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Graduation Guidelines - Class of 2013


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Graduation Guidelines - Class of 2013

  1. 1. C L A S S O F 2 0 1 3Graduation Guidelines
  2. 2. CREDITS EARNED OUTSIDE OF EHSAll students who are Joint enrolled, Dual enrolledor taking online classes (ex BYU) for high schoolcredit:• All Official Transcripts should be sent to Etowah HighSchool: Attention Dana Dotson.• All Official Transcripts must be received by Wednesday,May 8thStudents in APEX courses must complete theircourse and submit paperwork by Wednesday,May 15th at 4:45pm.
  3. 3. ATTENDANCE APPEALS Attendance Appeals are automaticallygenerated. Students will be notified of the time(s) anddates of make up hours which they mustserve in order to be awarded credit.
  4. 4. SENIOR FINAL EXAMSDate Class PeriodMonday, May 13th 7thTuesday, May 14th 5th and 6thWednesday, May 15th 3rd and 4thThursday, May 16th 1st and 2ndSeniors are permitted to leave afterthe last exam period of the day.Don’t forget to turn in your textbooks!
  5. 5. LOCKER CLEANOUT AND TEXTBOOK RETURNBookroom hours for senior book return Monday May 13th 2:38-3:15 Tuesday May 14th 1:35-2:35 Wednesday, May 15th 11:33-12:30 Thursday, May 16th 9:30-10:30 All Lockers must be cleaned out and all textbooksreturned by May 16th at 12:00pm.Failure to comply will result in a $5 Locker Cleanout debt.Remember: Debt= U R not WALKING!
  6. 6. GRADUATION PRACTICES May 17th –8:00am Senior Breakfast in EHSCafeteria. Students will be cleared to participate ingraduation exercises or be advised of anyoutstanding debts or obligations.Debts=U R not WALKING! After Senior Breakfast, seniors will report to the NewGym for practice. May 20th - 8:00am Graduation Practice in the NewGym. May 23rd -8:30am Graduation Practice at FirstBaptist Church of Woodstock (FBCW)
  7. 7. GRADUATION PRACTICE GUIDELINES All school rules apply to graduation practice andgraduation exercises. Casual but modest dress is acceptable. (NO halter tops,short shorts/skirts, swimsuits, offensive t-shirts etc).Students who are not appropriately dressed will be senthome. In order to participate in graduation exercises on Friday,May 24, graduates must attend EACH practice session inits entirety. Seniors are not allowed to enter the school buildingwithout permission after practices have concluded.
  8. 8. OUTSTANDING DEBTS & OBLIGATIONS All debts, obligations, or detentions should becleared by Thursday, May 16, at 2:30pm. Debts need to be paid to Michelle Stephens in thefront office. If you have not ordered your cap and gown, go to:
  9. 9. GRADUATION 2013 The Etowah High School Graduation Ceremony will beFriday, May 24th, at 4:00pm. Graduates are required tobe there at 2:00pm. Graduation attireMale: White collared shirts, dark dress pants, dark dresssocks, dark dress shoes.Female: Dresses (no longer than the graduation gown), ordark pants, and dark dress shoes.Athletic shoes are not considered dress shoes.Only students who are dressed appropriately willparticipate in the ceremony.
  10. 10. CLOSING COMMENTSFinish whatyou started!-K. Ball