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Brand Ministry - Cas Client Mercialys

Mercialys déploie la campagne "Votez pour votre boutique préférée" dans les centres Géant Casino et invite les visiteurs de chaque centre à s'engager auprès de leur boutique préférée via le mobile et Facebook.

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Brand Ministry - Cas Client Mercialys

  1. 1. Social-to-shop campaignFebruary 2012
  2. 2. BRIEFDevelop a concept using a combination of Social Mediaand Mobile that enables:• the recruitment of fans on the Facebook page of theshopping mall• the generation of in-shop trafic• the collection of client profile information - to beintegrated into the brand global CRM program• educate sales rep and shopping mall directors aboutthe power of Facebook and online communities
  3. 3. Concept: election of the shop of the year • In-shop vote on mobile (+3pts) / 2D flash code on shop window andCampaign period connection through Facebook Connect2 weeks (end of February • Vote on Facebook web application2012) (+1pt)VenueNîmes Géant Casinoshopping mall
  4. 4. Vote from mobile phones (via Facebook Connect)represent 5,7% off total votes (vs. 1,400 participants) Boutique list Vote Authentication
  5. 5. • Facebook application Facebook: votes + ranking• 2 200 new fans, 1,400 participants (63%)• Facebook ads: 17m imps, 0,03% CTR Compulsory Quizz description Access to profile info Like
  6. 6. 330 shares (23% vs. number of participants) Vote Share (wall and invitation) HowTo mobile
  7. 7. • Boutique of the yearaward handed to theshop owner by theshopping mall director• Rewards given toparticipants (couponsto be redeemed inshops of the mall)