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Monthly Newsletter for No-Kill Animal Shelter

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TPC October 08 Newsletter

  1. 1. ctãá yÉÜ g{Éâz{à T h e P e t C o n n e c ti o n , In c . 5 9 1 8 B ro a d m o o r , M i s si o n K S 6 6 2 0 2 9 1 3 - 6 7 1 - P E T S w w w . t h e p e t c o n n e c t i o n . n e t a n d w w w . m y sp a ce . c o m / th e p e t co n n e c ti o n Volume 2, Issue 9 10/01/2008 Written & Edited by Brandi Bruns A New Look for The Pet Connection Inside this issue: trim around doors and win- TPC Remodel (cont) 2 dows were painted white. Goodbye Sweet Davey 2 Volunteers scrapped the Farewell Friend—George 3 loose paint off our front sign Rest In Peace—Tootie 3 and then gave it a fresh new Available Programs 4 coat of black paint. Volun- Featured Pets teers quickly completed the 5 Training Your New Dog 6 north & west sides of the Happy Tails—Devon 7 building. Happy Tails—Whisper 7 Happy Tails—Meeko 7 TPC before Pet Utopia IV 8 On September 20, 2008 wall, repaired an inside PetPalz Donation Form 9 Sprint Employees volun- wall & many other tasks. TPC Recycle Program 10 teered at The Pet Connection Employees were broken up TPC Current Wishlist 11 to give our facility a much into 3 groups: painting, needed makeover & well landscaping, and construc- TPC 2008 Statistics: deserved facelift . Sprint tion. ECVC volunteers arrived at • TPC has spayed/neutered 2044 pets in The painting team began at 2008 alone! 10:00 am ready to roll up the front of the building. their sleeves and get dirty! • TPC has provided low-cost vetting to Walls were painted green, Many stayed well into the 1969 pets in 2008. while the front columns and evening. • TPC has placed 552 pets in homes during January—September 2008. Coordinated by Brandi Bruns and Tracy Ellis-Maxwell, Hours of Operation: Sprint volunteers painted the exterior of the building, Monday: Closed scrapped & painted our Tuesday: 9a-8p Wednesday: 9a-8p signs, planted new flower Thursday: 9a-5p pots, mowed, weeded and Friday: 9a-8p prepared the yard for land- Saturday: 9a-8p scaping, created two new Sunday: 9a-8p grass yards for dogs to Pets can be shown Monday’s by appoint- potty, tore down an inside ment only. Call 913-671-PETS to schedule. TPC after
  2. 2. Paws for Thought Page 2 A New Look for The Pet Connection—Continued (continued from page 1) the building as their man- ager level team building The landscaping crew mowed activity. the back and side lawns, planted We are so very thrilled with 2 our remodel and are ex- flower tremely grateful to the Sprint pots Employees and their families with and friends who came out beauti- and made this possible. ful yel- Thank you very much Kellie, low mums, jack-hammed con- Nate, Velinda, Adam, crete out of the grass areas, Brandi, Wendy, Riley, brought in dirt fill and land- Janice, Doug, Casey, Tracy, scaping timbers, and began Judy, Sue, Mallory, Sammi, get- Libby, Karen, Vickie, Richard, ting Jessie, Lisa, Al, Deann, Mary these Kay, Donna, Kellie, Elly, Jon, new Randy, Don, Sarah, Sandy, areas Raymond, Ryan, & Craig. ready for new grass and plants. These areas will be used as potty Thank you Sherwin Williams and play yards for our dogs. in Mission KS & Animals In Need Thrift Store in Riverside The construction crew tore MO for assistance with paint down a wall inside one of our & painting supplies. Thank dog rooms to make way for a you Phil Shaw for catering new viewing & socialization lunch & dinner for our volun- area. They then began re- teers & staff during this pair on some of the existing event. construction and painted an interior wall. A second Sprint team came out on September 26th to finish the exterior painting of
