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Bm credentials, spring 2011


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Brand Manual is a branding & service design consultancy

We work with companies to create new brands and design the products, services, spaces and interfaces that make the experience real for customers.

Applying established creative method, we help companies build an innovation culture and the supporting internal processes that are necessary, to launch new ventures and businesses.

Using design thinking as a strategic management tool, we build lasting brands centered around well designed products and services. For companies looking to grow through export, we offer our skill in making solutions internationally competitive, not just locally relevant.

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Bm credentials, spring 2011

  1. 1. Brand Manual
  2. 2. Brand Manual is a branding &service design consultancy
  3. 3. We work with companies tocreate new brands and designthe products, services, spacesand interfaces that make theexperience real for customers.
  4. 4. Product design Package design Service design Design management Brand positioning Retail concept Communication Experience concept concept Your business = brand idea Relationship Brand platform designBrand architecture w/Partners Sub-contractors Innovation training Internal communication Culture Attitude
  5. 5. The customer experience can be designed,enhanced and controlled to generate greaterprofit and customer satisfaction. Experience Value for companies Service Branded goods Products Commodities Value for customers
  6. 6. Designing a better customerexperience, we help youunderstand what impactscustomer satisfaction and workwith you to implement newrules, inside your company,that improve your bottom line.
  7. 7. Clear ChannelClear Channel’s dominant position in outdoor advertising hadbeen eroded. To reinvigorate it, we developed three packageswith specific color-codes and identity.
  8. 8. These identities are also used as filler space and carry adouble-benefit: the space becomes highly visible and theicons used are memorable creating spontaneous associationswhen potential customers are presented with sales material,often exclaiming “I’ve seen this before”.
  9. 9. ViruViru is a growing, international beer brand owned by BalticBeer Co (London) Ltd. It is brewed and bottled in Estonia,but sold worldwide.
  10. 10. Brand Manual was charged with unifying and clarifying thepositioning of the brand, re-designing the packaging and toextend the identity to all POS materials, communication andinternet. The Viru website is
  11. 11. PrismaPrisma is a hypermarket present in Finland, the Baltic andRussia. It differs from other hypermarkets yet it’s valuestatement was based on a discounter’s price offer. Our firsttask was to do a thorough brand audit of the organization andmake long-term strategic recommendations.
  12. 12. Prisma has now reduced the importance of price argumentsin communication, focusing instead on it’s uniqueness, instorevalue creation and customer benefits, which has increasedits market share and made Prisma an opinion leader in theretail segment.
  13. 13. SynerallSynerall is an energy management web service created forthe German and Scandinavian market. We developed the userlogic and designed the graphic user interface.
  14. 14. Our innovations include how consumers can pay directly forelectricity on rental property without changing contracts withthe energy company.
  15. 15. Estonian non-profit organizations associationWe were commissioned by the NGO association to imaginebetter government and to showcase the importance ofservice design through an online environment that wouldimprove the provision of local government services.
  16. 16. The resulting workdescribesgovernment 2.0: atransparent,location / interest /time basedauthenticated andsearchable webinterface based onopen-sourceplatforms andintegrating alreadyexisting systems.
  17. 17. TaxiPalTaxiPal is an innnovative location based taxi ordering service.It allows you, without understanding the language or knowingyour own location, to order a taxi and get to where you wantto go.
  18. 18. We helped clarifythe systemarchitecture, makingit easier and fasterto order a cab.We helped find thename and developedthe identity for thebrand and the UIdesign of the app.
  19. 19. SinepWe created the Sinep brand for a company selling intelligentelectric plugs. The plugs are used on office water coolers toshut them down on off-hours. This is 128 hours out of atotal of 168 in the week.
  20. 20. The name comes from the fact, that mustard makers alsomake their money not from the mustard we eat, but themustard that is left on the plate. We developed the name,the identity and marketing concept.
  21. 21. Your need to sell won’t make anyone buy Branding ABC describes the branding process and why it is necessary. It shows how to create, build and grow your brand.You’ll learn to ask the right questions of your company, product, service and market tobuild your brand systematically and logically.
  22. 22. Innovate or die: but how? Innovation ABC introduces the processes and mechanics of design thinking, the necessity of innovation, the fundamentals of motivating highly skilled individuals andhow to build a company culture where new, useful ideas don’t happen by accident.
  23. 23. BrandingABC
  24. 24. Our unique skill is the ability tounderstand your core businessneed, and to match that to ourunderstanding and insight ofcustomers, values and desires.
  25. 25. Brand Manual was created in 2009 byfour partners, each with 10-20 yearsof experience in branding, advertisingand design.For more information and case studiesvisit our website
  26. 26. What can we do for you?