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Brand asset valuator model new


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rand asset valuator model(BAV) can arguably called the most extensive brand research programs ever done. Till date over 100,000 consumers across 32 countries have been interviewed. Information on more than 13,000 brands has been collected providing up to 56 different scales and dimensions of consumer perception.According to the BrandAsset Valuator model, brand health and future of any brand can be determined by collecting consumer insights in four key areas listed below

Brand Relevance

Brand Differentiation

Brand Esteem

Brand knowledge

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Brand asset valuator model new

  2. 2. •1,00,000 Consumers across 32 co untries • 13,000 brands • 56 different scales and dimensions of consumer perception
  3. 3. •Differentiation •Relevance •Esteem •Knowledge Four key pillars of brand equity
  4. 4. Differentiation Has your brand attracted consumers attention more than your competitors? When customers come across your brand, do they recognize your brand, and how different it is from your competitors?
  5. 5. Relevance Is actual & perceived importance of brand to a larger segment Is your product relevant to consumers in regards to price, convenience, and fulfilling their needs? How likely they would be to purchase your product or service, regardless of whether or not they have purchased your product or service in the past?
  6. 6. Esteem • Esteem is the perceived quality and customer perceptions about growing/declining popularity of a brand • Does the brand keep its assurances? • The customer’s response to a marketers’ brand building activity is driven by his perception of two factors; quality and popularity
  7. 7. Knowledge Knowledge measures the extent of the customer’s awareness of the brand and understanding of its identity The awareness levels about the brand and what it st ands for shows the familiarity that consumers share with the brand.
  8. 8. Relevance Differentiation Brand Strength Brand Strength is an important indicat or of future potential & performance. Relevant Differentiation is the major challenge for brands and an important indicator of brand health. These two pillars point to the brand’s future value, rather than just reflecting its past
  9. 9. Esteem Knowledge Brand Stature Esteem and Knowledge together create Brand Stature, which is more of a report on past performance
  10. 10. BAV Model Dynamics Differentiation>Relevance Attract more trials to induce relevance Relevance>Differentiation You are in a mass segment competing on price/convenience Esteem>Knowledge Well regarded,desire to purchase Knowledge>Esteem Pre conceived notions can be detrimental incase of negative WOM
  11. 11. BAV Model Power Grid Brand Stature Brand Strength
  12. 12. Here brand is not focused or is new brand Quadrant 1 Quadrant 2 Low volume,High Margin/Niche Business Potential to grow
  13. 13. High income & high growth potential Quadrant 3 Quadrant 4 Fatigued, Declining brand Relevance is down, if unchecked Stature also will fall
  14. 14. Brand Asset Valuator Model-Example
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