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Schawk 2010 Sustainability Report


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Schawk 2010 Sustainability Report

  2. 2. SUSTAINABILITY LETTERWelcome to the 2010 Schawk sustainability report. At a time when populations are growing and resources are beginning tobe stressed, conservation and reduction has become a business necessity. We are in our fifth year of tracking our resourceusage, and this report allows us to look at where we have been and where we want to go.As you can imagine, this is a formidable task. With the variables of a global operation; different energy sources, multipletypes of real estate contracts, and people with limited bandwidth, it is a challenge to gather intelligent and relevant data.It is our Schawk employees that make the difference. From simple actions like consciously turning off a light, tocoming up with an environmentally friendly solution for a studio renovation, our employees ensure our success with theirstrong dedication.As you will see in this report, a highlight of 2010 was a pilot recycling project between Schawk and DuPont. As a result ofthis joint project, Schawk was able to recycle 24,500 pounds of scrap polymer material from their plate-making process.You will also notice that, in 2011, we will be filing a supplier report on the Carbon Disclosure Project for the second time.It’s another way that we continually attempt to make our efforts more meaningful, more reliable.We continue to move in a positive direction with our operations and practices. This path is important to us and allows ourSchawk employees to feel confident, knowing that the company they work for cares about the environment. And, Schawkclients and prospects can be assured that Schawk shares your concerns for the future of our planet.Thank you for taking the time to review our report. Should you have suggestions on how we can improve our efforts feel freeto contact me at Tim Rose Vice President Strategic Innovation Initiatives SCHAWK SOLUTIONS FULL-SCREEN <PREVIOUS NEXT>
  3. 3. WE OPERATE ACCORDING TO OUR SEVEN PLEDGES OF SUSTAINABILITY: 1 Ensuring that our operations all over the world continue to use clean production technologies and follow best practices for environmental protection. 2 Providing goods and services to our clients that enable them as brand owners and retailers to meet and exceed both regulatory and proprietary environmental initiatives.SUSTAINABILITY STARTS WITHIN.In addition to promoting a global environment of efficient and 3 Building and nurturing collaborativeconsistent measures that lead to environmental solutions, relationships with our clients, suppliers,Schawk practices sustainability, internally. This means that product and service collaborators and industry associations to enable a swift and intelligentwe’re aggressively reducing our own carbon footprint. exchange of environmental solutions. 4 Helping our clients streamline their brand development workflow through better use of best practice workflows, technology, enhanced“As part of our culture and corporate pledge, Schawk is materials selection, and source reduction. committed to driving sustainability initiatives and programs in our own offices.” - David Schawk Leveraging our knowledge and experience to 5 innovate new services and solutions that drive environmentally friendly brand development thinking forward. 6 Nurturing the climate of innovation inside the company that makes great leaps forward possible. 7 Creating a healthy environment in the communities in which we live and work and to the world community as well. SCHAWK SOLUTIONS FULL-SCREEN <PREVIOUS NEXT>
  4. 4. SUSTAINABILITY SUMMARYRECYCLED POLYMEROver the past few years, we’ve taken a hard look at our plate-makingprocess and how we can help reduce the amount of polymer wastebeing sent to landfills. Recently, Dupont wanted to test the economicsense of recycling scrap polymer for their customers. So, in 2010,through a joint pilot recycling project, DuPont proved that it wasfeasible to extend a recycling program to the market and Schawk wasable to recycle 24,500 pounds of scrap polymer.By addressing our processes while collaborating with like-mindedcompanies, we can continue to use technology and ideas to reduce ourenvironmental footprint.POLYMER IN POUNDS RECYCLED 2010 24,500 LBS RECYCLED (7 mos. recorded)POLYMER IN POUNDS DISCARDED 2009 20,413 LBS DISCARDED IN LANDFILL 2008 23,873 LBS DISCARDED IN LANDFILL 2007 27,278 LBS DISCARDED IN LANDFILL Gaylords of polymer plates awaiting recycling. SCHAWK SOLUTIONS FULL-SCREEN <PREVIOUS NEXT>
  5. 5. SUSTAINABILITY SUMMARYEMISSIONSEach year, we strive to improve our measurements aroundsustainability practices. As part of participation in the CarbonDisclosure project, we continue to use CO2e per million dollarsin sales as a key performance indicator. In 2011 we are filingour second supplier report. We continually examine the CDPinfrastructure as a source for strengthening our reporting. We alsolook at the reporting discipline of our clients and, where feasible,use their best practices.It’s this sort of adaptation and improvement that helps Schawkimprove processes and continue to operate responsibly in ourglobal environment.METRIC TONNES OF CO2E PER ONE MILLION U.S. DOLLARS IN SALES 2010 203 metric tonnes/million dollars 2009 201 metric tonnes/million dollars 2008 217 metric tonnes/million dollars 2007 206 metric tonnes/million dollars SCHAWK SOLUTIONS FULL-SCREEN <PREVIOUS NEXT>
