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Student Portfolio


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Senior Portfolio from Woodbury University

Published in: Business, Technology
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Student Portfolio

  1. 1. brandon scott kurtz Design & Photography Portfolio
  2. 2. SP 1008 RICHARD ALLEN WILLIAMS M.D. 1. S’Wonderful 7:15 George and Ira Gershwin. ASCAP 2. On the Trail 5:3 8 Michael M. Fuller (F. Grafé). BMI THE DOCTOR IS IN! 3. Conf irmation 7:06 Charles Parker. BMI 4. Delilah 4:54 Henry Manners. BMI THE DOCTOR IS IN! 5. Dig 8 :47 Miles Davis. BMI RICHARD ALLEN WILLIAMS M.D. Dedicated to Clifford Brown 6. I Remember Clif ford 5:44 2007 All rights reserved. SP Records #J008. Recorded at Nolan Shaheed Studio, Pasadena, CA. September 23, 2007 Bennie Golson. ASCAP Engagements and further information: Website: 7. Joy Spring 5:54 CD orders: Information: phone 818-907-6750 Clif ford Brown. ASCAP 8. Jitterbug Waltz 8 :11 SP 1008 Thomas Waller. ASCAP Programs: Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Entertainment Graphics
  3. 3. Programs: Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Entered in Yellow Pages Association 2007-2008 Collegjate Advertising Competition Advertising Design
  4. 4. 15452 Cabrito Road, Van Nuys, CA 91406 Brandon Scott Kurtz Owner/ Graphic Designer 15452 Cabrito Road Van Nuys, CA 91406 (818) 468-3768 15452 Cabrito Cabrito Van Nuys, CA 91406 91406 15452 Road, Road, Van Nuys, CA 。 。 468-3768 (818) (818) 468-3768 。 。 Programs: Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Printed on Neenah Desert Storm Logo & Identity
  5. 5. California’s Best California’s Best California’s Best California’s Best California’s Best feel eat live think drink better better better better better California’s Best live better SUPPORT L O C A L FA R M E R S California’s Best eat better SUPPORT L O C A L FA R M E R S SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT L O C A L L O C A L L O C A L L O C A L L O C A L FA R M E R S FA R M E R S FA R M E R S FA R M E R S FA R M E R S Programs: Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Enviromental Graphics
  6. 6. Winner of the 1998 Praise for Blindness Blindness A city is struck by an epidemic of José Saramago Nobel Prize for Literature quot;white blindness.quot; The first man quot;A superb novel by the internationally acclaimed A NOVEL to succumb sits in his car, waiting for the José Saramago was born in Portugal in 1922. His Saramago…echoes of Orwell's 1984…a brilliant novels have been translated into more than twenty allegory that may be as revolutionary in its own light to change. He is taken to an eye languages and have established him as one of the way and time as were, say, The Trial and The Plague doctor, who does not know what to make in theirs. Another masterpiece.quot; of the phenomenon—and soon goes José Saramago world's most influential living writers. Kirkus Reviews blind himself. quot;Extraordinary…through scenes of the greatest The blindness spreads, sparing no one. quot;No candidate for a Nobel Prize has a better claim bleakness there runs and undercurrent of verbal to lasting recognition than this novelist.quot; Authorities confine the blind to a vacant beauty that surfaces at unlikely moments.quot; Edmund White mental hospital secured by armed guards The Observer (London) under instructions to shoot anyone trying Blindness The New York Times to escape. Inside, the criminal element quot;The spare simplicity of Saramago's narrating quot;José Saramago's Blindness is his most surprising among the blind holds the rest captive. voice, the stripped-down quality of his and disturbing book. It is a fantasy so persuasive When the compound is set ablaze, and the characterizations, the austerity of the style… as to shock the reader into realizing how fragile all contribute to the mythic air there is about blind escape into what is now a deserted and contingent our social conditions always have Saramago's work, the distinct impression of city, strewn with litter and unburied been and will be. This is a novel that will endure.quot; Blindness having been given, not made.quot; corpses. The air is permeated with a smell Harold Bloom Times Literary Supplement of mustiness and indefinable putrefaction. quot;Saramago is one of Europe's most original and remarkable writers…His writing is imbued with a quot;His work recalls García Márquez for its epic reach The only witness to this nightmare is the Blindness spirit of comic inquiry, meditative pessimism, and and Primo Levi for its insight into the fragility of doctor's wife, who faked blindness in order Blindness a quietly transforming energy that turns the human nature under adversity.quot; to join her husband in the camp. She guides Blindness indefinite into the unforgettable.quot; The Times of London seven strangers through the barren streets. Richard Eder The bonds within this oddly anonymous Los Angeles Times quot;There are Absurdist echoes, deft ironies, and group—the doctor, the first blind man and Blindness passages of great lyrical beauty. There is — dare his wife, the old man with the black eye A NOVEL one say?