Music video market research


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Music video market research

  1. 1. Brandon FryMusic video market researchTo find out information on the gender of people I have surveyed, I have used a very simple methodwhich is quantitative market research. This is a closed question which is very simply asking to statethe gender they are.The results show that the ratio of men to women I surveyed were 6:4. This means that there areslightly more males so the final results can be slightly more male related.To find out what age group and what generation of people I have surveyed I again used quantitativemarket research, asking the people I surveyed to mark what age group they are based in. This is nota specific age but an age group.GenderMaleFemaleAge Group15-2021-3030-4040+
  2. 2. Brandon FryDue to the area I completed my survey in the results are very one sided to the teenage age group. Allthe people I surveyed are part of my college which reflects the final results.To find out what the favourite genre of music was from the public I used a quantitative marketresearch question to make it simple for the public to answer. However I used a qualitative techniquebecause if any of the people chosen other they could state what genre they preferred.Half of the people I asked preferred the dance genre which I will take into consideration whencompleting my own music video. However the second highest genre of music video was rap so Icould take that into consideration when creating my own video.Within my survey I asked whether they were employment status. This can come in useful as it couldlink into the amount they would be willing to pay for the music videos.Favourite Genre of MusicpopraprockjazzdanceotherOccupationemployedunemployedretired
  3. 3. Brandon FryTaking into consideration the age group of the people I surveyed, there are slightly more people areunemployed rather than unemployed. Also because of the age group, none of the people I haveasked are retired.Following on from the previous question I have asked people what there monthly income is, thislinks into their employment and can play a factor in how much they will be willing to pay for musicvideos.The results show a mixture of monthly income. The majority do get an income of £251-£500 thisincome could be spent on music videos. However based around the majority a few numbers getslightly less and slightly more than this average figure.I also asked the people I surveyed where they watched their music videos, the information belowwill help me decide where I will produce my music video as I will know the prime areas of wherepeople view them.What is your monthly income?£0-£100£101-£250£251-£500£501-£1000£1000+
  4. 4. Brandon FryThe survey shows that the results are quite split evenly. Slightly more people view their music videoson tv which could be quite typical. However the increase of the use of the internet is shown as theuse of videos on the internet is quite high and most likely rising. Also a fair few people don’t watchmusic videos and a small fraction use social websites.I also asked how much people would be willing to pay for their music videos. This could also tie inwithout the amount of income they receive, for example people with no income are most likely tonot pay for music videos.The results are quite one sided as only 2 people would pay over £5.00. Its evenly split betweenpeople who would pay between £0.00-£1.00 and £1.01-£5.00. From this information I can gatherthat the majority of people would rather find their music videos for free.Where do you watch music videostvI don’tsocial websitesotherinternetHow much would you pay to buy amusic video£0.00-£1.00£1.01-£5.00£5.01-£10.00£10.01 +
  5. 5. Brandon FryIn my survey I asked whether they would like a hybrid genre. For those who didn’t understand Iexplained what a hybrid genre is, which is where features from two or more different genres areincluded in one video.My results show that over three quarters of the people would prefer to have a hybrid genre whenwatching a music video. Meaning that the majority will most likely prefer to see a mixture offeatures from different genres which could suggest that they are not completely dedicated to onegenre of music.I also asked what type of music video would be preferred. Again I explained the different types ofmusic video to anyone who didn’t understand the media terminology. This helped the public answerthe question in a simpler form.The results show that the majority of the people I surveyed preferred a performance type of videowhich includes the action type of scenes in a video. Two people said they preferred a conceptualtype of video which is when a video has no storyline or purpose and is filmed at random. Lastly oneperson said they prefer a narrative storyline which has a storyline and a meaning behind it.Do you prefer a hybrid genre?yesnoFavourite type of music video?performancenarrativeconceptual
  6. 6. Brandon FryThe last question I asked had a different approach. I used a qualitative market question which is anopen question allowing the people to express their opinions and views. I asked the people to see ifthey knew a screen shot from 3 different music videos in a mass audience. The results shown thatonly 3 people could get the 3 screenshots correct.ConclusionFrom the information I have gathered from my results I have made judgements on what sort ofmusic video I will be creating. Firstly I will be creating a music video suitable for both genders andgenerally at a young adult age group as my survey was based around a similar age to this. Also theresults of the favourite genre was pop which is very mainstream with quite a few of the peoplepreferring rap. From these results I think the most successful genre of music for my music videomost likely will be a mainstream genre. I also asked people of their employment status and theirmonthly income. These figures may play a part in how much they will be willing to pay for a musicvideo. The results show just over half are unemployed with the majority earning from £0-£500. Thisis hard to predict how much they will be willing to pay and could be something I could go intofurther detail to find more precise figures. However the increase of the use of internet facilitiesdoesn’t seem to play a huge factor in where people watch their music videos. The majority said theystill watch music videos on TV with a split amount between using the internet or social websites, ornot watching them a tall. This to me seems like I should focus more on producing them at TV. Alsothe majority of people said they would pay up to £5.00 for a music video, this means I will not goover £5.00 and I will produce a rather cheap music video for the public. Another factor is the highamount of people preferring a hybrid genre, this means I may include different elements fromdifferent genres in my music video. Lastly the high amount of people preferring a performance typevideo also means I will most likely make my music video a performances based video.