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Event Marketing via Social Media


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An insight into how we took Event Marketing a level-up with Social Media for our client Aamby Valley City.

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Event Marketing via Social Media

  1. 1. Is it possible to effectivelypromote events happening in the real world via Social Media??
  2. 2. A case in point:• Glitterati 2013• Skydive Aamby
  3. 3. 2.7 million+ peoplereached out via a singlepost.
  4. 4. A contest connected to your event, involvingthe audience before the event. 0.5 Million People Reached
  5. 5. But remember,Social Media isnot just about afancy creative.
  6. 6. Using tools to identifyinfluencers & connect with them!
  7. 7. 260 Shares92 Comments 1858 Likes
  8. 8. Over 1000 Likes, 78 Comments and 245 Shares
  9. 9. Is this just Fancy Talk or did we ourselves achieve something?
  10. 10. Yes we did!! 
  11. 11. Execution Result 22 out of 45 posts were about real on-Shared pictures of real experiences from ground experiences of Skydiving at Aambythe event Valley which garnered a whopping 1.3 million Reach and 1,258 SharesIntroduced the trainers via. 2 exclusive One video alone has got around 250 sharesvideos made around them to its creditConnected and interacted with people Connecting with the right kind of peoplealready looking to Skydive or sharing drew over 2500 people to the Bookingssimilar interests Gateway
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