  3. 3. Paws for Thought Page 3 Goodbye Sweet Davey—A Tribute by Davey’s Foster Mom I had the great privilege of ing.quot; When he had enough sometime during the night of fostering Davey, a 9 y/o lab he would hop on the couch & September 2, he died quietly mix, who, with his best friend, lay against me - this was his in his sleep. I don't know why Harley, a 12 y/o Chow quot;time outquot; place to be safe & it has left a hole in my mix, came into TPC after from her shenanigans. If it heart. Thankfully, his best their owner died. Davey & wasn't too hot, he came to friend Harley, seems to have Davey—Rest in Peace Harley fit easily into my fam- the barn with me to see my taken his death in stride & is ily of dogs & cats. He was horse,. For a dog who was his usual happy self. In retro- sweet, gentle, good natured, afraid of so many things - spect, I wonder if some unassuming & very po- thunder storms, fireworks, of Davey's laidbackness was lite. My other foster dog, water...he was so unafraid of actually sadness at the loss of immediately picked him out horses that I had to watch his person. I'd like to think he as the most likely playmate out to make sure he didn't is with his person now at the & she incessantly tried to get get stepped on. He was a Rainbow Bridge, & I feel Davey with Harley him to play with her. Some- wonderful dog & I dearly grateful that I was able to times he did - usually on his loved him. I planned to provide a home for him for his back with Marilyn standing adopt him & have several last days. - MaryAnn S. over him & quot;face fight- more years with him. Then Farewell Friend—A Tribute to George On September 18, 2008 did not give good prognosis more than to come down Donna Stewart, Animal Care & our only option was to during a doggie play ses- Specialist, noticed that our hospitalize him until his sion. George would hang long term guest George did- passed away or put him to upside down from the wall & n’t look like he felt well. sleep. George was only 6 would happily jump down & Melody Kelso, Director, was y/o when he passed away. run among the dogs. We asked to take a look him. didn’t think this was safe for We didn’t have a vet on site, him so he lost this privileged George was such a wonder- so we got him some food during obedience training. ful boy. He shared a room and he seemed to be doing George was quite selective with Scrappy, a Beagle. much better. We left a mes- with his friends. Dogs were However, he didn’t have a sage for our vet & decided always his friends, some problem with inhabiting and to monitor him until later in women were not. He defi- exploring our obedience the morning. However, his nitely had a little bit of a center, crate rooms, spay/ breathing worsened, so he warm up period before he neuter room, & clinic waiting was rushed to Mission Animal would roll around & let you room. George was terrified Clinic where the generously rub his belly. But when he & would scream when he assist us with many homeless did… what a flirt! would see other cats, but he pets. The Radiology special- sure loved his dog friends. In ist was called in. George fact, we started having to George held a huge spot in was in congestive heart fail- put him in an enclosed condo the hearts of our staff & ure without much option for during obedience class be- volunteers. He will be missed treatment. His diagnostics cause he wanted nothing greatly.
