TPC September 08 Newsletter


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Monthly Newsletter for No-Kill Animal Shelter

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TPC September 08 Newsletter

  1. 1. ctãá yÉÜ g{Éâz{à T h e P e t C o n n e c ti o n , In c . 5 9 1 8 B ro a d m o o r , M i s si o n K S 6 6 2 0 2 9 1 3 - 6 7 1 - P E T S w w w . t h e p e t c o n n e c t i o n . n e t a n d w w w . m y sp a ce . c o m / th e p e t co n n e c ti o n Volume 2, Issue 8 09/01/2008 Written & Edited by Brandi Bruns TPC Unveils New Website Inside this issue: Ollie Memorial Fund 2 Dilemma of Declawing 2 TPC Available Programs 3 Doga Anyone? 3 On August 22, 2008, The information about who we a successful launch, as well Featured Pets 4 Pet Connection unveiled their are, about our available as proofing and testing the new website. programs and services, & site prior to launch. Happy Tails—CiCi 5 how to get involved. Happy Tails—Oreo 5 Over the past year, TPC & We also wish to thank the students in Johnson County We are so proud of the students for designing our Happy Tails—Noodles 5 Community College’s Interac- work that these students did new logo! You’ll see our Pet Utopia IV 6 tive Media Department have and are excited to display staff members sporting new Pet Palz Donation Form 7 partnered together com- their hard work. Thank you shirts & scrubs with our logo pletely remodel the site. It to staff members Brandi proudly displayed. We also TPC Recycle Program 8 was our goal to put forth a Bruns, Jason Huff, Melody have volunteer shirts avail- TPC Current Wishlist 9 professional & informational Kelso & Jenni Caiharr who able for purchase for $15. site that was easy to navi- worked to ensure that the TPC 2008 Statistics: Visit our website at: gate. The new site provides students had the informa- • TPC has spayed/neutered 1704 pets in visitors with more detailed tion and tools necessary for 2008 alone! • TPC has provided low-cost vetting to 1733 pets in 2008. New Night for TPC Behavioral Consultations • TPC has placed 480 pets in homes during January—August 2008. Beginning August 26th, TPC tion, and any specific area If you plan on coming to no longer hosts their Obedi- you need to address for multiple sessions, we recom- ence Training/Behavioral your pet! mend becoming a TPC mem- Hours of Operation: consultations on Tuesday’s. ber to receive a per session Obedience Training & Be- Monday: Closed discount. Membership is $25. Tuesday: 9a-8p Effective September 1st our havioral Consultations are Wednesday: 9a-8p class schedule is: available to the public for Thursday: 9a-5p Thursday’s: 7:15p & 8:30p a minimal fee each session. Friday: 9a-8p Saturday: 9a-8p Sunday’s: 7:15p $0 pets adopted from TPC Sunday: 9a-8p Classes cover training, com- $5 TPC Members Pets can be shown Monday’s by appoint- mands, obedience, socializa- $10 TPC non members ment only. Call 913-671-PETS to schedule.
  2. 2. Paws for Thought Page 2 Friends of Ollie Memorial Fund The Friends of Ollie Memo- will be used to treat pets money to take her to the rial Fund was established in that need special care. The specialist. Thanks to the loving memory of Ollie who first recipient of their gener- Friends of Ollie Memorial was adopted from TPC osity is Clarabelle. She was Fund she will get that oppor- nearly 10 years ago. Ollie originally trapped and tunity. Please make a contri- was transferred to TPC from scheduled to be re-released bution to the Friends of Ollie a local Brittany rescue. He into a feral cat colony. At Memorial Fund so that other Beloved Ollie died in May 2008 of a rare the vet clinic, she was quick animals can be helped. disease. After 3 months, his to show us she was a domes- owners are still devastated tic cat who had been left Send donations to: 5918 and grieving their loss. Ollie behind. She was very affec- Broadmoor, Mission KS was a very special boy. His tionate. Clarabelle has a 66202. Indicate the dona- adopters have started a cyst on her eye and we have tion is for the Friends of Ollie memorial in Ollie’s name that been waiting to raise the Memorial Fund. Clarabelle—1st recipient The Dilemma of Declawing Declawing your cat is be- scratch is key. * Soft paws! A plastic coming a very controversial sheath that covers the nail issue within vets, animal shel- rendering the cat unable to What can you do instead of ters, & even countries around puncture through furniture declawing? the world. while you are training them * Simply providing your cat what they can & can not with a tall & stable scratch- scratch on. Declawing is the amputation ing post will work wonders. * Sticky paws! Furniture safe of the last joint of each toe. TPC recommends a post double sticky tape that de- It removes the bones, ten- made of sisal or rope be- tours cats from using your dons, & ligaments from that cause a cat does not under- couch. joint forward. The surgery is stand why it is okay to claw a painful one for the cat. on a carpeted scratching There is a risk of complica- post but not the carpet on Complications: Some cats tion & has no benefit to the your floor. It is also recom- will stop using the litter box. cat. It is important that you mend that something appro- Others may develop exces- understand why a cat priate to scratch on be in sive biting to defend them- scratches, the risks of de- every level of your home. selves. The cat may develop clawing, & alternatives to TPC sells the sisal posts at arthritis, pain, joint stiffness, declawing. our adoption facility- $45 or a change in personality. for members/$59 for non- Some cats die during sur- members. gery. A cat scratches because it is Top Cat Scratching Post Avail- * Trim your cats nails! Cut a natural instinct, like groom- able at The Pet Connection off the tips of their nails ing or covering waste. Did you know it is illegal to $45 members/ without cutting into the quick. Modifying the location of declaw in England, Italy, $59 non-members Reward the cat for allowing where it is appropriate to France, Australia & many you to trim them. other countries?
