Brand point management in action


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Schawk grows a relationship for more than two decades.

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Brand point management in action

  1. 1. CASE STUDYBrand point management in action:Schawk grows a relationship for more than two decades.The quick story. One of the strengths of Schawk’s delivery of brand point management is that it is ready to expandwith the client. Over more than two decades, Schawk has assumed and integrated much of the packaging designand all of the premedia work for a major breakfast cereal maker, today managing and producing more than 5,000creative and premedia projects every year across North and Latin America. This includes – crucially – coordinatingbrand assets across multiple delivery channels and consumer touchpoints, including not only primary packagingbut, POS, POP, promotions and more.Schawk’s delivery rests on a complete digital foundation that includes an asset library with style and agencyguidelines and online review and approval processes. And it’s overseen by a Steering Committee and LeadershipTeam that combine Schawk and client personnel. Creative and execution; multiple delivery channels andtouchpoints; and vital technological support: under a multi-year agreement, Schawk integrates a huge rangeof brand point management services for a major global company to ensure compelling and consistent brandmaterials for shoppers everywhere.
  2. 2. The Client Challenge The Schawk Solution The Shopper ExperienceAs the morning foods category grew larger, Schawk implemented numerous core elements There is greater visability between salesmore complicated and more competitive, of brand point management. It synthesized and marketing within the client thanks tothe client came to understand its need for workflows and processes across a wide Schawk’s influence, and as a result, thethe integration of its packaging design and strategic, creative and executional range, shopper now experiences more compellingproduction process especially because its including package design and redesign, trade and consistent experiences with the brand atbrands are viewed across multiple channels and corporate communications, couponing, multiple touchpoints. The client is capablethat include grocery, club, convenience promotional and POS/POP materials, of reacting more quickly to opportunities forand more. With Schawk’s help, it came to microsites and more. Schawk placed 40 packaging that leverages trends in consumerunderstand just how consistent the visual people on-site with the client, establishing tastes and current events, and processrepresentation of their brand equities has a design studio at the client’s headquarters efficiencies give the client more confidence into be, and how lack of consistency reduces that are supported by over 100 dedicated trying new approaches. A key to this successconsumer affinity. It needed to ensure resources across three Schawk locations. is that Schawk doesn’t approach packaging,integrity of brand assets, and it needed to find The entire process is linked via extensive point-of-sale and sales support materialsefficiencies in processes and in the creation Schawk enterprise software solutions for simply from the creative or executionalof its materials throughout North America graphics lifecycle management and workflow vantage points, as some competitors do. Weand Latin America due to constant price-and- management. Driving all of these elements is draw insight from Schawk Retail Marketing,novelty challenges from branded competitors Schawk’s focus on giving the client not just which allows us to leverage deep knowledgeand more sophisticated store brands in a what it needs but what it wants in the broader about retail on behalf of CPG clients. The workcategory where new and innovative products scheme of things. The Schawk solution gives we do directly for a range of retailers bearsare continuously introduced. Finally, it needed the client the flexibility to compete in tough, fruit in our work for this client’s “customer-guidance in the evolution and maintenance changing market conditions with flexibility, specific marketing” efforts, which focus onof these regimens as technologies and agility, speed to market and confidence. distinct store chains and channels. As amarketplaces changed and evolved and where result, shoppers are intrigued with the client’sefficiency and effectiveness are critical. packaging, and see more consistencies across channels and within brand portfolios.
  3. 3. The Brand Point Management Difference.Schawk brought capabilities that no other company could have. Not only does it deliver expertlyacross many elements of strategy, design and premedia, it has the broad “lens” to see howthese could be integrated and streamlined through a single partner working intimately withclient representatives in sales and marketing. While our work for the client focuses on strategy,design and premedia, we have continually broadened the discussion to encompass specificaudience needs and desires and how the client can meet these across distinct channels in waysthat strictly adhere to brand guidelines.Overall, Schawk has created visibility and transparency for the client across its businessprocesses and has supported its world-class brands through integrated service offerings andworkflow technologies. Our ability to provide compelling and consistent brand experiences hasenabled the partnership with this client to grow steadily.Schawk, Inc., (NYSE:SGK), is a leading providerof brand point management services, enablingcompanies of all sizes to connect their brands withconsumers to create deeper brand affinity. With a Visit, powered by Schawk,global footprint of more than 48 offices, Schawk helps to participate in a one-of-a-kind, exclusive onlinecompanies create compelling and consistent brand marketing community. Registration is fast, free andexperiences by providing integrated strategic, creative easy. As a registered member, you’ll have access to © 2009 Schawk, Inc. All Rights Reserved. No partand executional services across brand touchpoints. news and trends from leading blogs, magazines and of this work may be reproduced in any form withoutFounded in 1953, Schawk is trusted by many of the webcasts. You will also be able to ask questions and written permission from the copyright holder. Schawkworld’s leading organizations to help them achieve join threaded discussions on hot topics. All this and is a registered trademark of Schawk, Inc. The Schawkglobal brand consistency. For more information about more at Follow Brandsquare on logo is a trademark of Schawk, Inc. BLUE is aSchawk, visit Twitter at trademark of Schawk, Inc.