  4. 4. Paws for Thought Page 4 Rest In Peace—Sweet Tootie We recently received the sad reclaimed by her owner. Tootie was more than loved news that Tootie, one of our However, no one came for for the two years that she previous guests, past away her. She was transferred to spent with her new family, recently from cancer. Tootie The Pet Connection to find her she was treated like a prin- was only 6 y/o & had some forever home. Tootie had cess. They did everything pretty serious trauma in her some medical malformations that they could to save her short life. that caused some set backs from the cancer, but it was for her adoption & required too advanced. additional sponsorships. We Tootie was about 4 y/o when were so lucky that we found found running at large. When Tootie will be desperately the adoptive parents that we found she was taken to missed by her family and by did find. Kerry's Kennels to wait to be her friends at TPC. TPC Available Programs Behavioral Consultations: Walk Microchipping: in vac- cines: 8a - 12p Sched- TPC offers low-cost HomeA- ule appointments by calling gain microchipping to the 913-671-PETS public for $25. Simply bring Thursday’s: 7:15p & 8:30p Our building houses more than just an adop- - Prices vary based on in- your pet in during open busi- tion facility! We also have low cost vet Sunday’s: 7:15p come. ness hours! No appointment services, behavioral consultations, and volun- *Free to adopters needed. teer opportunities! *$5 TPC members p/session Adoptions: *$10 non-members p/session Includes spay/neuter, vac- Recycling: cines, tested Recycle Volunteer Orientation: negative for (Required for all volunteers & (FeLV/FIV homeless community service workers): cats Heart- pets! Sunday’s: 6:00p worm dogs), TPC ac- treated for cepts fleas, aluminum cans, ink & toner worms, & cartridges and old cell micro-chipped. phones. Bring your recycla- *$25 membership for all + bles to The Pet Connection, *$25 admin fee cats 5918 Broadmoor! Can recy- *$25 admin fee dogs cling is outside by the ga- Low Cost Vet Clinic: 40+ lbs rage door. Ink, toner, & cell Mon-Wed-Fri weekly *$85 admin fee dogs phone recycling available Drop off: 8-10a for surgery under 40 lbs inside in the “Bratcher Café”. Pick up 5-7p
  5. 5. Paws for Thought Page 5 Featured Pets Available for Adoption Pushka was adopted from likes local rescue group. She is ~2 TPC 4 ½ dogs y/o. She loves people and years ago & cats children. She has had some but was but basic obedience. She is returned needs scared of other dogs. Daisy because to be is crate trained. Daisy has a their autistic son was allergic. intro- long, thick, soft coat. She is ~10 y/o, but acts like duced slowly. If he becomes a young vibrant cat! Puschka scared & unsure he will slap Frisbee In our cageless facility, visitors find dogs and cats comfortably living in loves to be around people & at them. He is curious & is is ~ 3 a homelike environment while is good with kids. She is learning to be quite a lover. y/o. He awaiting their forever home!! good with other cats. She is His voice is unique. Sam likes is an petite, quiet, but has lots of to be held & likes his ears to ener- personality. She loves to be scratched. As you can getic & play with string, sit in your see, he also likes his belly friendly dog. She loves go- lap & sleep in bed with you. rubbed. He loves to sit on ing for walks. He does pull Pushka is front declawed. your lap & can be very lov- on leash & has slipped his ing. He loves to play with collar, so a harness is recom- string. He is 3 y/o & has the Sophia is ~7 y/o DLH. She mended. He tends to bark at cutest meow! is sweet other dogs while on walks. but Frisbee is usually submissive Two of our featured cats last month, would Buddy is with other dogs & plays well Logan & McDreamy have found their forever homes. prefer a a ~4 with them. He also plays well quiet year with kittens. He likes to sleep home poodle in bed with his human that will mix with friends. Frisbee is a bit of a allow her time to adjust interest- chew & loves stuffed toys. slowly. She is very inde- ing teeth that give him char- He is almost housebroken. pendent & is not much of a acter. He was recently re- lap cat. She prefers to be turned to TPC because of his Ray petted on her own terms & owner's health. Buddy is a was seems to enjoy the company gentle, friendly dog who rescued of men over women. She likes to be close to his owner. by an really likes other cats & He gets along w/ other individ- doesn’t mind dogs. She dogs, cats & likes to play w/ ual from should be placed without children. Buddy loves to use an abu- children. She loves her Top an old towel as a tug toy. He sive Cat Scratching Post & spends is housebroken. situation. He is very sweet a lot of time lounging & once he trusts you. He is ~ 2 playing. Daisy y/o, good w/ dogs, but was should not go to a home with Sam came to us to find a brought cats. He is housebroken. Ray new home because the to TPC loves playing with Kong’s owner didn’t have room. He by a and tennis balls.