  3. 3. Paws for Thought Page 3 TPC Available Programs Behavioral Consultations: Pick up 5-7p *$85 admin fee dogs Walk in vaccines: 8a -12p under 40 lbs - Schedule appointments by Microchipping: calling 913-671-PETS - Prices vary based on in- come. Thursday’s: 7:15p & 8:30p TPC offers low-cost HomeA- Our building houses more than just an adop- tion facility! We also have low cost vet Sunday’s: 7:15p gain microchipping to the services, behavioral consultations, and volun- *Free to adopters public for $25. Simply bring teer opportunities! *$5 TPC members p/session your pet in during open busi- *$10 non-members p/session ness hours! No appointment Adoptions: needed. Volunteer Orientation: Includes spay/neuter, vac- cines, tested negative (FeLV/ Recycling: FIV cats Recycle for Heartworm homeless dogs), pets! TPC treated for accepts fleas, aluminum worms, & (Required for all volunteers & cans, ink & micro- community service workers): toner cartridges and old cell chipped. Sunday’s: 6:00p phones. Bring your recycla- *$25 membership for all + bles to The Pet Connection, *$25 admin fee cats Low Cost Vet Clinic: 5918 Broadmoor! *$25 admin fee dogs Mon-Wed-Fri weekly 40+ lbs Drop off: 8-10a for surgery Relax With Your Dog—Doga Anyone? .TPC will once again be host- ety, increase body awareness 816-522-7005. ing N2Paws Doga sessions and build a closer bond with this fall. you! The class is 4-weeks in Visit them on the web at: length and will be held Satur- days (10-11am) or Thursdays Enhance wellness and deepen (10-11am). your relationship with your canine. You will learn to ap- ply meditation, yoga (or Space is limited so be sure to Doga for dogs), and TTouch register early! to help your dog relax, re- lease tension, pain and anxi- Contact or
  4. 4. Paws for Thought Page 4 Featured Pets Available for Adoption Logan was returned to TPC attention and likes to be and should be monitored with his brushed daily. when outside. siblings because Calvin was brought back to Chico is 1 his TPC year old. owner because He was could no longer care for him. his recently His siblings have been owner returned to adopted out, but Logan is travels TPC be- In our cageless facility, visitors find dogs and cats comfortably living in still looking for the right for busi- cause he a homelike environment while home. He is about 2 1/2 ness & didn’t do well with the chil- awaiting their forever home!! years old. Logan is very didn't dren in the home. He is sweet & loves to be petted. have the very smart & loves to play He has been around children. time he felt Calvin deserved. fetch. He is slow to transition Logan can be bossy with Calvin is almost 5 years old. in new situations. Once he other cats, but enjoys kitties He can be a bit bossy but trusts you, he is very loving & that are very cat social. He will play with other pets af- will follow you to the ends of is currently one of our ter he adjusts. Calvin is a the earth. He is good with quot;laundry roomquot; cats who is total flirt & likes to be pet- other dogs. Chico is in foster helping to tame a couple of ted. But when Calvin has care. If you would like to TPC's feral cats by teaching had enough, he's had enough meet him, call TPC to sched- them that humans aren't so & can bite. Because of how ule an appointment. bad. Logan has beautiful quickly his mood changes he long black & white fur. His should NOT go in a home Luna was favorite spot... on top of a with young or rough playing trans- warm running dryer. children. ferred to TPC from McDreamy was adopted Pacey is a another from TPC as a kitten. He very play- animal ful Cocker shelter. She is approxi- Spaniel mix mately 1 year old. Luna is pup. He’s deaf & is learning commands approxi- via vibration. As you can mately 1 see, she has one blue eye & was returned to us because 1/2 years old. He loves one brown eye. Luna is a his owner is moving. He is children but has a tendency lap dog & is very sweet in a now approximately 3 years to jump on them. He is home setting. She loves to old. He is very sweet. He housebroken & kennel snuggle. She follows the does do some light nibbling trained. He knows “sit” and lead of other dogs. Her but nothing hard. He is used “outside”. His favorite toys favorite toy is a Nylabone. to a quiet household so he is are kongs & stuffed animals. Luna can be a little grouchy a little leery of young chil- He loves to play fetch. when adjusting to new situa- dren. He does well with Pacey has been known to tions, pets, and people. dogs and cats. He loves dig out from under a fence
