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Hubspot + ReadyTalk Webinar - Secrets to a Successful Webinar


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Joint webinar with Brandon Hess from ReadyTalk and Amanda Sibley from Hubspot on Secrets to a Success Webinar.

Slides designed by Brandon Hess.

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Published in: Marketing
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Hubspot + ReadyTalk Webinar - Secrets to a Successful Webinar

  1. 1. Secrets to a Strategy?
  2. 2. Marketers rank webinars as their 3rd most effective content marketing tactic. *2013 CMI/Marketing Profs study
  3. 3. 61% of marketers feel webinars are an effective content marketing tactic. *2013 CMI/Marketing Profs study
  4. 4. Co-Marketing Manager
  5. 5. Inbound Marketing Manager Strategy?
  6. 6. Plan your webinar content, promotion, follow-up & reuse 6 to 8 weeks ahead of time. #webinarsecrets #webinarsuccess
  7. 7. The average webinar requires 15 to 30 hours of work, minimum. #webinarsecrets #webinarsuccess
  8. 8. Example Webinar Project Plan Develop project plan 6 to 8 weeks prior Finalize topic, title, abstract and speakers 6 weeks prior Setup registration page 4 to 6 weeks prior Begin ongoing promotion 4 to 6 weeks prior Send email invites 15 days prior. Draft slides 2 weeks prior 1 week prior Final slides 2 to 3 days prior Send reminders 2 days prior Pre-conference with speakers 30 minutes prior Edit recording This Webinar Project Plan will be sent to all attendees. Timing Full rehearsal and event dry-run No Need to Copy This. Task Within 24 hours after Send follow-up emails and begin sales outreach Within 24 hours after Promote on-demand recording Ongoing #webinarsuccess
  9. 9. A well targeted webinar audience is an engaged webinar audience. #webinarsecrets #webinarsuccess
  10. 10. Strategy? #webinarsuccess
  11. 11. Create #webinarsuccess
  12. 12. eBook Video Webinar Strategy? #webinarsuccess
  13. 13. Online Video Youtube. Vimeo. Embeddable. #webinarsuccess
  14. 14. Slideshare Pro Account Forms, Analytics & APIs. Embeddable. #webinarsuccess
  15. 15. Downloadable Strategy? Ebooks & Guides. Transcripts (SEO). Whitepapers. #webinarsuccess
  16. 16. Blog Content Webinar Blog series. Webinar Recording. Speaker(s) post. #webinarsuccess
  17. 17. How many movies has Nicolas Cage been in? Strategy? • • • • • 10. 100. Too many. Not enough. National Treasure deserved an Oscar Nomination. #webinarsuccess
  18. 18. Keep it Your audience, on average, is willing to give you an hour. Make it worth their time. #webinarsuccess
  19. 19. your #webinarsuccess
  20. 20. Contacting webinar leads within 1 hour equates to 60x higher conversion rates. #webinarsuccess #webinarsuccess
  21. 21. #webinarsuccess
  22. 22. Recording Edit your recorded webinars. 60% of online video views click away in the first 120 seconds. #webinarsuccess #webinarsuccess
  23. 23. #webinarsuccess
  24. 24. Strategy? #webinarsuccess