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How to succeed in the first few years in the corporate world


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A few slides that help prepare you for the corporate world and how to succeed.

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How to succeed in the first few years in the corporate world

  1. 1. What is the corporateworld?  A place filled with opportunities and competition.  The place where business ethics and laws apply and must be followed.
  2. 2. How?To succeed in the first few years in the corporate world, simply doing the work given to you does not guarantee success.
  3. 3. How would youwork?One must not only work hard, but also work smart.
  4. 4. Everything ispermitted Being resourceful is essential to mostly any situation.
  5. 5. Manners are important Try and not offend people and get on their bad side.
  6. 6. Share the love Be a team player and share the work.
  7. 7. Timing isImportant! Always be punctual, unless you’d like being fired soon after.
  8. 8. Honesty is the best policy and being trustworthy can make you go far.
  9. 9. One never stopslearning Stop thinking you’ve learned enough and be willing to learn more.
  10. 10. Smile or Die!Remain positive at all times. You are not employed to think, youare employed to do whatever you are told to do!
  11. 11. Dare yourself to take on certain challenges no matter the risk at stake.
  12. 12. Jump off thebandwagon Be creative and have innovation.Generating ideas and developing newproducts would really impress anyone.
  13. 13. Dress to impress Take care of your personal hygiene. Look smart, look steady, and look good.
  14. 14. ObeyUnderstand what to do and what not to do. Going against company rules and regulations is a big no-no.
  15. 15. Now get out thereand succeed!