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Using Social Media To Decode Consumer Language


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With social media listening tools one can analyze and decode the language of your consumer in an effort to improve traditional marketing work like advertising and public relations efforts.

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Using Social Media To Decode Consumer Language

  1. 1. Visual & Verbal Palettes
  2. 2. Quick, what do you see? Rabbit? Duck?
  3. 3. About 50% usually see duck and the other 50% see rabbit. While you can make yourself see the other... close your eyes, open them, you’ll default to what you saw the first time.
  4. 4. So if a simple, black & white line drawing can have two so dissimilar meanings...
  5. 5. How many meanings can this have...
  6. 6. we need to decode the consumer’s visual & verbal language BEFORE we begin creating ads versus testing AFTER
  7. 7. discovery versus confirmation research listen and probe format non-linear insight derived from 2-step process combines story telling, mind-mapping and picture sorts into one approach
  8. 8. our team interviewed 20 consumers to understand the key concepts that consumers associate with vacations and vacationing. our interviews yielded distinct imagery and language common to several themes - relaxation and escape among them. the team then isolated and explored these two concepts as they relate to the consumer experience. the following slides show the process of developing a visual & verbal palette supporting communication relevant to relaxation and escape.
  9. 9. “take a minute and write down every word, concept or idea that comes to mind when you see this word... relaxation
  10. 10. escape “take a minute and write down every word, concept or idea that comes to mind when you see this word...
  11. 11. “pick all the photos that link to RELAX... now do the same for ESCAPE...
  12. 12. alone chime reading breathing zen sitting sleep television breeze disconnect summer calm mindless hammock soothing veg out still bells relaxation daydream floating cotton trance solitude swimming comfort vista white noise massage white soft music rain release ocean peace harmony
  13. 13. care fly adolescence confinement release freedom enclosure prisoner reality run island cubicle shackles escape boredom hands tied travel pressure work responsibility kids break loose getaway drugs decisions alcohol worry jail breakaway
  14. 14. reality escaping: decisions confinement pressure responsibility Escape vacation is about running away from... Relaxing vacation is about running to something... freedom quiet relaxing: calm massage still
  15. 15. Motivations for Escaping go back one life-point freedom/control escape from responsibility be who I am, not forced to play a role
  16. 16. Motivations for Escaping while core motivations are the same, the visual & verbal language is anything but... difference between the language for those with and those without children
  17. 17. 30s: dual income, no kids.
  18. 18. language
  19. 19. No boss, no clients, no “do this, do that”. Just a chance to do what I want, when I want – to regain a sense of control. A chance to blow off steam. Throw down. Act like I’m in college. ‘Spring break Carla’ comes out. A release from the pressure of work, of being an adult, of growing up. To be irresponsible if I want. A chance to do things I’ve never done, have experiences I haven’t had. Freedom. Free to be the person I am, not the person I have to be. Hang with friends. Meet new people. See new places. The cube will still be there on Monday. language
  20. 20. escaping
  21. 21. images
  22. 22. 30s: dual income, with kids.
  23. 23. language
  24. 24. No kids. Me time. Just my husband and me – like it used to be, before all the responsibility. A release from all the pressure, the routine, the feeling of being a slave to my kids, my calendar and my job. A chance to do the simple things – read the morning paper, a peaceful cup of coffee, an uninterrupted conversation. A chance to just lay in bed with my wife – we don’t even have to talk… just enjoy each other and the quiet. No schedule to follow. Be where I want, when I want. The freedom to do something or nothing – doesn’t matter… whatever feels right at the moment. I don’t have to be a parent, I don’t have to behave! I can just be me. language
  25. 25. escaping
  26. 26. images
  27. 27. Motivations for Escaping go back one life-point freedom/control escape from responsibility be who I am, not forced to play a role
  28. 28. Uses for Visual & Verbal Palettes advertising development reality check reduce/eliminate need/cost of creative testing input for PR messaging content segmentation strategy development pre-design of product or service sales presentation development
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