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Abbey Moss                         and formal wear. The next scene then moves onto the                         reaction ar...
Abbey Moss Day – 21 GunsGenre elements              Conventions presented i...
Abbey Moss                            couples love for one another. The same spot light then                            go...
Abbey Moss                         important in the video as it’s quirky and audiences                         recognise w...
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Music video analysis


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Music video analysis

  1. 1. Abbey Moss Music Video Analysisé – best thing I never hadGenre elements Conventions presented in the Best Thing I never Had VideoPerformers/Characters – The music video is staring a famous pop singer namedrepresentations, Beyoncé so instantly the viewer knowswho’s the videostereotypes, is. Beyoncé is walking around in her underwearbehaviour, body flaunting her body and also singing to the cameralanguage, specific pop showing her emotion to the lyrics. At the end Beyoncéstars closes the video with her walking off in a very elegant way in her wedding dress.Genre Type: The genre type of the video is narrative. This is becausePerformance, Narrative throughout the video there is a love story being toldor Conceptual? Are which involves Beyoncé showing older videos from herthere elements of younger days going out with a boy who didn’t love hereach? Describe them. and then going to recent dates and showing her If there is a narrative, wedding with a man who does love her. The lyrics linkwhat type of narrative with the video as they are saying she got away from ais it? (Linear/Non bad relationship.Linear?) There is also a sense of performance within the video when Beyoncé is on the hill top singing directly to the camera.Iconography – props, In the beginning scene she is holding a flower andsymbolic codes showing us a dress which shows she is getting ready for her wedding. The flower is white and shows her innocence. A priest is used in the wedding scene so people have a good idea that it is a traditional wedding. Rings are exchange in the wedding scene also as this is a traditional thing to-do. At the reception scene of the wedding the groom is pulling of the brides garter which is a symbolic item used at a wedding which brides wear on their legs.Setting- mise en scene Opening scene of the music video is showing Beyoncé in lacy underwear, hair and make-up done ready for her wedding. The lacy underwear shows her provocative, feminine side and this attracts the male audience as it is good to look at. Even though she is wearing underwear, the colour of the underwear is white showing her innocence. In the wedding scene itself, Beyoncé is wearing an ivory wedding dress and vale showing a traditional wedding theme, with the guest all in suits
  2. 2. Abbey Moss and formal wear. The next scene then moves onto the reaction area of the wedding and everything is colour themed white which can be a traditional colour for weddings. Beyoncé changes into a more simple white dress for the night time.Technical and audio In the opening scene the light used is bright, naturalcodes – camera use, light which is a positive representation. There is manyediting, lighting, mid shots and close up of Beyoncé to show she is thediegetic/non diegetic main character throughout. Also, the non-diegeticsound, sfx sound is her own song which she is singing. A flash back is used in the music video showing a previous time in Beyoncé’s life. This is effective within the video as it gives the audience more detail in the story being told. A close up shot is used nearer the end of the final couple at their wedding. This is used to show the love between the couple and that they are going to live happily ever after.Neale’s ‘Mental Convention – This pop video has elements of a typicalMachinery’: How does pop video such as bright lighting used and coloursthe text meet audience throughout, a narrative theme, telling a story which aexpectations? How typical pop video would have and also other charactersdoes it conform to used to help tell the story.convention and/or In convention – There aren’t many features in the videodeviate from that goes against a typical pop music video other thanconvention? maybe the provocative clothing wore at the beginning of the music video as viewer may find this inappropriate when watching.
