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In today’s connected, Googled, social world, there is a reality; more content will be created today than existed in entirety before 2003. The simple fact is we have limited time and attention spans. You need to create killer content that will get your target market to engage. While the attention economy is an important consideration when creating content you should not just be attempting to get attention but be turning your content into the talking point in your industry. It should make connections, drive interest, get shared and create advocates.

Session will look at:

Understanding the the good, the bad and the other crap - how to create content that gets cut through.
Techniques to find insights that will delight
Build a strategy and tactics for your content
What it takes to become a content king
Using the right content to nudge the buyer down the

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  • Anger maybe not an emotion we wish to evoke but use content that can help dissipate anger, by answering your audiences paint points. Take a look how the one dollar shave club have identified a pain point of “expensive shave tech that you don’t need”, answered it, and put a smile on your face.
  • Quite some time ago the government produced some adverts that looked at the affect smoking has on your arteries, it was really quite visually disgusting.
  • The campaign below was actually created by OTM for the movie The Last Exorcism. Viewer discretion is advised. A great piece of content that connected with the audience and drove a lot of conversation around the web, even if I do say so myself.
  • I have been at a few b2b conferences, I got a bit annoyed there there we’re no b2b examples and he just palmed us of that we’re all the sameBut I feel that I’m just not seeing the “good” content and that I want to see more being created by content marketersThat said I’ve managed to pull some content that is evoking emotion or engaging the content
  • Discover what good content looks like

