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The Growth Drivers: The Definitive Guide to Transforming Marketing Capabilities - Summary


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The Growth Drivers: The Definitive Guide to Transforming Marketing Capabilities - Summary

  1. 1. The Growth DriversThe Definitive Guide to TransformingMarketing CapabilitiesBy Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan © Copyright Materials 2011 Publishers ‘Wiley’ – Written Permission Required for Reproduction © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011 1
  2. 2. An Introduction to The Growth Drivers • The challenge of how to drive sustainable, profitable growth is facing businesses across the world • The Growth Drivers: The Definitive Guide to Transforming Capabilities is a new book written by Andy Bird and Mhairi McEwan which explores the critical role that marketing and marketers play in creating the customer value needed to drive demand- led growth • It is designed to be ‘the definitive guide’ to transforming organisational marketing capabilities • Andy Bird and Mhairi McEwan are the Co-Founders of Brand Learning, the global experts in transforming marketing capabilities. They also have extensive senior level international marketing experience with Unilever /PepsiCo. © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  3. 3. The Core Proposition of The Growth DriversThe world is changing fast: • Technological advances, growth in ‘people power’, urgency of sustainability, shift in economic power to emerging markets....Organisations everywhere are facing a significant growth challenge: • How to deliver shareholder value by driving sustainable, profitable growthTo succeed, they have to get better at marketing: • Generating demand-led growth by creating better value for customersMarketers have a unique role to play: • Creating better value by building salient brands and innovative propositions that people find relevant, appealing and distinctiveBuilding marketing capabilities is therefore a key strategic priority: • Transforming the abilities of people, teams and organisations to manage the marketing activities needed to drive growth - in practice © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  4. 4. The Growth Drivers explains the role of three key, inter-relateddrivers of demand-led growth © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  5. 5. The Growth Drivers features a wide range of case studies andinterviews with senior marketing and business leaders © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  6. 6. In driving growth, costs can only be cut so far... …sooner or later organisations have to create shareholder value by creating better value for customers to stimulate demand-led growth. © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  7. 7. Marketers have a vital role in driving growth marketing with a small ‘m’ The role of the whole organisation: ‘To create better value for customers, to drive sustainable, profitable, demand-led growth’Marketing with a big ‘M’The role of the Marketing function:‘To create better value for customers,... by building salient brands and innovativepropositions that people find relevant, appealingand distinctive... to drive sustainable, profitable,demand-led growth’ © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  8. 8. World-class Marketing is about creating value for customers,not just about communicationPeople don’t understand what marketing isand they marginalise it into this one box –communications – which is only one of thecomponent parts. Focusing only oncommunications is like trying to ice a cakewhen you should be trying to bake a goodcake in the first placeAmanda MackenzieChief Marketing Officer © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  9. 9. The role of Marketers needs to be more clearly definedThe Growth PropellerThe core marketing capabilitiesneeded to drive growth are: © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  10. 10. But Marketers face many complex challenges in their roleEconomic Globalisation Digital Operational Capabilitypressures pressures pressures pressures pressures © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  11. 11. Building marketing capabilities is therefore a key strategicpriorityWe live in an environment that is changing hugely. Competition iscontinuously more challenging, the fusion of media and technologyis transforming the relationships between brands and consumers,and there is a need for brands to possess a social integrity beyondtheir economic intent.So it is critical, if we are to continue to deliver results and win inour categories that we build up stronger specialist marketingcapabilities across the organisation. Mark Baynes Global Chief Marketing Officer © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  12. 12. Many companies fall into the ‘training trap’, focusing onfragmented skill-building programmes © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  13. 13. A more holistic approach is needed, incorporating all the coredrivers of capability defined in The Brand Learning Wheel . TM © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  14. 14. With a strategic approach to building capabilities Define Strategy The definition of marketing capability development needs and the creation of an aligned Marketing Capability Strategy & Plan Develop Solutions The development of the required programme content and building blocks across all the key drivers of marketing capability Drive Embedding The inspiring execution of a blend of activities to embed changes in the attitudes, marketing skills and behaviours of people, teams and organisations © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  15. 15. Define Strategy: Key Principles• Only 15% of companies fully integrate marketing capability strategy with business strategy• Marketing capability development is “embedded within Marketing” in just 22% of organisations• The marketing capability agenda is led by the CMO in less than 50% of companies, and in 30% there is no clear leadership at all Two Golden Rules 1. Marketing leaders must lead marketing capability development 2. Marketing capability development must be planned strategically © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  16. 