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Music video genre_analysis


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Music video genre_analysis

  1. 1. Brandon fryGenre analysis: Music videoMusic videos are characterized by three broad types:performancenarrativeconceptual(Firth,1988). These types describe the form and content selected by thedirector or artist to attract viewers and to convey a direct or indirectmessage.Performance videos the most common type (Firth 1988) feature the star orgroup singing in concert to wildly enthusiastic fans. The goal is to convey a senseof the in-concert experience. Gow (1992) suggests "the predominance ofperformance as a formal system in the popular clips indicates that music videodefines itself chiefly by communicating images of artists singing and playingsongs" (pp. 48-49). Performance videos, especially those that display the star orgroup in the studio, remind the viewer that the soundtrack is still important."Performance oriented visuals cue viewers that, indeed, the recording of themusic is the most significant element" (Gow, 1992, p. 45).Narrative videos present a sequence of events. A video may tell any kind ofstory in linear, cause-effect sequencing. Love stories, however, are the mostcommon narrative mode in music video. The narrative pattern is one of boymeets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. Action in the story is dominated bymales who do things and females who passively react or wait for something tohappen (Schwichtenberg, 1992).Conceptual videos rely on poetic form, primarily metaphor (Firth, 1988). Theconceptual video can be metaphysical poetry articulated through visual andverbal elements. "These videos make significant use of the visual element,presenting to the eye as well as the ear, and in doing so, conveying truthsinexpressible discursively" (Lorch, 1988, p. 143). Conceptual videos do not tella story in linear fashion, but rather create a mood, a feeling to be evoked inthe experience of viewing (Firth, 1988). Conceptual videos contain thepossibility for multiple meanings as the metaphor or metaphoric sequenceis interpreted by the viewer. "Thus the metaphorical relations between imagesstructured according to musical and visual rhymes and rhythms play asuggestive role in soliciting multiple meanings from us, the viewers/listeners,that resonate with our experience--something we can feel and describe"(Schwichtenberg, 1992 p. 124)
  2. 2. Brandon fryUnderstanding Genre: Analysis of Music VideosUsing the ideas covered above, fill out the boxes below after watching the musicvideo for ‘Call The Shots’ by Girls Aloud.Use examples from the text to explain the extent to which it conforms to ordeviates from its genre.In your analysis you should use examples from the text to explain why it usesand/or deviates from convention.Girls Aloud - Call The Shots –(dir. Sean de Sparengo2007 ) Theorists: A ReminderChandler:Conventional definitions of genres tend to be based on the notion thatthey constitute particular conventions of content (such as themes orsettings) and/or form (including structure and style)Neale:Genre can be defined by instances of repetition and differencegenre is part of a process of “mental machinery” between “industry, textand subject.”
  3. 3. Brandon fryGenre elements Conventions presented in the Call The ShotsVideoPerformers/Characters– representations,stereotypes, behaviour,body language, specificpop starsPerformance as they sing and dance. All women inthe video represented as objectified andindependent. This goes against the stereotype. Showsbad behaviour when burning the picture. Also menare objectified such as the scene in the shower.Genre Type:Performance,Narrative orConceptual? Are thereelements of each?Describe them.If there is a narrative,what type of narrative isit? (Linear/Non Linear?)Performance based with the singing and dancing.Narrative as there can be a storyline with the use ofthe phone and burning the picture, however it ismore hidden. The genre can also be seen asconceptual as they can be conveying the truth of astoryline of some sort of affair as she burns thepicture.Iconography – props,symbolic codesThe burning picture is symbolic of a bad experiencewith the opposite gender. White flags on the beachshowing innocence.Setting- mise en scene At home alone representing the storyline thenmoving to the beach in a peaceful area with just girlsthere.Technical and audiocodes – camera use,editing, lighting,diegetic/non diegeticsound, sfxNeale’s ‘MentalMachinery’: How doesthe text meet audienceexpectations? How doesit conform to conventionand/or deviate fromconvention?
  4. 4. Brandon fryWhat ideologies are encoded in the music video? What does the pop genre seemto say about what it is like to live in the world, as represented in the video?Now repeat the activity with the following video:Radiohead: Knives Out (dir. Michel Gondry, 2008) elements Conventions presented in the Knives Out VideoPerformers/Characters– representations,stereotypes, behaviour,body language, specificperformersStrange behaviourGenre Type:Performance,Narrative orConceptual? Are thereelements of each?Describe them.If there is a narrative,what type of narrative isit? (Linear/Non Linear?)Narrative genre as the video gives a sequence ofevents on a train in the tv, the tv being in the hospitalroom.Iconography – props, When the girl plays the body in the operation game
  5. 5. Brandon frysymbolic codes literally meaning shes having a operationSetting- mise en scene Hospital area- doctors patientsEquipment and bedsPicture frames of the couple to show past memoriesTechnical and audiocodes – camera use,editing, lighting,diegetic/non diegeticsound, sfxHandheld camera showing a documentaryLow lighting used at most timesNeale’s ‘MentalMachinery’: How doesthe text meet audienceexpectations? How doesit conform to conventionand/or deviate fromconvention?What ideologies are encoded in the Knives Out video? How do the ideologiespresented in the Radiohead video differ from a conventional pop video? Whatdoes the genre of alternative rock seem to say about what it is like to live in theworld?Homework: Write a 500-800 word analysis, commenting upon how each videoconforms to or deviates from music video conventions. Are there any similaritiesin style/content? What are the main differences?Remember to quote the theories and theorists that we have studied so far.Deadline: Friday 16th March