low-priced global competition, fickle customers who want novelty in everything, and broader economic trends that demand agility and fiscal discipline. all of these must be addressed first through superior AT HOME ON THE GO STRATEGIC EXPERTISE strategy. and this requires brand point management. CONSUMER Schawk offers leading-edge brand and audience CREATIVE EXPERTISE analysis and brand architecture development. But we go further. our special insights and deep AT THE STORE ON THE SHELF EXECUTIONAL EXPERTISE relationships with manufacturers and retailers in all brand categories benefit both sides, as we often spark compelling and profitable marketing collaborations that neither side could have initiated alone. and because of the breadth of Schawk’s offerings company-wide, our strategic work is informed by a practical understanding of the creative and STRATEGIC!Brand points come to life when executional work that will follow.they are guided by three kinds Schawk delivers brand strategy through anthem, a Schawk Strategic Design company. anthem is anof expertise: strategic, creative award-winning design practice that offers best-of-and executional. Schawk offers class branding and design via its established global network. From ideation through strategy anda synthesis of all three, with the design, anthem takes pride in earning the most challenging projects from the world’s top retailersresult of superior deliverables, and consumer brands.more efficient processes and Schawk also offers research and strategic planningdirect bottom-line benefits for expertise through its retail marketing practice, which delivers an integrated retail experience for many ofclients. But even when a client the world’s top retailers.asks for service in just one Schawk’s software and technology experts offer workflow consulting and content-centric solutionsexpertise, Schawk brings myriad that are best-of-breed in business process management. We developed the first digital-asset-skills and 50 years of institutional management system for the packaging industryexperience to the task. in 1997, and we grow constantly stronger in the development of new enterprise products designed to meet the strategic business objectives of all types of organizations.
  9. 9. amid a swirl of new products and non-stop marketing, consumers become insensitive to messages that don’t rivet attention immediately and convey crucial information, all while stoking a passion to buy. Whether blazing the trail with entirely new branding or producing compelling adaptive design to strict guidelines, Schawk’s creative is delivered with the sharpest strategies and the boldest creative are world-class skills and an awareness of all the only as good as their execution across all media, moving parts. Brand point management ensures where brand messages are finally and permanently that Schawk sees creative within a larger context, conveyed. But the technicalities are countless and producing creative that respects strategy and the complexities can only be mastered by experts brings it to life, and that maximizes the power and with deep experience, global relationships and efficiency of the execution that comes next. this insights into all phases of the brand process, seamless vision is vital to creative that generates starting with strategy. Execution is where too many brand passion. brand initiatives falter. EXECUTIONAL!CREATIVE! our capabilities are delivered through several Schawk’s premedia business leverages more practices, comprising anthem and Schawk’s than 50 years of knowledge and experience in specialty creative practices. imaging technology, workflows and the most anthem offers ideation and innovation workshops demanding of brand touchpoints – packaging – that generate fresh insights and actionable ideas to deliver unparalleled quality and efficiency in in a short timeframe, and groundbreaking, original digital imaging and file preparation, color and design ideas that create passion and motivate print management and vendor management. purchase in-store. today, Schawk’s premedia capabilities in offset, Schawk offers many more integrated creative flexo and gravure printing support not just consumer services, including retail marketing expertise products companies but advertising agencies specializing in integrated, targeted communications; and even business-to-business corporations. With creative imaging that offers exquisite retouching; operations all over the world, Schawk brings a level 3D imaging that explores structural design of consistency, across all brand touchpoints, that opportunities, dimensionalizes packaging art is unparalleled. and manages 3D image libraries; spectacular large-format printing that offers outstanding impact opportunities; and creative solutions that offer comprehensive brand adaptation and brand compliance services to ensure that the world’s largest companies’ brand standards are always met.
  10. 10. Strategy. creative. Execution. Schawk’s historical roots stretch back more than 50 years into the art of brand marketing – into a very wide range of graphics and premedia services. But through intelligent growth and by watching our clients’ needs closely, we have acquired and developed talent, skills and services that guide the life of a brand from the very concept of a new product to the printing of its packaging and promotional marketinga BRiEF materials, worldwide.hiStoRY oF With thousands of employees working on four continents,SchaWK! Schawk can prepare you for engagement with consumers at countless brand points around the globe – from brand consulting and strategic planning, through the conception and design of branded materials, to oversight of all premedia processes, to enterprise technology products and services that mesh with your go-to-market strategy to ensure compelling, consistent brand execution worldwide. This is Schawk.
  11. 11. Schawk Europe St. Mark’s house Shepherdess Walk london, u.K. N1 7lh + 44 20 7861 7777 tEl Schawk Canada 1620 tech ave Mississauga, ontario l4W 5P4 Anthem Worldwide HQ 905.219.1600 tEl 35 South Park San Francisco, ca 94107 415.896.9399 tEl Worldwide Headquarters Schawk, inc. 1695 River Road Des Plaines, illinois 60018 847.827.9494 tElSchawk Latin AmericaSchawk de México, S. de R.l. de c.V.avenida de las Fuentes 5aParque industrial Bernardo QuintanaEl Marqués, Querétaro, México c.P. 76246011-52 442-290-0700 tEl Schawk Digital Solutions 8725 West higgins Road chicago, illinois 60631 847.827.9494 tEl Schawk Asia For a complete listing of our 241 River Valley Road global business locations, Gainurn Building, level 3 please visit Singapore 238298 (65) 6258-2622 tEl
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