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Schawk 3 d we help you imagine


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Photo-realistic imaging. Prototyping. Product animation. Our 3D skills are second to none. Take a look.

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Schawk 3 d we help you imagine

  2. 2. wHAT IS SCHAwK 3D?wE’rE ExPErTS IN 3D PHOTO-rEALISTIC IMAGING,DIGITAL PrOTOTYPING AND 3D PrODUCT ANIMATION.IN OTHEr wOrDS, wE’rE ExPErTS IN HELPING YOUIMAGINE THE STrENGTH IN YOUr brAND SO YOUrCUSTOMErS CAN ExPErIENCE IT. HOw?We deliver photo-realistic 3D product images that are absolutely on-brand and come tolife before the actual product itself, instrumental in retailer sell-in.We’ve mastered a process that allows the testing and refining of packaging shapesand product delivery systems, all digitally – before costly fabrication.We create 3D animated demonstrations of new product ideas and packaging delivery systemsfor internal evaulation and sell-in.And you’ll appreciate that all of these processes save up to 60 percent in time andcost over traditional photography. INDex PORtFOLIO PRINt DISPLAY < PAGe >
  3. 3. NOw CONSIDEr THIS: through 3D imaging, digital prototypingand animations, Schawk 3D Imaging delivers stellar results at multiple consumertouchpoints and to the bottom line for the biggest consumer-products companiesworldwide, today.THE bENEfITS:• Significant reduction or elimination of photography/retouching budget• Faster “green lights” and considerable time and cost savings to-market• Faster, more confident sell-in to retailers• Absolute photo-realism and extreme scalability of images• Single creation of multi-purpose/repurposable brand assets• Brand consistency across entire product lines and their advertising and marketing materials, at all consumer touchpoints at home, on the go, in the store and on the shelf.Superior processes that drive agility, cost savings and compelling and consistentshopper experiences: these are at the heart of Schawk 3D and Schawk’s delivery ofbrand point management for clients worldwide. INDex PORtFOLIO PRINt DISPLAY < PAGe >
  4. 4. THE BENEFITS: • Eliminates the need for costly and unpredictable tabletop photography • Can replace photography and retouching budget; does not require an incremental budget • Allows sell-in of the new product to retailers long before the new packaging is printed • Shortens go-to-market cycle and gives brands a jump on securing retail shelf space • Eliminates the need (and cost) of multiple agencies shooting the same item for different consumer touchpoint campaigns • Images easily repurposed in advertising and promotions being developed by ad agencies • Consistency of aspect and shading across entire lines • Consistent brand colors whether the image is destined for RGB or CMYK mediaWE’RE EXPERTS IN DIMENSIONAL PACKAGING AND PRODUCT IMAGERYSchawk 3D develops extensive image families across categories, product lines and SKUs for consumer-goods companies worldwide.We specialize in converting approved flat mechanical packaging art for new concept designs into three-dimensional images for usein advertising and promotional materials that support the brand; whether it’s a new product launch, a packaging refresh, a new lineextension, etc. – all before the new package is even printed. INDEX PORTFOLIO PRINT DISPLAY < PAGE >
  5. 5. WE’RE EXPERTS IN GIVING SHAPE TO NEW PRODUCT INNOVATIONSWe help clients quickly explore multiple packaging shapes and product delivery systems well beforethe next step of costly fabrication. Working from basic wireframes and artwork guidelines, Schawk 3Dgenerates photo-realistic digital prototypes in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional prototyping.And the results transfer directly to actual packaging dielines and promotional artwork.BENEFITS:• Rapid testing of package formats and label designs• Quicker testing and evaluation of more options• Rapid testing of product attributes, such as shape, color, texture• Elimination of expensive physical prototyping• Considerable time and cost savings• Consistency within brand and across product lines INDEX PORTFOLIO PRINT DISPLAY < PAGE >