  6. 6. SUSTAINABILITY SUMMARYELECTRICITYOne of our most imperative sustainability efforts is to explorepractices and technology that will allow us to conserve energy. Bycollecting the most accurate data we can, we’re able to form preciseplans to reduce our energy consumption. In many of our Schawkfacilities throughout the world, the utility consumption is tied intothe lease. We are making a strong effort to get the most precisereadings available, so that we can address issues of increased orunnecessary consumption.With this data, we’ll be able to implement practices and installequipment that will allow us to conserve energy and grow ourbusiness responsibly.ELECTRICITY IN KILOWATTS PER HOUR 2010 22,725,362 kwh 2009 22,144,023 kwh 2008 25,164,666 kwh 2007 27,884,710 kwh SCHAWK SOLUTIONS FULL-SCREEN <PREVIOUS NEXT>
  7. 7. SUSTAINABILITY SUMMARYHEATConserving our own resources is a vital part of our implementingactionable sustainable practices on a continuing basis. In 2010 westarted the creation of a new Minneapolis office that combines theSt. Paul and Minneapolis groups. By putting all our employees in onebuilding, we are able to reduce the amount of resources needed duringour daily operation. And, with the construction of a new roof we’re ableto increase our heat reflection efficiency. This amounts to a significantlong-term energy savings for our company and helps us continue tomove ahead toward energy conservation and efficiency.HEAT IN THERMS OF ENERGY USED 2010 300,327 therms 2009 329,424 therms 2008 388,475 therms 2007 347,727 therms SCHAWK SOLUTIONS FULL-SCREEN <PREVIOUS NEXT>
  8. 8. SUSTAINABILITY SUMMARYPAPERPaper is such an enormous part of our business that it offers manyopportunities for improvements in sustainability.Schawk’s Los Angeles-based large format printing facility earnedFSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain-of-Custody Certificationin 2006. This Chain-of-Custody tracks Forest Stewardship Councilcertified materials through the production process - from the forestto the consumer, including all successive stages of processing,transformation, manufacturing and distribution.This is just one of the many ways that we are improving ourenvironmental awareness and doing our part for the planet.PAPER IN SQUARE INCHES USED 2010 1,764,602,751 sq. in. 2009 1,596,194,706 sq. in. 2008 2,261,642,848 sq. in. 2007 2,035,821,060 sq. in. SCHAWK SOLUTIONS FULL-SCREEN <PREVIOUS NEXT>
  9. 9. SUSTAINABILITY SUMMARYWASTEWe continue to make considerable progress in reducing the waste weproduce and decreasing our carbon footprint. One example of our dedicationto sustainability is taking place in a pilot program at one of our facilities inthe UK. In 2010, we installed bailers that compact our recyclable materialto improve our eco-friendly efforts. By bailing, the trucks that transportthe material to the recycle centers can carry more materials per shipment,thereby diminishing the amount of trucking and decreasing the amount offuel being used.By evaluating key areas and addressing them, we’re able to improverecycling, reduce waste costs, and increase our overall efficiencies as wellas our environmental payback.WASTE PER CUBIC YARDS RECYCLED VERSUS DISCARDED 2010 15,723 cubic yards recycled 8,073 waste yards cubic discarded 2009 16,208 cubic yards recycled 12,523 cubic yards waste discarded 2008 13,737 cubic yards recycled 20,033 cubic yards waste discarded cubic yards 2007 8,389 recycled 13,994 cubic yards waste discarded SCHAWK SOLUTIONS FULL-SCREEN <PREVIOUS NEXT>
  10. 10. SUSTAINABILITY SUMMARYPEOPLEAlthough it’s been said before, people are our most importantresource. Employees like our European sustainability leader, SteveMeredith, and our Asia/Pacific region sustainability leader, NeilJackson, have gone above and beyond their jobs to make our effortssuccessful. Plus, our regional finance organization, led by Tim Allen,gets us accurate data so we can plan our next steps.With over 3,000 employees worldwide, we can have a huge impactby echoing this sort of dedication. We have 35 SustainabilityCoordinators who are responsible for initiative implementation andaccurate reporting for their operating units.Whether it’s biking to work, turning off a light, coming up withenvironmentally-friendly solutions for studio renovations, orconverting to a paperless system, Schawk employees make adifference. By instilling a sense of environmental sustainabilityand responsibility in our employees, we are confident that we willcontinue to reduce Schawk’s carbon footprint. SCHAWK SOLUTIONS FULL-SCREEN <PREVIOUS NEXT>
  11. 11. Schawk helps companies create compelling and consistent brand experienceswhile contributing to environmental sustainability.WANT TO KNOW MORE?Talk to us.Call: Tim Rose at 847.296.6000Email trose@schawk.comSchawk, Inc. is a leading provider of brand development and deployment services, enabling companies of all sizes to connect theirbrands with consumers. With a global footprint of operations in 18 countries, Schawk helps companies create compelling andconsistent brand experiences by providing integrated strategic, creative and executional services across brand touch points. Foundedin 1953, Schawk is trusted by many of the world’s leading organisations to help them achieve global brand consistency.For more information about Schawk, visit Schawk on and© 2011 Schawk, Inc. All Rights Reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any form without written permission fromthe copyright holder. Schawk is a registered trademark of Schawk, Inc. The Schawk logo is a trademark of Schawk, Inc. BLUE is atrademark of Schawk, Inc. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. <PREVIOUS