16. Develop Solutions: Key Principles• Common processes, tools and language are vital to establish as effective ‘way of marketing’ in an organisation• Targeted skill building should be planned in the context of strategic business priorities• An aligned organisation must be created, with roles and responsibilities clearly defined cross-functionally and within the Marketing function• Marketing principles and practices should be used to recruit a talented team, both in Marketing and across the company as a whole• Marketing’s role is to provide the leadership and energy required to create a customer-focused organisation and culture © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  17. 17. Drive Embedding: Key PrinciplesBuilding marketing capabilities is like marketing itself:both involve changing people’s behaviourto drive business performance 7. Establish Incentives, 6. Create Systems & Involving Rewards 5. Use an Learning Integrated Blend Experiences of Learning 4. Focus Content Channels on Learner Needs 3. Engage Senior Management Advocates 2. Segment the Marketing Community 1. Create an Inspiring, Aligned The Embedding Arrow helps explain how to apply Vision marketing principles to capability development © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  18. 18. Marketing capabilities must be measured based on their impact in driving growthThe measurement of ‘marketing capabilities’ is closely linked to the measurement of‘marketing’ itself• The Brand Learning Wheel provides a useful framework for capability specific metrics• Brand Learning Radar provides a great online quantitative tool to assess, track and benchmark marketing capabilities• The Four Level Measurement Framework, based on Kirkpatrick’s learning measurement model, is useful in measuring process/skill development programmes Level 2 Level 1 Level 3 Level 4 Knowledge/Skill Attitude Behaviour Objectives Business Objectives Objectives Objectives Relate to the way Relate to the Relate to the people work, behave commercial knowledge and skills Relate to the way and perform in performance of the people have to dopeople think and feel practice business their jobs effectively © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  19. 19. Five Star Marketing leaders are needed that possess importantbehavioural characteristics“Who” Marketers are being as people (i.e. their behaviour) is just as important to their impact as “What” they are doing technically (i.e. their skills). Restless customer obsession Bold and Attention to inspiring vision detail Honesty Humility ‘Five Star Marketing Leaders’ © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  20. 20. There are five key building blocks involved in mobilising resources to build marketing capabilities1. Establish clear leadership and governance2. Define the role of the Marketing Capability Team3. Build a specialist Team of respected Marketing and HR executives4. Engage and align with operational teams5. Set up resources to drive embedding © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  21. 21. Now is the time for Marketers to step up and embrace their role as Growth Drivers• We live in a world of astounding change• The organisations that win will be those that stick closest to the people who ultimately determine their future - their customers• There’s never been a more challenging time to be a marketer, but neither has their been a more exciting time• By building marketing capabilities, organisations can create the engine to drive better marketing performance, which will in turn drive growth © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  22. 22. Some of the Testimonials for The Growth DriversA provocative, insightful book that drives deep into theMarketing function… Sir Roy Gardner, Chairman, Compass GroupA must-read for all those interested in taking their marketingand business performance to the highest level… Kevin Lane Keller, E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing, Tuck School of BusinessAn excellent, accessible guide to the crucial role that strategicmarketing plays in driving business growth… Keith Weed Chief Marketing Officer, UnileverEasy to read and well worth the effort... Jill McDonald, UK Chief Executive and President Northern Europe Division McDonalds © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  23. 23. The Growth Drivers VideoTo watch the video click here. © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011
  24. 24. Global Experts in Transforming Marketing Capabilities Burgoine Quay 8 Lower Teddington Road Hampton Wick Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey KT1 4ER United Kingdom Tel: +44 208 614 8150 www.brandlearning.comThis presentation/document contains the copyright work of Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan and of The Brand Learning Partners Ltd . It also contains trade marks which are the propertyof The Brand Learning Partners Ltd (including, without limitation, Brand Learning ®, the Brand Learning Logo® device and the “Brand Learning Wheel™” (the “Marks”).) No rights, ofownership or otherwise, are hereby granted in or to the Marks; which may not be used or reproduced without the prior written consent of The Brand Learning Partners Limited.This presentation/document also contains materials, such as illustrations, photographs and trade marks, owned by Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan and by other third parties (“ThirdParty Materials”) and which are subject to restrictions and other conditions on use. You are required to obtain the consent of Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan via their publishers – Wiley– and of the relevant third party to any reproduction or other use of the Third Party Materials and nothing in this presentation grants or implies any grant of any such rights on thepart of Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan or of The Brand Learning Partners Ltd.© Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan, 2011. © Andy Bird & Mhairi McEwan 2011 25