—something millenial about Blindness. It is swept by a gust of the Zeitgeist.quot; patch, the girl with dark glasses, the boy The Financial Times with no mother, and the dog of tears—are as uncanny as the surrounding chaos is Blindness quot;Saramago is an emphatic, impassioned writer and harrowing. Told with compassion, humor, Blindness is a bold piece of work—almost biblical and lyricism, Blindness is a stunning in scale and style, hauntingly sustained.quot; exploration of loss and disorientation in the The Independent (London) modern world, of man's will to survive against all odds.From the universally acknowledged master story-teller, one of the most challenging, thought-provoking, and exhilarating novels published in any language in recent years. Harcourt Brace & Company 15 East 26th Street, New York, NY 10010 U.S.A. $22.00 525 B Street, San Diego, CA 92101 Canada $31.00 Programs: Adobe Illustrator Publication Design
  7. 7. Protect California Protect California Protect California Protect California Protect California California’s Wetlands California’s Wetlands California’s Wetlands California’s Wetlands California’s Wetlands Wetlands Wetlands Wetlands Wetlands Wetlands While the wetlands After being slowed by One of the main Wetlands function Wetlands provide have been saved a wetland, water moves functions of the like natural tubs or unique habitats for from development, around plants, allowing wetlands is to act sponges, storing water various species of birds, the adjacent upland as a flood plain and it is a spawning ground the suspended and slowly releasing it. areas are quickly cleanse pollutants for fish, and a vital sediment to drop out from storm water runoff. vanishing due source of nutrients for the and settle to the entire coastal to residential wetland floor. marine environment. development. Tansy Leaf California Help Protect our Wetlands California Help Protect our Wetlands Help Protect our Wetlands Help Protect our Wetlands Help Protect our Wetlands Pickleweed Sun Cup Goldfields Marsh Jaumea Chicory Programs: Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Print Design
  8. 8. Law Offices of B A R RY K U RT Z A Professional Corporation Nicola McDowall Attorney 16000 Ventura Blvd. Suite 1000 Encino, California 91436-2730 E: T 949-388-9651 F 949-388-7888 16000 Ventura Blvd. Suite 1000 • Encino, California 91436-2730 Peggy Karavanich Certified Legal Assistant 16000 Ventura Blvd. Suite 1000 • Encino, California 91436-2730 16000 Ventura Blvd. Suite 1000 Encino, California 91436-2730 E: T 562-754-8706 F 562-683-0312 Law Offices of B A R RY K U RT Z A Professional Corporation Barry Kurtz Attorney of Counsel to Greenberg & Bass, LLP Law Offices of 16000 Ventura Blvd. Suite 1000 B A R RY K U RT Z Encino, California 91436-2730 A Professional Corporation E: T 818-728-9979 F 818-986-4474 Law Offices of B A R RY K U RT Z Law Offices of A Professional Corporation B A R RY K U RT Z 16000 Ventura Blvd. Suite 1000 A Professional Corporation Encino, California 91436-2730 of Counsel to Greenberg & Bass, LLP Nicola McDowall 16000 Ventura Blvd. Suite 1000, Encino, California 91436-2730 T 818-728-9979 F 818-986-4474 • • Logo & Identity Programs: Adobe Illustrator Printed on Howard Linen Star Sapphire Grey
  9. 9. The Choppercabra riders’ badges of honor. likethe Spring Fling are provoking competed in the Tour de France. I didn’t really notice what they were presence on the streets brought traffic The owner of Atomic Cycles thought by forcing motorists to A majority of the bike riders were doing or what their bikes looked to a complete halt. A single person, suggests that the purpose of these recognize them and remind them aerodynamically dressed to cut down like. Only after attending Spring riding a regular bike, in the bike rides is to have fun and act like kids, that they share the road. They are wind resistance. They all rode multi- Thing did I noticed that there are lane, could never have as great of an but, more importantly, the purpose also calling into question some speed bikes in unison, with numbers many personalized and unique bikes impact. That’s what most American are of these of our deeper values staged as on their backs, making them just on the street. Just one look at a Chopper used to seeing on the streets — one events is a confrontation another number in the crowd and Choppercabra bike and you can tell bicyclist. It was clear that passing to create It was clear that passing between “the less of an individual. The only people that both the bike and their owner motorists were both angered and awareness individual” with any kind of individuality in the are overflowing with attitude. amazed by what they encountered on among motorists were both angered (bicyclist) and race were either at the front or back the streets that day. motorists “technology,” of the pack, simply because they were References and amazed by what they The ringleader for the day was that bicyclists (the car) and easiest to identify in a sea of bicycles. cabras Choppercabras Horrorcycle Club Spring Thing The shining, the owner and operator of Atomic have the ultimately, But no matter where these bicyclists encountered on the streets 2006 Poster California. Cycles; a man known as Paul De right to ride humanity vs. are located in the group, most of them Department of Motor Vehicles. tricked-out, Valera. A few days after the event, safely on that day. progress. Events were forgotten once the race was over. Vehicle Code. Equipment Requirements 21201. Amended Ch. 723, Stats. 