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Infographic: Battling the barriers to great customer experience


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Based on the findings of our new global study - Join up to Stand Apart - this infographic takes a look at what's getting in the way of delivering a winning customer experience and how you can overcome these barriers.

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Infographic: Battling the barriers to great customer experience

  1. 1. Joined-up customer experiences are proven to drive growth Yet many organisations are struggling to keep pace with the rising expectations of uncompromising customers WHAT’S GETTING IN THE WAY? Organisations are highly joined-up across strategies and activities Don’t involve sales teams in developing customer experience strategies Strongly agree that their functions work together to contiuously improve every aspect of the customer experience Have no board level responsibility for the end-to-end customer experience in their organisation <1IN3 >40% <1IN5 29% Different divisions pitching for the same business 3 different CRM systems being launched at the same time... Attending an event, not realising the other function was attending & presenting there! No internal joint business planning practices 5 global marketing divisions annual planning in 5 different ways When the boss didn't know that a co-worker had died! WHAT GROWTH DRIVING COMPANIES DO DIFFERENTLY Growth Drivers Growth Laggards Join up strategies around end-to-end customer experience Structures and ways of working built around end-to-end customer experience 43% 44% 72% 74% Winning organisations join up strategies, and execution using ‘co-invention’ HOW CAN YOU DO THIS IN PRACTICE? INVENTION INTEGRATION INGENUITY in strategy & execution of peopleof real working practices DIFFERENTIATED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES Co-location is challenging but crucial… instilling common thinking & encouraging trust so people think about doing things differently Stephen Noakes, MD Retail Customer Products, Lloyds Bank Clearly define the customer experience you want to create, If you’re clear what it looks like, you don’t get constrained by the way supply chain & systems are Will Orr, MD, British Gas Home Installations We teach people the basics but we expect them to use their imagination and brainpower to solve the rest David Cush, CEO, Virgin America CLICK HERE TO FIND MORE PRACTICAL TIPS & EXAMPLES ways of working WHAT WE’VE HEARD... #1 Barrier is siloed behaviours and ways of working BATTLING THE BARRIERS TO GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Source: Join up to stand apart: a study led by Brand Learning Worst examples of siloed behaviours