    1. 1. Discover what good content looks likeJoe Edwards – Digital & Social
    2. 2. Hello!• Digital & Social Planner at OTM•• @brandjoe• Working on a new content marketing tool to help marketers
    3. 3. Quick show of hands
    4. 4. What I hope to cover off• Understanding the good, the bad and the other stuff• How to create content that cuts through• Techniques to find insight• Build a strategy and tactics for your content• What it takes to become a content king• Using the right content to nudge the buyer down the funnel
    5. 5. We Now Live In Post Digital Age We share With MORE MORE MORE quickly content people From MORE We’re all MORE often digital sources
    6. 6. Content is on the up!“ “ Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003 That’s something like 250,000 years of DVD-quality video
    7. 7. Same old, same old• Everyone is doing the same old thing• There’s plenty of churn• If you can manage to overcome the resource problem• You quickly move onto the next problem• Delivering quality• Getting cut through
    8. 8. Good B2B content is hard to find• What do I mean by good?• Marketing focus on the Job title• Marketing focus on the vertical• Guess what?!?!?
    9. 9. This way of thinking is never goingto get you out of the churn
    10. 10. How to become a content king• DON’T become a content king• Become a CAUSE king• And do whatever it takes to help your audience’s cause
    11. 11. How to become a CAUSE king• Don’t create segments• Find your personas
    12. 12. Personas• Build personas because you’ll get closer to the people• It will give you someone to aim for specifically – Name – Age – Interests inside and outside of the office – Who do they influence? – Who influences them? – What are their pain points? – Where are they in the buying process?• This will help find the CAUSE to back
    13. 13. Go out and find them Attitudes Triggers Pain Points Hot Topics Influencers (and who to Where recruit) Who Competition Share of the Demographics conversation
    14. 14. The listening workflowThe listening workflow Start Middle End • Finding your community Look for trends or • Building personas Keywords common • Find influencers conversations • Discover triggers • Pain points
    15. 15. Finding good examples of B2B content• Hunting high and low• It’s not been easy• Conclusion
    16. 16. Your content makes me sick!
    17. 17. How did that make you feel?
    18. 18. Anger
    19. 19. Disgust
    20. 20. Fear
    21. 21. A few more to get you thinking• Emotions drive sharing• Sharing drives a deeper understanding and action• Actions drive preference• Preference drives decisions
    22. 22. Where are the B2B examples?• They are hard to find• In B2B we’re going to have to take a leap of faith
    23. 23. Bad Stationery
    24. 24. Big Red• Objective – Engage an audience in a seemingly low priority and highly commoditised product• Pain Points – Don’t want a service which restricts them and causes headaches every time they want to upgrade• Further insights – Appealing to a 30+ year old male, audience grew up with Marvel• Buying stage – Considering
    25. 25. BIG RED• Through personalisation of content we created: – Opportunity to share – Moments of humour
    26. 26. It’s great when your content gets consumed
    27. 27. But when it gets processed and shared there’s more benefit
    28. 28. Shared is understood• 73% say they process information more deeply, thoroughly and thoughtfully when they share it• 63% more brand recall when something is interactive Psychology of sharing New York Times 2011 Barnum and sully report 2010
    29. 29. The Psychology of SharingPsychology of sharing New York Times 2011
    30. 30. Motivations to Share To bring To get the valuable To grow To define word out and and nourish Self- ourselves to about entertaining our fulfillment others causes or content to relationships brands others 49% say 68% share to 49% say 78% share 84% share sharing allows give people a sharing allows information because it is athem to inform better sense of them to inform online way to support others of who they are others of because it lets causes or issues products they and what they products they them stay they care care about care about care about connected to about and and people they potentially potentially may not change change otherwise stay opinions or opinions or in touch with encourage encourage action action
    31. 31. 6 Personas of Sharers• Segments are defined by: – Emotional motivations – Desired presentation of self – Role of sharing in life – Value of being first to share
    32. 32. Altruists Alturists• Helpful• Reliable• Thoughtful• Connected “ I sent a couple of articles on nutrition and wellness to a friend with health issues. She e-mailed me to thank me; she “ appreciated that I had been thinking about her.
    33. 33. Careerisits Careerists• Valuable• Intelligent• Networks “ I share [things related to] business interests and exchange ideas on how to improve our company’s “ offerings to our customers.
    34. 34. Hipsters Hipsters• Cutting Edge• Creative• Identity• Popular• Youth “ “ Sharing is actually part of who I am.
    35. 35. Boomerangs Boomerangs• Reaction• Validation• Empowered “ When I post controversial things, it makes me look engaged and provocative, and I want to be perceived that way. If I don’t get a “ response then I know I’ve missed my mark.
    36. 36. Connectors Connectors• Creative• Relaxed• Thoughtful• Making Plans “ I got a deal to the bar at the Gansevoort Hotel e- mailed to me. I forwarded it to a bunch of friends and “ we turned it into a girls night out.
    37. 37. Selectives• Resourceful Selectives• Careful• Thoughtful• Informative “ I only share things with someone specific if I think they will enjoy it. If they aren’t relevant to the “ material, there is no point in sharing it with them.
    38. 38. Which one are you?Alturists Careerists Hipsters Boomerangs Connectors Selectives
    39. 39. Now we know why they share | How can we influence it?
    40. 40. Influence sharing• Appeal to customer motivation to connect with each other – not just with your brand – Fractal Marketing (taking something, changing it and passing it on) – not just viral• Trust is the cost of entry for getting shared• KISS and it gets shared and it wont get muddled• Appeal to their sense of humour• Embrace a sense of urgency
    41. 41. Sharing is the beginning• Yes I know I said it was the aim• But lets move it on to generating conversation Get credit Get shared Get shared Listen Respond for again responding
    42. 42. Planning
    43. 43. Content Marketing Framework
    44. 44. Making the most of your content• Maximise reach• Align to the buying process• Make the most of your content
    45. 45. He finally mentioned the word whitepaper• Getting the most from your content• Lets look how we can re-purpose this whitepaper
    46. 46. Maximisereach, create a Animated infographics, further opinion and insight viajourney talking heads and vox pops, create a trailer Email Owned and 3rd data party blogs capture Whitepaper / report Presentation around the reports and how to action the information within your business Meeting Webinars Excerpt from report with full access after data • Lead capture generation • Social conversation Infographics drivers •Truncated, re Social tools Take snippets of the purposed See following pages report and tweet / content update status, creating interest amongst target audience driving along the journey
    47. 47. Homework• The next piece of content you create – Evoke an emotion – Generate a conversation
    48. 48. If you need some help:
    49. 49. In Summary• Understanding the the good, the bad and the other crap – You’ve seen some great examples• How to create content that cuts through – Listening, personas, emotion, understanding sharing• Build a strategy and tactics for your content – Framework• What it takes to become a content king – Don’t become a CAUSE king• Using the right content to nudge the buyer down the funnel – Maximising content• – Will help you through the planning process - sign up TODAY!
    50. 50. Joe
    51. 51. Image Credits••••••••••