1979. I returned to Atomic Cycles to meet the streets. like this ride show The same is true when I saw bicyclists Effective January 1, 1980. personalized Paul, because I wanted to get a better In a city us what happens on the street before attending the perspective on the madness behind like Los Angeles where motorists when people loosen up the Spring Thing. They may be carrying d11/vc21201.htm. bicycles, made the organized event. Paul told me he are under the impression that they unwritten social conventions and groceries home or just using their bike De Valera, Paul. Personal Interview. was inspired to get people into an own the road, they rarely have any use their sense of individuality. as a cheap form of transportation. 22 May 2006. individual arena of violence. He clearly invites kind of recognition of or care for Lance Armstrong is the perfect By: Brandon Scott Kurtz everyone to join in and release their pedestrians - let alone bicyclists. They example of a bike rider that A group of free-thinkers on two wheels rebel against local statements built up aggressions. Paul referred make the roads generally unsafe. The represents advanced technology. laws and conventions at an event called Spring Thing, about creativity. to the blood spilled in the arena as bicycle riders who comes to events This is most apparent when he sponsored by the Choppercabra's Horrorcycle Club. On an overcast day, I left my Valley Village apartment and headed towards Atomic Cycles in Balboa Park. I planned to be a spectator at an event called, The Choppercabras as they waited for the event to begin. It was a lot of visual information to process. Two events occurred in the parking lot. The first event was called, The Demolition Derby. Mustache Ride Horrorcycle Club’s Spring Thing 2006 (aka, For this event, old tires had been stacked in a other like brave warriors and all for manufactures and designers seem Code 21201: The Mustache Ride), but I didn’t quite know large circle. Grown men sat on brightly colored the ultimate prize—a trophy made to value. These were bike riders (a) No person shall operate a bicycle on a what to expect. All I knew was that the event’s children’s bikes and proceeded to smash into each other, much to the out of old, spare bike parts. After these two events were with individuality, and could not be dismissed as mere outcasts, shunned roadway unless it is equipped with a brake which will enable the operator Events like this ride show participants needed to have completed, the winners named, and by four-wheeled society. to make one braked wheel skid on dry, a bicycle and a real or The impact of the “Mustache delight of the spectators. fake mustache. There seemed to be no participants haphazardly bandaged, Although the ride was meant to level, clean pavement. us what happens when A promotional poster Ride,” compared to normal rules for this event. everyone was invited to ride their be fun, it also carried a very proclaimed the ethos The participants started bikes through the streets of the Valley important message: motorists need (b) No person shall operate on the of the event: Two-wheel bicyclists on the road is like when they felt like it and in one intimidating, yet humorous to be reminded that they share the highway any bicycle equipped with people loosen up fun, never so dumb! As I abused each other with mass of metal and color. The shining, streets with bicyclists. The bicyclists handlebars so raised that the operator the difference between tricked-out, personalized bicycles, rode unique bikes that day also must elevate his hands above the walked through the alley next to Atomic Cycles, I reckless abandon. These men wore joyful smiles on made individual statements about because they wanted to protest level of his shoulders in order to grasp the unwritten social saw that the rear parking night and day. their faces, but their bodies creativity. The most interesting object city laws that they feel limit their the normal steering grip area. lot had been turned into a playground for the big kids. were bruised, scraped, and bleeding after just a few minutes in the ring. I saw strapped to the front of a bike was a Bert doll from Sesame creativity and unique qualities. The riders seemed to violate one code in (c) No person shall operate upon any conventions and Many of the big kids were dressed in blue, The second event was The Ben Hurt Race, Street. The bikes eschewed those particular, code 21201. highway a bicycle which is of such a button-up shirts and khaki pants, had wild influenced by the chariot scene in the movie, mass-production looks many bicycle size as to prevent the operator from safely stopping the bicycle, supporting use their sense haircuts, and wore dark shades. Most Ben Hur. The chariots were constructed from old importantly, every participant, male and girls' bikes and were modified to hold a second it in an upright position with at least female, adult and child, donned a mustache. rider on a platform behind the driver. The course one foot on the ground, and restarting of individuality. Mustached people moved from group to the event took place on was the shape of a it in a safe manner. group, like in a game of musical chairs, figure eight, leaving tons of room for collisions admiring each other’s bikes and mustaches, with other chariot riders. These men fought each 75 76 77 78 Programs: Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Editorial Design
