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Embrace Social - Trends & Strategies for Innkeeprs


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Learn the latest news & statistics about Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest, and explore strategies on how to leverage each to promote your inn or bed and breakfast.

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Embrace Social - Trends & Strategies for Innkeeprs

  1. 1. EMBRACE SOCIAL MEDIA!Not convinced? Come learn more.
  2. 2. The State ofSocial Media TODAY
  3. 3. Adult Internet Users who Use Social Networks66%65%64%63% Adult Internet Users who62% Use Social Networks61%60%59% 2010 2011
  4. 4. THE PURCHASE DECISION What percentage of buyers BOUGHT somethingbased on a social media suggestion from a friend?71% Listens to friends!29% Ignores friends
  5. 5. RETURN CUSTOMERSPeople who interact with your social spaces are more likely to become return customers Stay at Your Inn Follow Tell a Your Social Friend Media
  6. 6. THE AVERAGE LARGE COMPANY HAS178 Social Media Accounts Q. How many do you need? A. Only as many as your guests need.
  7. 7. ACTION• Give each network a clear, distinct purpose.• Be consistent with updates.• Interact with guests.• Make your networks visible to the world.
  8. 8. Google+Changing the social game
  9. 9. Over 3,000,000,000 searches each day on Google
  10. 10. GOOGLE+ FAST STATS• Over 90 million users• Projected 400 million by end of 2012• 55% increase in December alone• 77 of the worlds top 100 brands have a Google+ page
  11. 11. Google+ News
  12. 12. GOOGLE+ YOUR WORLDGoogle now gives you personalized search results based on your Google+ circles
  13. 13. FREE GOOGLE PROMINENCEGoogle now gives popular profiles and pages search prominence
  14. 14. FAVOR GIVEN TO GOOGLE+ PROFILESGoogle appears to give favorable search results to G+ profiles
  15. 15. GREATER SEARCH VISIBILITYGoogle gives greater visibility with images in organic search results
  16. 16. Google+ Strategy
  17. 17. OPTIMIZE YOUR PAGE FOR SEARCH Title Tag SEO Rich Do-follow Copy Links
  19. 19. LINK YOUR WEBSITE WITH YOUR PAGEPlace this code inyour website headerPlace this badge and/orbutton on your website
  20. 20. ENCOURAGE +1S
  22. 22. FacebookLeveraging the power of the world’s most popular social network
  23. 23. FACEBOOK FAST STATS• Over 850 million active Facebook users to top 1 billion by August• 200 million added in 2011 alone• 77% say they interact with brands through the wall; by reading posts & updates• Auto-posting decreases likes by 70%• 58% like brands “because they are a customer”• 57% like brands “for deals & coupons”• 56% say they are more likely to recommend a brand they follow on Facebook
  24. 24. ROOM TO IMPROVE ON FACEBOOK 65% of hospitality property owners who knowabout Facebook, use Facebook to drive bookings Only 9% of lodging website visits came from FacebookOnly 1% of online bookings came from Facebook
  25. 25. Facebook News
  26. 26. TIMELINE • Allows people to “subscribe” to updates • Meant for public figures; celebrities, brand evangelists, etc. • Incompatible with many applications, like-gates, etc. • Guests can’t “check-in” • Not suitable for hospitality properties
  27. 27. PAGE REACH• Your posts only reach 17% of your fans (1 out of 6)• Your page is devalued by Facebook if you have many posts with few “likes”• Impressions (post view) = Reach (unique fans who read it) * Frequency (the number of times they read it)• There has been a 56% decrease in impressions since June 2011
  28. 28. Facebook Strategy
  29. 29. CREATE DEALS & COUPONSGive guests a reason to visit your page and encourage likes by offeringdeals and coupons.
  30. 30. SHOW OFF YOUR PROPERTY’S INFOIt’s all about rooms, photos and maps. Allow guests to make areservation right from Facebook.
  31. 31. CREATE FACEBOOK ADS Facebook ads are a very good way to snag guests who do most of their browsing on FacebookFacebook alone accounts for over5% of ad spending on theInternet. Ad Spending Everyone Else Facebook
  32. 32. MAKE EACH UPDATE INTERESTINGBecause Facebook judges you by the quality of your posts, make everypost quality. Put thought into every wall post. How to write interesting posts: • Include photos • Post videos • Include humor • People respond to questions. Ask questions to get more likes and responses. • Respond to comments often • Like people’s comments.
  33. 33. TwitterStill there, still powerful
  34. 34. TWITTER FAST STATS• Over 456 million Twitter accounts, 100 million of which are active• 64 million in North America alone• 40% don’t tweet, but only read tweets• Tweets are more likely to be re-tweeted (shared) because: • The tweet was interesting (94%) • It was funny (84%) • The re-tweeter had a personal connection with the author (66%) • The Tweeter was a celebrity (21%) • The Tweeter offered incentive (32%) • The Tweeter said “Please re-tweet” (26%)
  35. 35. On January 18th, therewere 2,400,000 individual tweets about SOPA
  36. 36. Twitter News
  37. 37. BRAND PAGESBrand pages are coming SOON to Twitter
  38. 38. TwitterStrategy
  39. 39. MAKE YOURSELF WORTH FOLLOWINGMake sure your tweets are consistent, interesting and funny
  40. 40. FOLLOW INDUSTRY LEADERS• Follow industry leaders and strike up conversations with them• Respond to “mentions” and direct messages• Don’t be afraid to disagree with industry leaders• Include deals and offers
  41. 41. YouTubeThe video giant
  42. 42. YOUTUBE FAST STATS• Over 800,000,000 unique visitors each month• 100,000,000 people take a social action with a YouTube video each week• Over 3 BILLION videos are viewed each day• 150 years of YouTube videos are watched on Facebook every day• Every minute, over 500 tweets contain YouTube links
  45. 45. YouTube Strategy
  46. 46. SHOW OFF YOUR LOCATION & PROPERTY Create simple, short videos about your property and your property’s location. Ideas can include:• Take people on a video tour of your property, a local landmark or nearby shops and points of interest.• Take beautiful, high resolution photos of your property and local scenery and create a video photo slideshow set to music.
  47. 47. OPTIMIZE FOR SEARCHMake sure your videos are easy to discover on YouTube & Google search
  48. 48. Other OptionsTumblr. & Pinterest
  49. 49. FAST STATS Tumblr. Pinterest• 13 billion page views per • 11 million visits each month week• Over 10 billion unique • 5 million active users posts connected to Facebook• 40 million posts added • Already one of the top each day ten social sites• 72 million visitors each • It’s user growth is what month Facebook’s was 5 years ago
  50. 50. TUMBLR.A social blogging platform. Logged-in users account for most of its usage & page views
  51. 51. PINTERESTAn online bulletin board for photos, etc.
  52. 52. Tumblr. & Pinterest Strategy
  53. 53. POSTPost interesting content—particularly images Tumblr. Pinterest
  54. 54. FOLLOWFollow interesting people within your field who have large audiences Tumblr. Pinterest
  55. 55. SHARE Share their interesting posts to benefit youraudience, and also with the hope that they will share your posts in turn Tumblr. Pinterest
  56. 56. The Digital Marketing System for Your Inn
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