  6. 6. Paws for Thought Page 6 Training Your New Dog—By Jenni Caiharr TPC Behavior Staff Teaching Sit: Teaching sit is an Teaching Down: Teaching sitting. If your dog is a persis- essential step in the training down is the first step in tent jumper then you may have process. After your dog teaching some very fun tricks, to ignore them while they are knows this command you will but you have to start with jumping on you, ignoring them be able to get their attention this basic command. With a means no eye contact, crossing focused back onto you & the treat in hand have your dog your arms, & saying nothing to training you are trying to sit, then take the treat & them, but the sit command. work on. Sit is very easily slowly move it down to the Praise & attention is only be accomplished with a floor right in between your given when they sit. Pushing a treat. Get you dog’s atten- dogs front legs. Some dogs dog down can inadvertently tion by waving the treat un- benefit from moving the encourage the behavior be- der its nose. Once you have treat in toward the belly to cause you are looking at them its attention take the treat in help them follow the treat to & touching them. Also for per- front of its nose and raise it the floor & “fold” into a sistent jumpers if you have their up over his head & toward down. As soon as the dog is leash on simply stepping on it the back of your dog, in one down on the floor say good at a short length they are single motion. By doing this down & give the treat. If this physically unable to jump and the dog’s rear end should method doesn’t work have then can be praised once they automatically hit the ground your dog sit, then take the sit. When your dog jumps on at that point you say good sit front legs & slide them out you it’s because they want your & give the dog the treat. If from under the dog assisting attention, so by ignoring them your dog will not sit with this them into a down. As soon you are not giving them what trick you can scoop his back as the dog is down on the they want until they do the cor- legs down into an assisted floor say good down & give rect behavior, sit. This will sit. When his rear hits the the treat. Remember: Avoid teach your dog to sit for atten- ground say good sit & give pushing on your dog to force tion as apposed to jumping for him the treat, even though you them down to the ground. it. Dogs that jump on guests can had to help him. Avoid push- This is the first step to teach- also be a nuisance. For this ing on your dogs hips to make ing crawl, dead dog, & roll- have your dog on leash when him sit, as this has been ing over. you know that guests will be proven to increase the chance arriving. Have treats handy for that your dog will get Hip Jumping Up: Jumping up can the guest to give the dog. Take Dysplasia, a very painful be a very exasperating be- the dogs leash & once the guest arthritic disease. Remember: havior. It is easy to train out has arrived prevent them from Don’t say sit over & over, if of your dog. For this training jumping on the guest by restrict- your dog doesn’t sit after the exercise your dog needs to ing the leash by making it short first command, assist him in know how to sit on com- or step on it. Instruct your guest the sit, then reward him. mand. When your dog to only give attention & treats Avoid pushing on your dogs jumps on you tell them to sit, once the dog sits. hips to avoid a painful dis- attention & praise will only ease. be given when the dog is
  7. 7. Volume 2, Issue 6 Page 7 Happy Tails—Meet Devon Devon rescued us in May of but are convinced that he friends, so we take him to 2008. We decided to keep brought us to Devon the dog TPC obedience center and his name as is not only be- the SMP dog park on a as a way of saying thanks. cause we believe he had regular basis. He is a loyal Devon has adjusted very adjusted to it, but because and friendly companion, and well to his new home. He is a we had previously 'adopted' we are very grateful to TPC big clown, and keeps us in a boy of the same name for for trusting us with his care in stitches constantly. He loves a Christmas charity in 2007. his new forever home! playing with his doggy We never got to meet him, Happy Tails—Meet Whisper! smaller balls inside. She on carpet. Whisper is a well It was a great idea to get a swats at it & chases it for a behaved kitten. She has her new kitten. I missed the meow long time. She does not like moments when she gets on that accompanied my walk it when she cannot see me. I the counters, or tries to get through the door of my leave the room & she begins out into the hallway outside apartment. Whisper has to meow real loud. All I have the front door, or starts to brought a new energy to my to do is call her name and eat the plants, but a couple house. I named her Whisper she races almost uncontrolla- of stern quot;no'squot; & she figures because when she gets real