Media Vision E Marketing Tactics 2009 Brandon Francis


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Media Vision E Marketing Tactics 2009 Brandon Francis

  1. 1. eMarketing Tactics 2009 MediaVision
  2. 2. Contents • Marketing Tactics 2009 • Email Marketing • Social Media • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) • Online PR • Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) • Internet Marketing Tactic Combinations
  3. 3. Marketing Tactics 2009 • As the Internet develops, so to do the tactics involved in online marketing. • So what has changed since last year?
  4. 4. Marketing Tactics 2009 • Several polls that were run at the beginning of 2009 indicate that there are around 5 tools that are going to be HUGE in 2009. There is no consensus around the order though, with Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation trading places. • The 5 most important tactics for 2009 are (in no particular order): - E-Mail marketing (slipping a bit from last year) - Social Media - Search Engine Optimisation -PPC - Online PR
  5. 5. Marketing Tactics – Email Marketing • Email marketing is set to remain one of the most effective Internet marketing tools around. And with the potential of better behavioural analysis tools and better use of CRM programs this year, it seems that more targeted email campaigns are set to be the norm. • Mobile marketing is also an important avenue for email marketers to pursue. It seems that the market for devices such as the Blackberry and iPhone is becoming more mature, making it an excellent alternative for email marketers to distribute their creations.
  6. 6. Marketing Tactics – Social Media • Social Media is an umbrella term used for a variety of platforms including: • Blogs • Microblogging (e.g. Twitter) • Message boards • Social networks (e.g. MySpace, Facebook) • Video sharing (e.g. You Tube) • Picture sharing (Flickr) • Podcasts • Vidcasts • Wikis • Virtual worlds or communities (Second life)
  7. 7. Marketing Tactics – Social Media • The statistics on social media usage worldwide is astonishing: • Social media activity is continuing to grow at a frenetic pace. According to Wave3 research of active users: 394m watch video clips online 346m read blogs 307m visit a friend's social network page 303m share a video clip 272m manage a profile on a social network 248m upload photos 216m download video podcasts 215m download podcasts 184m start their own Blog 83m upload a video clip 160m subscribe to an RSS feed Source: Wave.3 Social Media Tracker - Universal McCann
  8. 8. Marketing Tactics – Social Media • All indications are that growth in social media shows no sign of letting up. • Companies are now able to reach consumers more effectively. Social media by its very nature segments groups of people according to interests and tastes and provides a wealth of information to marketers. • Ad spend in this area has grown recently, however, with the good does come the bad…
  9. 9. Marketing Tactics – Social Media • Social network advertising has had some issues. A Nielson Online report states that- • “Members have a greater sense of ‘ownership’ around the personal content they provide and are less inclined to accept advertising around it,quot; the report states. quot;A well used analogy is that advertising on a social network is like gate-crashing a party.” • What this means is that the return that marketers are experiencing from social networking sites is not what would be expected from potential customers who are completely engaged in their online experience. • Within social media, the biggest area of opportunity according to expert opinion is in fact blogs and microblogging (i.e. Twitter)
  10. 10. Marketing Tactics – Social Media • As more people start to use video platforms on the web (e.g. You Tube), we could start to see online marketers take up some of the roles played by traditional marketing and advertising agencies. Online ads and audio as opposed to television and radio advertising is becoming more effective and less expensive than television and radio.
  11. 11. Marketing Tactics – Social Media • Costs of Social media Minimal-virtually free. -Time is probably the biggest cost of participation in the social media side of the Internet. It would probably be best to outsource this function to a specialist agency.
  12. 12. Social Media Sites
  13. 13. Marketing Tactics – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) • SEO has consistently ranked as one of the most important tools for any effective internet marketing campaign. • With search engines still being the most popular destination for Internet users, ranking in Google, Yahoo! etc., and driving traffic to your website remains one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers. • SEO however does take a few months to deliver results, as it takes time for search engines to find and index your web site’s pages after effective SEO has been done.
  14. 14. Marketing Tactics – Online PR • With the rise of blogs, negative websites and other social media platforms (e.g. Videos on You Tube), conversations about different companies and products is becoming more common on the web. As such, companies need to spend more time participating in online discussions. • In the very near future, negative blogs and web sites will hurt a company’s image as badly as a bad article in a newspaper or bad television exposure, so it is crucial to start to get a handle on the online environment now. • As an example, “Kentucky Fried Chicken” in brings up videos and news articles of KFC’s inhumane chicken farming practices.
  15. 15. KFC negative online PR
  16. 16. Marketing Tactics – Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) • PPC is a brilliant tool to use in conjunction with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is because PPC gives you immediate ranking, and is based on your bid offer. So, if you have enough cash in hand, then PPC can drive traffic to your site initially until SEO has had a chance to prove itself. • PPC listings are shown in both Google, as well as Google Maps, giving a local business more targeted advertising.
  17. 17. Marketing Tactics – Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)
  18. 18. Internet Marketing Tactic Combinations • Your choice of an Internet marketing strategy depends on a few factors: • The nature of your industry, and level of competition If, for example, you are targeting a niche market with a new idea, then all you really need to do as a start, is to work with Social Media sites and platforms to generate buzz. If , on the other hand you are in a highly competitive and established industry, then SEO is probably your best bet. SEO takes time to deliver results, but as your rankings and traffic increase, provided you sell quality items and offer good content, then users should continue to return to your site. • Your time horizon If you are looking for instant results, then PPC and social media are probably your best options. Longer time horizons would mean a focus on SEO and a good Online PR strategy. A good middle strategy is to use PPC to generate some immediate traffic until the SEO work done has had a chance to filter through.
  19. 19. Internet Marketing Tactic Combinations • There are many other factors to consider when deciding on an effective integrated online marketing strategy. • Since each case is different, it is best to speak to a specialist agency that has experience in the different aspects of online marketing.
  20. 20. The End 