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Inspirational Marketing Leadership Tips from some of the UK's top Marketing Leaders


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Brand Learning is a consultancy with unique expertise in lifting the capabilities of people and organisations to drive growth by creating better value for their customers. We are proud to share a series of leadership-focused presentations from top leaders who have inspired us with their helpful tips and rich experience. In this presentation, Rodrigo Barreto shares Leadership Tips he gleaned from The Marketing Society, Marketing Leaders Programme 2014 as well as some #TipsFromTheTop from the speakers on Module 1 on what makes a great leader.

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Inspirational Marketing Leadership Tips from some of the UK's top Marketing Leaders

  1. Inspiring people. Lifting capabilities. Growing organisations.
  2. What makes an outstanding leader?
  3. This document has been produced following on from discussions with these top marketing leaders: Andy Bird Executive Director & Co-Founder Rod Connors ex Marketing Director, Roisin Donnelly Corporate Marketing Director Andy Duncan Managing Director Cilla Snowball CBE Group Chairman & Group CEO Sarah Warby Marketing Director Martin Glenn CEO
  4. Inspiring people. Lifting capabilities. Growing organisations. Perspectives from The Marketing Society, Marketing Leaders Programme 2014 #TipsFromTheTop Author: Rodrigo Barreto Follow us on Twitter: @brandlearning Find us on LinkedIn
  5. Context The Marketing Society, together with Brand Learning, developed the Marketing Leaders Programme as a unique development experience for high potential individuals, preparing for marketing leadership roles. Now in its 11th year, this blend of marketing and people leadership skill development, delivered by eminent industry leaders and leadership experts, is designed to help shape the great marketing leaders of tomorrow. Here we share some of the leadership lessons we took from the 2014 UK programme: key characteristics of the leaders that spoke, and the tips they shared. For more information on the Marketing Leaders Programme, please visit our website
  6. 5 CHARACTERISTICS OF INSPIRING LEADERS My observations of the leaders I met
  7. 5 characteristics of inspiring leaders 1. Great leaders have a clear purpose, they are “up to something”, and excite others about that purpose 2. They focus on context not content to choose how they behave 3. They mindfully manage their energies: spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical 4. They’re obsessed with customers and customer-centred growth 5. Every great leader commits to being at their best: personally and for their teams #TipsFromTheTop
  8. 1. Great leaders have a clear purpose Their purpose extends outside their immediate occupation: they were all involved in charity work, community work or non- exec roles in other companies
  9. 2. They focus on context not content to choose how they behave “My job is to create an environment that people can be at their best most of the time”
  10. 3. They mindfully manage their energies 4 Leadership Energies: Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual & Physical The more senior you get, the bigger is the manifestation and impact of your emotions Leaders need to signal, explain in what mode they are in so people know what to expect You need to contribute and engage in the meetings you are in. If you are not doing that, DON’T GO!
  11. 4. They’re obsessed with customers and customer-centred growth Winning companies translate what customers want into customer value Marketing’s role is to champion this across the company. “If Marketing doesn’t drive the customer agenda. Who else will?” Learn to love customers problems. They can be the source of future growth
  12. 5. Every great leader commits to being at their best Leaders… …are authentic and transparent …have personal humility and professional will …are committed to their team’s success …listen with intent
  13. Sarah Warby Marketing Director, Sainsbury’s
  14. Look at things from both ends of the telescope #TipsFromTheTop
  15. Be at your personal best #TipsFromTheTop
  16. Any monkey can make rational decisions #TipsFromTheTop
  17. Listen to your instinct #TipsFromTheTop
  18. It can’t be that tricky – whatever it is #TipsFromTheTop
  19. It’s all about trust #TipsFromTheTop
  20. Networking is not a dirty word #TipsFromTheTop
  21. Roisin Donnelly Corporate Marketing Director, P&G
  22. Put your consumer at the heart of everything you do #TipsFromTheTop
  23. Innovate – always have a test and learn programme in place #TipsFromTheTop
  24. Your consumer only sees your execution not your strategy Always execute brilliantly. #TipsFromTheTop
  25. Have passion for everything you do and leave your legacy #TipsFromTheTop
  26. You can do anything but you can’t do everything. Make choices on your business and in your personal life #TipsFromTheTop
  27. Andy Duncan Managing Director, Camelot
  28. Be obsessed with insight #TipsFromTheTop
  29. Be willing to take risks but always be in beta mode #TipsFromTheTop
  30. Deliver Fast! Consumers are always changing and companies need to be able to cut through the excessive layers and be agile #TipsFromTheTop
  31. Leverage design and creativity as a way to uniquely deliver customer experiences #TipsFromTheTop
  32. Hire and trust great people #TipsFromTheTop
  33. Cilla Snowball CBE Group Chairman & Group CEO, AMV BBDO
  34. Be clear about the “relentless” reality of leadership #TipsFromTheTop
  35. Obsess about customer satisfaction #TipsFromTheTop
  36. Be a chef not a waiter; bold ideas #TipsFromTheTop
  37. Leaders need to always have a succession plan to think about equipping their teams to move up #TipsFromTheTop
  38. Cilla Snowball CBE Group Chairman & Group CEO Rod Connors Co-founder of Branded Sports Group and ex Marketing Director Nike
  39. Understand what key stakeholders expect from you #TipsFromTheTop
  40. Be ambitious for your business. It's infectious #TipsFromTheTop
  41. Every touch counts #TipsFromTheTop
  42. You are the company you keep #TipsFromTheTop
  43. Search for your brand's higher purpose #TipsFromTheTop
  44. Martin Glenn CEO, United Biscuits
  45. Ensure you’re seen as practical as well as theoretical #TipsFromTheTop
  46. Driving effective change is vital #TipsFromTheTop
  47. Better beats different #TipsFromTheTop
  48. Marketing is as much a philosophy as a management science #TipsFromTheTop
  49. Andy Bird Executive Director & Co-Founder, Brand Learning
  50. Generate an inspiring consumer-centred vision for the business #TipsFromTheTop
  51. Define the role and activities that the Marketing function needs to perform for the business #TipsFromTheTop
  52. Align with your CEO and cross- functionally to build people’s engagement and commitment #TipsFromTheTop
  53. Take responsibility for driving sustainable, profitable business growth #TipsFromTheTop
  54. Develop a capability development strategy that is driven by, and enables you to deliver, your business objectives #TipsFromTheTop
  55. Thank you for reading some of the Top Tips for future business leaders These tips came from senior marketing leaders speaking at Module 1 of The Marketing Society, Marketing Leaders Programme run in association with Brand Learning, sponsored by Shell To hear about more tips from our capability and leadership programmes please connect with us @brandlearning, on LinkedIn, and subscribe to our blog. #TipsFromTheTop
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