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Content Marketing @ Aamby Valley City


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The aim of the campaign was to drive profitable customer interaction i.e. conversations and leads by creating and inviting relevant content around Skydive Aamby Valley.

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Content Marketing @ Aamby Valley City

  1. 1. Using Content & Conversations to market Skydiving at Aamby Valley City
  2. 2. The aim of the campaign was to drive profitable customer interaction i.e. conversations and leads by creating and inviting relevant content around Skydive Aamby Valley. Business Objective
  3. 3. Instead of sharing Posters/Advertisements, we shared pictures of real experiences from the event. Our solution – real experiences
  4. 4. Since tandem skydiving is all about trust in your instructor, we introduced the trainers via two exclusive videos made around them. Exclusive videos
  5. 5. We connected with real consumers through countless conversations and spread the word about the event and the brand in general.
  6. 6. Reached out to people already looking to Skydive or sharing similar interests.
  7. 7. Farhan Akhtar did his first jump in India with Skydive Aamby Valley, and we used his tweets to drive more buzz around the event and Aamby Valley. Involving a Celebrity
  8. 8. RESULTS
  9. 9. 22 out of 45 posts during the course of the event were about real on-ground experiences of Skydiving at Aamby Valley and they garnered a whopping 1.3 million Reach and 1,258 Shares.
  10. 10. Most Popular post 1110 Likes 77 Comments 242 Shares
  11. 11. User-generated content featured on the page 1858 Likes 92 Comments 260 Shares
  12. 12. We received constant feedback about the event, and people’s experiences on Social Media. The handwritten feedback received at the venue were showcased in a Facebook Album garnering over 100 likes and numerous shares. Handwritten feedback
  13. 13. Content shared by users such as blogs and accounts of their experience online at Skydive Aamby showed up in Google Search organically.
  14. 14. The right kind of conversations with a relevant audience translated to over 2500 people visiting the Booking Gateway, via social media. We gave out all information explicitly about the event and redressed numerous customer queries online, in tandem with the on-ground team. Relevant conversations 2500 Leads to the Bookings Gateway
  15. 15. The campaign was successful in generating volumes of organic interactions, leads and most importantly, valuable user-generated content featured at Pinterest . (