  5. 5. Volume 2, Issue 6 Page 5 Happy Tails—Meet CiCi On July 1, 2006 we that would not quit. When fully long lives ahead of adopted CiCi, the white dog at the shelter, she jumped on them. Our other dogs lived in the photos. She was at my lap like she owned me to be 15 and 18 years old. The Pet Connection for ap- already and she wanted to Thank you Pet Connection for proximately 1 week before I leave with me. everything you do! saw and adopted her. At The small little brown dog in the shelter, her name was ************************** the picture is Angel. We Rose. We renamed her Ci- adopted her on December 2, ara (CiCi) Rose. She was Submit your Happy Tails 2006 from another facility. found on the streets of Osa- story & photos via email to: watomie, Kansas and the I am so thankful for both of shelter employees there my “girls” and love them called around the KC area tremendously. The have two Submissions will be posted on looking for a home for her so “brothers” at home that spoil our Happy Tails page of our she wouldn’t have to be put website and could be seen in them rotten at home. to sleep. She was approxi- our monthly newsletter! mately 12 months old we Their favorite things in our when got her. house are the pig ear treats that we give them. They are She has been an absolute happy little dogs with hope- joy! She had a personality Happy Tails—Meet Oreo! ************************** She is wonderful with my two Just wanted to send a picture year old son and was SU- of Oreo, she is doing fabulous Submit your Happy Tails PERDOG at his 2nd birthday and has quickly become a story & photos via email to: party. part of our family. Thank you for helping us find We kept her name. All the Submissions will be posted such a wonderful dog! kids on the street loved it and on our Happy Tails page of her! our website and could be seen in our monthly newslet- ter! Happy Tails—Meet Noodles! ************************** They have turned out to be Hi there! Noodles is doing Submit your Happy Tails best friends. They bathe wonderful! She has turned story & photos via email to: one another and chance out to be the sweetest kitty each other around the house. ever. She is a cuddler. Submissions will be posted We love Noodles and are so on our Happy Tails page of She not only cuddles with us, very glad that we adopted our website and could be but also with our older male her! seen in our monthly newslet- cat, Otter. ter!
  6. 6.
  7. 7. PET PALz Monthly Donor Program The Pet Connection 5918 Broadmoor, Mission KS 66202 913-671-PETS (phone) 913-362-8460 (fax) Name_______________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________________________ Phone________________________Email_____________________________________ Amount ___$10 ___$25 ___$50 ___$75 ___$100 ___Other__________ ctç uç V{xv~ Please initial the transaction of your choice: _____1st of each month _____15th of each month Please attach a VOIDED CHECK from the account to be drafted. I hereby authorize a bank draft to The Pet Connection on the account designated, for the amount agreed to above on the date indicated above. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify The Pet Connection in writing if I wish to withdraw from this program at any time. I further understand that if the check is dishonored or returned for any reason, that the amount of the check plus a processing fee of $25 (legal limit) will be electronically debited from the account by CCF. Signature__________________________________________ Date______________ ctç uç VÜxw|à VtÜw Please initial the transaction of your choice: _____1st of each month _____15th of each month Type of card_______________________ Expiration date_______________________ Card Number______________________________________________ I hereby authorize a draft on the credit card account designated, for the amount agreed to above on the date indicated above. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify The Pet Connection in writing if I wish to withdraw from this pro- gram at any time. Signature_________________________________________ Date_______________ The Pet Connection, Inc. is a licensed 501 (c) 3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.
  8. 8. Recycling—Go Green and Save Homeless Pets The Pet Connection is pleased to announce that we have expanded our recy- cling program! Recycling is an extremely important reality of the world we live in. We must save our planet!!! Why not raise money to save homeless cats and dogs while we’re at it! Instead of throwing your cans away or taking them to the recycling center, please bring them by The Pet Connection! Cans can be dropped off anytime (open or closed hours) at our facility located at 5918 Broadmoor in Mission KS. Our recycling bin is located on the south-east side of the building next to the obedience center entrance. We are also proud to announce recycling abilities for printer & toner car- tridges and old cell phones! Recycling boxes are located in our main lobby “The Bratcher Café” and can be accessed any time during open hours. Sim- ply come in and place your product in the correct box. Want to do a fund raiser for The Pet Connection? Collect aluminum cans, ink cartridges, or cell phones from your schools, your neighborhoods, your clubs and bring them in! You’ll save the planet and you’ll save the lives of homeless pets all at the same time.
  9. 9. The Pet Connection, Inc. is a licensed 501 (c) 3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.