  3. 3. Abbey Moss Day – 21 GunsGenre elements Conventions presented in the 21 guns videoPerformers/Characters – The characters used in the music video are a youngrepresentations, male and female who becomes a love interest to eachstereotypes, other. A famous band whose video it is, is Green Day.behaviour, bodylanguage, specific popstarsGenre Type: Throughout the video a performance genre is used asPerformance, Narrative the band is set in a room with all there equipmentor Conceptual? Are playing and singing to the music. A narrative genre isthere elements of also used as well as the scenes skip from the bandeach? Describe them. performing to character acting out a story. The story If there is a narrative, begins with the couple distanced from each otherwhat type of narrative showing tension and a bullet placed in the male’s it? (Linear/Non Police lights are showing through the window showingLinear?) that crime has taken place and may have involved the male and female who are acting out the story. The couple then begin to kiss which shows a love story being produced.Iconography – props, A bullet is used in the opening scene which links withsymbolic codes the name of the song as it involves guns. The band use guitars, drums and microphones as this is what a typical rock band would use to create there music.Setting- mise en scene At the beginning a male and female are set in a dull room with no bright colours involved. Then the band is shown in the same room the couple were in. The room has writing on the walls and only limited house hold things in the room. This may show that the characters aren’t wealthy and are only young. It may show this is there first house or hotel as they haven’t looked after the walls and we know this through the drawings on it. The clothing used on the band is very casual and are dark coloured. This shows that the band don’t really care about their appearance only the music they make. This also relates to the clothing used on the characters. Everything is very simple and not eye-catching yet effective due to the genre of the band itself.Technical and audio The lighting used in the video is dull and dark showing acodes – camera use, negative representation of the video. There is a close-editing, lighting, up shot at the beginning of the lead singer of the banddiegetic/non diegetic and this is important so the audience know who thesound, sfx song is by. A spot light goes onto the couple when they are kissing to make the kissing important and show the
  4. 4. Abbey Moss couples love for one another. The same spot light then goes onto the lead singer of the band showing his importance and fame. When the spot light is shown on characters and band member, the camera is tracking round showing a full view from all angles. It also shows the mess of which the guns have made. The camera then cross cuts from the characters to the lead singing at a fast pace showing that the video is intense.Neale’s ‘Mental Conventions – Since the genre is rock, the band areMachinery’: How does using instruments that they have used to make thethe text meet audience music. Guitars are used throughout which is symbolicexpectations? How for a rock band to use. The lighting is dark and dulldoes it conform to which links with features a typical rock video wouldconvention and/or have as most of their videos are negatively represented.deviate from In conventions – A narrative genre theme is usedconvention? throughout of a love story which may not happen in all rock videos. – Without MeGenre elements Conventions presented in the Without Me videoPerformers/Characters Dr.Dre at the beginning of the music video who is a– representations, world known rapper. A young boy who is actingstereotypes, throughout the video. Eminem, the artist himself isbehaviour, body playing the hero throughout the video. Dressed aslanguage, specific pop Robbing and Dr.Dre is batman.starsGenre Type: The genre of the music video is a narrative genre due toPerformance, the film like feature throughout. Throughout the videoNarrative or there are many parodies. For example, the first parodyConceptual? Are there we see is a comic book and different comic hero’selements of each? flashing through telling us that ‘Shadies’ back who is aDescribe them. new comic book hero who happens to be Eminem If there is a narrative, himself. Another parody the music video does is of talkwhat type of narrative show as Eminem plays 2 people on a talk show withis it? (Linear/Non their problems being questioned by a woman who isLinear?) presenting the show. Another parody is of a reality TV show like big brother and Eminem is playing one of the housemates. Someone who is playing Elvis Presley is also a parody as there is a symbol for ‘E!Entertainment’ which is a celebrity news channel. Lastly, there is a parody of another reality TV show named ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!’. All these parodies are
  5. 5. Abbey Moss important in the video as it’s quirky and audiences recognise who the artist is trying to copy. At the end of the music video, the heroes are able to save the day just like a typical hero action film. Performance is also involved within the video as there are scenes of Eminem singing to the camera with the words of his rap.Iconography – props, CD as this is the CD sold in real life for Eminem’s newsymbolic codes music. Super hero outfit’s used to represent the hero’s the artiest are playing. A Lamborghini is used as this symbolises the hero’s getaway car or in this care the bat-mobile.Setting- mise en scene The setting is in many different locations throughout the music video. It begins with Eminem’s bedroom, which has silk bed sheets to represent a sexual feel to it as he has 2 girls in his bed with him. The bedroom colours are red to represent love as this shows where the artist takes his female friends back. The second setting is a general shopping super market where the CD is purchased. A hospital is shown in the video which then moves onto different real life TV settings such as a reality TV show set, a chat show TV set and a news channel.Technical and audio The lighting used is bright and eye-catching socodes – camera use, audiences are intrigued. It also gives a positiveediting, lighting, representation as it is bright and gives off a happydiegetic/non diegetic mood which fits in with the comedy genre of the musicsound, sfx video. There are many long shots to show what is happening throughout the video and it gives out more information to the story than a close-up would. There are few mid-shots to show a main character such as Eminem himself. There are some fast edits to show the fast pace in the music video to match the fast rapping. This then links in with the diegetic sounding in the music video as its Eminem rapping his new song.Neale’s ‘Mental Conventions – The music video follows the conventionsMachinery’: How does of a rap video with their being a narrative storythe text meet audience throughout. There is also a rapper dressed in clothingexpectations? How that a normal rapper would normally wear and this isdoes it conform to comfy clothing yet expensive such as a tracksuit.convention and/or In conventions – This music video is a comedy anddeviate from doesn’t show anger or violence. It’s almost goingconvention? against all conventions of a typical rap video as everything is high lighting and taking the comedy route.