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Senior Parent Meeting - Presentation - 08.07.12


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Senior Parent Meeting - Presentation - 08.07.12

  1. 1. Senior Parent Meeting Class of 2013 August 7, 2012 Etowah High School
  2. 2. WELCOMEMrs. Tonya Sebring,Assistant Principal
  3. 3. Etowah High School PTSA  President: Mrs. Viviana Morrison
  4. 4. Etowah Administration Principal: Mr. Keith L. Ball Assistant Principals:Mr. Robert VanAlstyne(A-D) Mrs. Tonya Sebring (E-K) Mrs. Penny Valle (L-Q) Mr. Dan Snipes (R-Z)
  5. 5. Etowah Counseling Staff Mrs. Jessica Whitley (A-D) 11th grade activities Mrs. Ashley Hall (E-K) 12th grade activities Mrs. Lisa Shull (L-Q) 9th grade activities Ms. Kelly Brangan (R-Z) 10th grade activities Counseling Front Office: Mrs. Otter Peabody Mrs. Cindy Umberger
  6. 6. Etowah Website
  7. 7. B.A.L.D. Eagle Program Mrs. Penny Valle, Assistant Principal
  8. 8. Senior Yearbook Information Ms. Cindy Baxter, Yearbook Advisor
  9. 9. Herff-Jones Mr. Keith Foust, Representative
  10. 10. Class of 2013 andSenior Project Information Mrs. Lori Crawley  Senior Class Sponsor  Senior Project Coordinator
  11. 11. WEBSITE• BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!• lori_crawley/site/default.aspx
  12. 12. From the Counseling Office:  Ashley Hall, Lead 12th Grade Counselor
  13. 13. Requirements for 2013 GraduatesCore Course Requirements Elective Requirements• 4 Units of English • 1 Unit of Health (.5) and – Must include 9th Lit, Amer Lit Personal Fitness (.5)• 4 Units of Math • 3 Units of required electives• 4 Units of Science o (Foreign Language, Fine Arts – Must include Biology and and/or Career/Technical) Physical Science OR Physics • 4 Units of miscellaneous• 3 Units of Social Studies electives – World History, U.S. History, Gov’t/Econ 23 total units are required for graduation
  14. 14. Recovery Options for Failed CoursesCredit Connect Polaris Evening School• APEX Computer Based Program • Recover .5 credit per quarter• Offered every 9 weeks • Available each quarter (every 9• Able to recover .5 credit per weeks) session • 2 hour courses, Monday-• 2:30 until 4:30 Monday - Thursday on Woodstock High Thursday at Etowah School’s campus• $200.00 per half credit – 4:00, 6:00, or 8:00 • $200.00 per half credit • Courses can be taken while enrolled at Etowah High School
  15. 15. Recovery Options for Failed CoursesSummer School Online Options (BYU, GAVS, etc.)• Recover 1 Credit • See counselor for options (Maximum) • Student MUST have administrative approval before• Three to Four weeks in June beginning any program• 8:00—4:00 Monday – Friday • Cost varies• $200.00 per half credit Retake class during school • No cost involved • May delay graduation Please speak with your counselor regarding any recovery options!
  16. 16. Graduation Requirements: TestingGraduation Writing Test (no exceptions)English/LA GHSGT OR 9th Lit OR American Lit EOCTMath GHSGT OR Math 1/Algebra OR Math 2/ Geometry EOCTScience GHSGT OR Biology OR Physical Science EOCTSocial Studies GHSGT OR U.S. History OR Econ EOCT  Multiple opportunities are provided for retesting throughout the year for students who have not yet passed a Graduation Test
  17. 17. ACT/SAT Etowah Dates:  SAT: 10/6, 11/3, 12/1, 3/9;  ACT: 9/8, 10/27, 2/9, 4/13, 6/8; SAT/ACT can be taken as many times as necessary Usually required to apply to college (not required for technical colleges) College-bound Seniors should try to take fall semester if possible to meet application deadlines – SAT vs. ACT: both are recognized at MOST colleges and universities – SAT is Verbal, Math and Writing ONLY – ACT is Verbal, Math, Writing, Science and Social Studies
  18. 18. Attendance Policy Absences/Excuses (parent/guardian, doctor, etc.) must be handled in the attendance office within 5 days of returning to school. 7 or more absences (excused/unexcused/OSS) per semester PER CLASS will result in not receiving credit for the course. Appeals automatically generated for students with passing grades PLEASE NOTE: The State of Georgia will revoke the driver’s license of any student with 10 or more unexcused absences.
  19. 19. Family Portal Don’t forget that you have access to your student’s:  Grades  Attendance  Schedule Problems/Troubleshooting:  Email:  Please include: – Your name – Student’s name – School currently attending
  20. 20. New for Class of 2013: Senior Procedures Info will be presented to all Senior English classes 8/17 and 8/20 College Recommendation Request procedures  Requests must be in writing  Recommendation Request Information Packet must be completed  2 week notice REQUIRED! Individual Counseling Appointments for College/Scholarship Questions  Students will be required to attend a group lunch and learn session (during the last half of lunch) BEFORE they will be allowed to schedule an individual appointment with their counselor regarding college/scholarship information. Multiple days per week during all lunches will be available.
  21. 21. HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarship HOPE Scholarship:  3.0 academic GPA, covers approximately 90% of tuition Zell Miller scholarship:  3.7 academic GPA—covers 100% of tuition  SAT 1200 combined CR and Math SAT, or 26 ACT composite GPA’s are NOT rounded for HOPE eligibility! HOPE GPA is calculated using academic courses only. Official HOPE GPA:  Georgia Student Finance Commission’s official calculations The most current information about changes to HOPE can be found at: HOPE_Program/_default.aspx
  22. 22. Georgia College 411
  23. 23. Other ScholarshipsCounseling Website: Under Construction!  There will be a tab specifically dedicated to new scholarship information  PTSA scholarship opportunity DON’T PAY TO SEARCH OR VIEW SCHOLARSHIPS,,, and MANY OTHERS!  The amount of scholarship money awarded is directly proportional to the amount of time spent searching and applying
  24. 24. College Applications/Transcripts2 ways to request a transcript: • Fill out official transcript request form located in the Counseling office o $3.00 fee, requires 2-3 days for processing • • In-State institutions only • No fee, processed more quickly and no mailing time
  25. 25. Final Thoughts Mr. Keith L. Ball, Principal