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Last month, Google released a number of algorithm changes—called Pandas 3.5 & 6 and Penguin—that have changed the way online marketers approach SEO forever. Many small businesses have reported significant losses due to decreased search rankings, and others are using SEO tactics that could put them in danger of a penalty from Google. In this webinar we explain these changes and offer 5 tips on using analytics to protect yourself from Google’s recent updates.

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Google Penguin & Panda - Hotel Marketing & SEO by buuteeq

  1. 1. COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ buuteeq
  2. 2. What are they? Google Penguin is a new change to Google’s algorithm designed to combat web spam. Google Panda, which rolled out last year and will be updated continually, penalizes low-quality content. info buuteeq
  3. 3. What does it mean? Innkeepers and hoteliers who have hired SEO agencies to aggressively work on their websites are in danger. With these updates, and Penguin in particular, Google is now penalizing websites that are ‘over-optimized’. Use an analytics tool like buuteeq’s 360 Analytics to see if your property was affected. info buuteeq
  4. 4. info COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ INC. buuteeq
  5. 5. Log Into buuteeq 360 Analytics is the first thing you see. Regardless of the tool you use, be sure to select the appropriate date range—in this case, the entire month of April. info buuteeq
  6. 6. Select ‘Website’ Select website traffic. If using Google Analytics, select the Organic option. info buuteeq
  7. 7. Look in the ‘Daily Visits’ Box Results appear in the right- most box. info buuteeq
  8. 8. Examine the 19th and 24th Select ‘Unique Visitors’ and see how your traffic looks on the 19th and 24th. If you were hit by Penguin, you will notice a sharp decline in organic visits from search engines. info buuteeq
  9. 9. buuteeq’s results After testing this ourselves, we discovered that neither nor any of our clients were hit by Penguin. • See our blog post on this issue which goes into more detail. • Google’s Penguin Penalty for Innkeepers and Hoteliers info buuteeq
  10. 10. info COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ INC. buuteeq
  11. 11. Exact Match Anchor Text If 60% of your backlinks are an exact match for your targeted keyword, you are in trouble. Instead, gain backlinks naturally. Safe anchor text can include: • Brand Name • Domain Name (and variants) • The word ‘here’ info buuteeq
  12. 12. Backlinks from Non-Related Websites Most of your websites should come from your niche. Having a diversity of backlinks is good. When most of your exact- match or keyword-laden anchor text backlinks come from unrelated websites, however, this is a big red flag for Google. Also, backlinks from low-quality websites can hurt you more than help you. info buuteeq
  13. 13. Avoid Exact-Match Domains While exact-match-domains aren’t the end of the world, they could be a factor when combined with other issues. If you currently use an exact-match domain, there is no need to scrap it if it is still working for you. But be careful when choosing new domains in the future. info buuteeq
  14. 14. Low Quality Content Make sure each article is unique and free of spelling & grammatical errors. Your website should have as much quality content as possible, with great information and good videos and images. info buuteeq
  15. 15. Beware Who You Link To Linking to other websites is good for the web community. However, if you link to poor quality websites not in your niche, you risk being labeled as a link farm by Google and penalized. info buuteeq
  16. 16. Don’t Fret Too Much Remember, it takes a combination of many if not all of these before Google will penalize you. buuteeq recommends not engaging SEO agencies because you have little say over what they do in your name. Instead, encourage links organically yourself by engaging with others and creating compelling content. info buuteeq
  17. 17. Further Reading • • penalty-for-innkeepers-and-hoteliers/ • • google-identifies-spam • analysis-seo-isnt-dead-but-you-need-to-act-smarter- and-5-easy-ways-to-do-so/ • panic-at-the-zoo • penalised-now-what/ • chart-15096.html • proving-google-penguin-update-algorithmic-fluke.html info buuteeq
  18. 18. @buuteeq patricia@buuteeq.comAll images in thispresentation wereeither created andowned by buuteeq orare in the publicdomain and used with The Digital Marketing System for Your Property COPYRIGHT 2012, BUUTEEQ INC.permission from www.buuteeq.comWikimedia Commons. info buuteeq