The Trials and Tribulations of the Social Business


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The social business can be a major undertaking of any organisation especially when it comes to truly seeing the types of business transformation the the board expect. In the presentation Joe takes you through some of the pitfalls and successes some business have seen and how best to create a social business, with realistic objectives and structure for change.

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The Trials and Tribulations of the Social Business

  1. 1. The Trials and Tribulations of the Social Business @brandjoe
  2. 2. Social Media Framework Listening Relationship s Innovation & Optimisation Paid Media The Social Business Content Content Metrics Metrics
  3. 3. What is a social business? Website Home Frontier Outpost Facebook Blog Slideshare Twitter Frontline
  4. 4. Why social business
  5. 5. Why social business Productivity Visible experts Innovation (identify expertise) Removing the Silo’s
  6. 6. Why it fails Managers go into social business with unclear objectives. Initiatives start as pilots then fizzle out due to modest participation. Companies expect social initiatives, even pilots, to deliver a financial return on investment.
  7. 7. When it succeeds 21%Jump in profits in the fourth quarter
  8. 8. Creating a Social Business
  9. 9. Culture Organisational Structure Training | Technology
  10. 10. Culture
  11. 11. Culture Changes It must be embraced from the top, but it may start at the bottom The crucial piece is you’ve got to be willing to embrace the flat organization paradigm. If you are willing to embrace that, it’s a really powerful tool
  12. 12. Emotive Issues Fear of loss of control Overwhelming Options Not the right fit
  13. 13. What employees think We’re all busy No time to do more Status phobia What if someone disagrees I hate my job
  14. 14. Motivating employees Social Influencers & Champions Social Newbie Social Adopters
  15. 15. Building Community Pre Community or Chaos Phase Emergence Phase Vision Phase Actualisation Phase Internal or External Change Limited sharing of resources Little recognition or value Gathering of people but ineffective co- operation Planning for the day to day Creating a vision and purpose Following through with vision Identifies community values Reviews and Reflection Integration Innovation Learning
  16. 16. Values
  17. 17. Carrot & Stick
  18. 18. Social media Forget this bit
  19. 19. Policy v Guidelines
  20. 20. Structure
  21. 21. Most companies organise hub and spoke Source: Altimeter
  22. 22. ebay
  23. 23. Adobe
  24. 24. Technology
  25. 25. Finding what’s right for you
  26. 26. Identifying capabilities
  27. 27. Technologies
  28. 28. We Slack Sharing and conversation
  29. 29. We Slack But social and fun too
  30. 30. CoE & Training
  31. 31. Building your CoE Find your content stars and those already engaged personally Ask them to come and help (part of your audit) Create a workshop and invite them along Incentives Create a unified Comms point Offline regular get togethers Let the whole business know Invite the wider audience More content More Social activity Create mentors
  32. 32. Suggested Training Programs Bite size content More in-depth pieces focusing on Job function Format/Delivery
  33. 33. To Kick Start Businesses like us in social [The business] in social chatter What you can learn How social has helped a previous product launch Finding and solving problems Networking Reach Personal branding Sentiment Social followers are more likely to…
  34. 34. It’s working for IBM
  35. 35. Incentivising staff
  36. 36. Gaming and reward Display staffs social influence Staff are incentivised to improve influence Prizes for most improved Point scoring for taking part in training
  37. 37. #turningheads @MOIglobal
  38. 38. @brandjoe Joe Edwards Digital & Social Director MOI Global