bly to where I am. It is espe- it out pretty quickly. I could close to your face, her meow cially funny when she slides go on and on and on, even gets real quiet, like she knows across the kitchen floor, after though it has only been a she doesn't have to be loud a dashing run. She comes week. I am thankful as can as usual. She is adjusting real real close to smacking into be for you allowing her to well. She loves my back door, the cabinets, or refrigerator. come home to me. I wish you which is glass. She can see You can see the look of sur- the best in helping the other everything that is going on prise on her face when she animals there at TPC to find outside. She just recently does not stop like she does good homes. - Tom found the toy balls with Happy Tails—Meet Meeko! Buster is now named Meeko & them & they quickly swat him visitors have settled in. He’s he is a wonderful dog though away. Meeko has been also able to be around small completely ornery! He gets having fear aggression is- dogs (and larger quiet dogs) along great with our Yorkie, sues, so we have been bring- without going into attack Lady. Actually he adores her. ing him to TPC for behavior mode, as long as they aren’t He follows her all over the classes. You are truly mira- on his territory. We’re house & the yard. He is a cle workers as our little boy working on that. Thank you complete mama’s boy, but he is now able to be around for everything you do to loves his dad too! He wants strangers & receive treats save these homeless pets & to play with his cat sisters, but without trying to bite. He the services available to he’s a bit too rambunctious for quickly quiets down once keep them in the new homes! Submit your Happy Tails story & photos via email to: Submissions will be posted on our Happy Tails page of our website and could be seen in our monthly newsletter!
  8. 8. PET PALz Monthly Donor Program The Pet Connection 5918 Broadmoor, Mission KS 66202 913-671-PETS (phone) 913-362-8460 (fax) Name_______________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________________________ Phone________________________Email_____________________________________ Amount ___$10 ___$25 ___$50 ___$75 ___$100 ___Other__________ ctç uç V{xv~ Please initial the transaction of your choice: _____1st of each month _____15th of each month Please attach a VOIDED CHECK from the account to be drafted. I hereby authorize a bank draft to The Pet Connection on the account designated, for the amount agreed to above on the date indicated above. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify The Pet Connection in writing if I wish to withdraw from this program at any time. I further understand that if the check is dishonored or returned for any reason, that the amount of the check plus a processing fee of $25 (legal limit) will be electronically debited from the account by CCF. Signature__________________________________________ Date______________ ctç uç VÜxw|à VtÜw Please initial the transaction of your choice: _____1st of each month _____15th of each month Type of card_______________________ Expiration date_______________________ Card Number______________________________________________ I hereby authorize a draft on the credit card account designated, for the amount agreed to above on the date indicated above. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify The Pet Connection in writing if I wish to withdraw from this pro- gram at any time. Signature_________________________________________ Date_______________ The Pet Connection, Inc. is a licensed 501 (c) 3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.
  9. 9. Recycling—Go Green and Save Homeless Pets The Pet Connection is pleased to announce that we have expanded our recy- cling program! Recycling is an extremely important reality of the world we live in. We must save our planet!!! Why not raise money to save homeless cats and dogs while we’re at it! Instead of throwing your cans away or taking them to the recycling center, please bring them by The Pet Connection! Cans can be dropped off anytime (open or closed hours) at our facility located at 5918 Broadmoor in Mission KS. Our recycling bin is located on the south-east side of the building next to the obedience center entrance. We are also proud to announce recycling abilities for printer & toner car- tridges and old cell phones! Recycling boxes are located in our main lobby “The Bratcher Café” and can be accessed any time during open hours. Sim- ply come in and place your product in the correct box. Want to do a fund raiser for The Pet Connection? Collect aluminum cans, ink cartridges, or cell phones from your schools, your neighborhoods, your clubs and bring them in! You’ll save the planet and you’ll save the lives of homeless pets all at the same time.
  10. 10. The Pet Connection, Inc. is a licensed 501 (c) 3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.