  6. 6. wE’rE ExPErTS IN ANIMATED THE bENEfITS:NEw PrODUCT “SHOrTS.” • Quickly identifies strong and weak ideas, leaving resources for the development of strong ideasIf a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video is worth 10,000. • Compelling tool to help sell-in new product/innovation ideasSchawk 3D helps brand managers and innovation leaders bring internally to gain fundingtheir visions of packaging and products to life, dramatically • Far less expensive and time-consuming than traditional video shootsimproving buy-in internally. By extending software capabilities to • Complete consistency with brand guidelines and color standardscomplement our developed expertise, we create short new-product • Intimate look at entire product line prior to productionanimations for top consumer product companies. > CLICK HErE TO PLAY ANIMATION INDex PORtFOLIO PRINt DISPLAY < PAGe >
  7. 7. Our prOcess is cOmplete and pOwerful Schawk 3D’s services bring new ideas to life, starting with a wireframe of the shape, wrapping approved artwork around it, manipulating perspective, texture, lighting and color to create an extraordinary visual representation of your idea in the form of a repurposable brand asset. This single 3D asset can be used in advertising, in-store merchandising, direct mail, catalogs, websites, anywhere. > click On the circles belOw tO see Our prOcess illustrated CLICK TO CLOSE X CLICK TO CLOSE X CLICK TO CLOSE X CLICK TO CLOSE X CLICK TO CLOSE X CLICK TO CLOSE X CLICK TO CLOSE XartwOrk > wireframe > imaGe > multiple > blue > multiple > actual renderinG prOJects/lines imaGe librarY fOrmats packaGinG INDEX PORTFOLIO PRINT DISPLAY < PAGE >
  8. 8. SAVINGS: UP TO 60% IN TIME AND COSTTraditional methods of tabletop photography and product prototyping are time-consuming andlabor-intensive. Schawk 3D’s digital processes can cut up to 60 percent or more off both time andcost while ensuring strict image consistency across products, lines and media. Here’s how.THE BENEFITS:• Reduction or elimination of photography/retouching budget• Faster “green light,” faster to market• Eliminates weaker ideas to save time and resources• One-time creation of repurposable assets• Elimination of redundancies in process and vendors• Consistency and accuracy of materials across product lines TIME COST EFFICIENCY EFFICIENCY INDEX PORTFOLIO PRINT DISPLAY < PAGE >
  9. 9. SCHAwK 3D SErvICES AND brAND POINT MANAGEMENT: OUr ADvANTAGE.the strength of Schawk’s services is that they reflect the principles of brand point management. Brand point management is theintegration of processes across the lifecycle of a brand – from strategy and creative through execution and print management –to drive agility, quality and consistency in the materials that win consumers’ hearts.Our 3D services are part of this integration. We execute brilliantly on brand objectives to deliver compelling dimensional imageson time and on budget. Schawk 3D’s expression of brand point management is why the largest consumer brands in the worlddepend on Schawk and Schawk 3D for powerful shopper experiences at home, on the go, at the store and on the shelf. INDex PORtFOLIO PRINt DISPLAY < PAGe >
  10. 10. Want to knoW more?Schawk 3D turns core brand assets into powerful selling tools. If you want extremely effective productimagery that meets your demands for agility and efficiency, quality and consistency, talk to us.We’re ready.Call: Barbara Glass at 203.327.7600Email us.Schawk, Inc., (NYSE:SGK), is a leading provider of brand point management services, enabling companies of all sizes to connecttheir brands with consumers to create deeper brand affinity. With a global footprint of more than 48 offices, Schawk helps companiescreate compelling and consistent brand experiences by providing integrated strategic, creative and executional services across brandtouchpoints. Founded in 1953, Schawk is trusted by many of the world’s leading organizations to help them achieve global brandconsistency. For more information about Schawk, visit, powered by Schawk, to participate in a one-of-a-kind, exclusive online marketing community. Registration isfast, free and easy. As a registered member, you’ll have access to news and trends from leading blogs, magazines and webcasts. You willalso be able to ask questions and join threaded discussions on hot topics. All this and more at Follow Brandsquareon Twitter at© 2010 Schawk, Inc. All Rights Reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any form without written permission from thecopyright holder. Schawk is a registered trademark of Schawk, Inc. The Schawk logo is a trademark of Schawk, Inc. BLUE is a trademarkof Schawk, Inc. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.