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Music video market research finished


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Music video market research finished

  1. 1. Abbey MossGENDERMaleFemaleMusic Video Market ResearchSince I am going to be producing a music video, I decided to take out a survey around my college tohelp me decide different factors about my video. This researched gave me a clear idea as to whatdifferent people liked and dislike. Once I finished my survey, I then counted up the different scoresand made them into pie charts as this would make it easier to see and decide what factors I willneed to do to make everyone’s expectations. Since I asked 10 people, each result is out of 10 as thisis an even number and would make it easier for me to gather up the outcome.The majority of people who answered my research were males with the result of 80% and thismeans that my music video should relate more to the male audience and involve different aspectsthey may enjoy and want to watch when looking at different music videos. The reason the majoritywho answered my questionnaire were males was because the area I asked in was dominated by themale gender and therefore if I was going to-do another survey I would intend to do a female onlyone to see if he results would have come out differently.Since I undertook my survey in my college, a large number of people I asked were between the agesof 17 years old and 19 years old which was 70%. Since this was the outcome it means that in myAGE0-1617-1920-2525+
  2. 2. Abbey Mossmusic video I should make it enjoyable for the younger generation to view and add features thatwould make it interesting and fun to watch for them.Before creating my music video, I firstly seen whether people in my college actually enjoyed listeningto music and if so, was it the majority of people or just a few. Since the answer was more ‘Yes’, thismeant that 1 out of 10 people in my college didn’t enjoy listening to music and therefore if I made amusic video 90% people would listening and watch it and therefore it would be a waste of timecreating because it would be successful.After gathering together the information that told me what people’s favourite genre of music was,the highest vote was Rock music, voted by 50% people. This meant that I should create a rockthemed music video as most people in my college would enjoy this and watch it once I had createdit.Do you enjoy listening to music?YesNoWhats your favourite genre of music?RnBRockPopRapClassical
  3. 3. Abbey MossSince 80% people said that music videos are important to be played with a song, I decided that itwould be useful to create my music video because these results indicate that if I made the musicvideo then people in my college would watch it once made because they find it important to beplayed with the music.Once explained to the people taking the survey what each linear concept meant, they then had todecide which one they enjoyed the most. Performance came out the highest with 50% people votingfor it and therefore this meant that in my music video I should add parts of performance within sothat people who enjoy this would then enjoy my music video.Do you think music videos are important?YesNoWhat type of music video do you prefer?PerformanceNarrativeConceptual
  4. 4. Abbey MossOnce explained what a hybrid genre was, the people taking out the survey had to decide whetherthey enjoyed lots of different concepts in one music video or just one. Coming out the highest wasyes they do like a hybrid genre and therefore in my music video I should use a variety of conceptsthroughout to keep it interesting and enjoyable for the viewer.Since I was thinking about creating a music video, I firstly wanted to see if it would make any moneyonce created. I asked whether people would pay for a music video and 60% people answered yeswhich was more than half. This is a positive as I now know that the majority of people wouldpurchase what I create if it matched what they specifically liked.Do you prefer a hybrid genre?YesNoWould you pay to view a music video?YesNo
  5. 5. Abbey MossSince 60% people answered they would pay for a music video, I then decided to ask how much theywould pay to get a rough idea on how much I could earn once making my music video. 50% ofpeople answered they would pay between £1.01-£5.00 and this meant that all funds would be ableto go to making another music video or advertising in a wider area other than college.ConclusionAfter doing my music video market research and asking a total of 10 people around my college 9different questions which I personally think would help my produce my music video, I put each resultinto a graph and then collected up the results which then helped me decide the outcome of themusic video. My music video will be aimed at males more than females and therefore masculinethemes will be included throughout. I will also be aiming my music video at teenage males due tothe results as it shown 70% people who answered my questionnaire were between the ages of 17-19years old.I will aim my music video at people who actually enjoy listening to music which was 90%people I asked. The genre of my music video will be rock music due to this option being a popularanswer when my questionnaire was taken with 50% people ticking the option of pop. I will also beaiming my music video at people who think that music videos are important when it comes tolistening to music they enjoy. My music video should have a large amount of performance conceptthroughout as many people ticked this option, yet others will be added due to the next questionwhere people agreed they would like to see a music video which had many hybrids. Lastly, if mymusic video was successful, I could then go into detail on how I could sell it as 60% people agreedthey would purchase music videos instead of just watching them for free. Lastly, if I was going to sellmy music video, I know that a price between £1.01-£5.00 would be a good price to be due to 50%people picking this option.Some audiences may choose to watch my music video to find diversity. This comes from the Usesand Gratifications (Blumler & Katz) theory and means that people watch it to escape from theireveryday life. This may be because they are feeling down or having a bad day and therefore bywatching my music video they can escape from their own problems and relate to my music video orfeel better about them because some bad may be happening to a person in my music video and notthem. Audiences may also use my music video to relate to personal relationships. This means theymay relate to a love interest that may be included in my music video and relate to the couplesIf so, How much?0.01p-£1.00£1.01-£5.00£5.01-£10.00£10.01+
  6. 6. Abbey Mossproblems or obstacles they may have to pass through. Audiences may find their own personalidentity within the music video by relating to how some of the actors act within the music video andhow they react to certain problems. People may decide to act the way the different actors act in mymusic video. Lastly, audiences may watch the music video to find surveillance meaning that theymay find real life information out due to it being included in the video.With the genre of rock being used in the music video, I am going to try and encode certain messagesthroughout my video that may successfully get through to the audience but in contrast this mayhave the opposite effect and the audience may de-code the music video and find a completedifferent meaning to it.