  10. 10. Architecture Portrait Landscape Programs: Adobe Photoshop Personal Photography
  11. 11. The California Industrial Technology Education Association The California Industrial Technology Education The California The California Association Industrial Industrial Technology Technology Jim Hall Treasurer Education Education P.O. Box 729 Association Association Diamond Springs, CA 95619 P.O. Box 729 P.O. Box 729 Diamond Springs, Diamond Springs, CA 95619 CA 95619 (408) 924-3227 (408) 924-3227 Programs: Adobe Illustrator Printed on Beckett Linen Enhanced Writing Earned honorable mention on identity Identity System system in Senior Studio
  12. 12. P. O . B o x 7 2 9 , D i a m o n d S p r i n g s , C A 9 5 6 1 9 Vision About Us Professional Recognition Educational Areas Include Organization Activities Professional Connections Construction Transportation Drafting Every school provides every student with experience Currently celebrating its 77th year in service, CITEA awards serve to recognize and reward Construction/Wood Shop The CITEA Foundation represents Industrial and CITEAlist is a statewide e-mail list-serve with & Wood Shop & Auto Shop & Engineering in industrial technology educational, to develop the California Industrial Technology Education excellence in teaching, professional contributions, Technology Educators and Programs throughout the nearly 1400 members. It is administered by technology literacy, self-sufficiency, creativity, Association is a statewide user organization that and support for ITE in the State of California. Awards Manufacturing/Metal Shop state of California, including Vocational and Occupational CITEA and serves both CITEA and CITEAF by Graphic Arts Manufacturing Electronics Mission imagination and an appreciation of craftsmanship. advocates and promotes Industrial Technology in the following categories are presented at the programs and ITE programs in middle schools, high connecting professionals in Industrial Technology The California Industrial Technology Education Education, and Vocational Education through Annual Conference banquet: Transportation/Auto Shop schools, community colleges and universities. CITEAF is Education and Vocational Education, sharing & Metal Shop Association serves the Industrial Technology professional development, social events, and Teacher of the Year our educational foundation, which plans and carries out important announcements and information. political advocacy, for the state's ITE and Industry Person of the Year Drafting/Engineering and Vocational Education communities by professional training and conferences, while CITEA is a VocEd teachers. Our goal is to develop a Person of the Year Graphic Arts politically active organization that represents you and providing professional development, legislative strong community of trained and qualified Legislator of the Year your profession in Sacramento and across the state. The California analysis, advocacy and networking. teachers working in up-to-date facilities that Administrator of the Year Electronics Support of CITEAF strengthens your profession and are in parity with other disciplines. The CITEA Distinguished Service Award Industrial The Durant D. Mosely Distinguished Service Award enables effective communications and networking, Technology professional development, and strengthening of both Graphic Arts Education local and regional programs. Association California Industrial Technology Education Association For more information about activities or membership go to Please join us by volunteering and/or making a contribution today! Programs: Adobe Illustrator Identity System
  13. 13. Educational Areas Include Construction/Wood Shop The California Industrial Manufacturing/Metal Shop Technology Education Graphic Arts Association Transportation/Auto Shop Drafting/Engineering Electronics The California ainrofilaC ehT Mission The California Industrial Technology Industrial lairtsudnI Education Association serves the Industrial Technology and Vocational Education communities by providing ygolonhceT Technology professional development, legislative analysis, advocacy and networking. noitacudE Education noitaicossA Association The California Industrial Technology Education Association The California Industrial P.O. Box 729 Diamond Springs, CA 95619 Technology Education (408) 924-3227 Association P. O . B o x 7 2 9 , D i a m o n d S p r i n g s , C A 9 5 6 1 9 Identity System Programs: Adobe Illustrator