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The Pet
C o n n e ct i o n , I n c.
5 9 1 8 B ro a d m o o r , M i s si o n K S 6 6 2 0 2 9 1 3 - 6 7 1 -...
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                                                 March Calendar of Events

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Happy T...
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                                          Featured Pets Available for Adoption!!!!

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                               Ask A Pet… Squeak, Sela, Rufus, & Dudley Answer Your TPC Q...
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Volunteer Corner

              I would like to thank all the    April and would love for you      walking them, etc. We w...
Monthly Donor Program
The Pet Connection

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Recycling—Go Green and Save Homeless Pets

The Pet Connection is pleased to announce that we have expanded our recy-
The Pet Connection, Inc. is a licensed 501 (c) 3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.
TPC March09 Newsletter
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TPC March09 Newsletter


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TPC March09 Newsletter

  1. 1. ctãá yÉÜ g{Éâz{à The Pet C o n n e ct i o n , I n c. 5 9 1 8 B ro a d m o o r , M i s si o n K S 6 6 2 0 2 9 1 3 - 6 7 1 - P E T S Volume 3, Issue 3 03/01/2009 Written & Edited by Brandi Bruns TPC Restructures Behavioral and Obedience Consultations Inside this issue: ercises. Each class allows dar of events page on our 15 minutes play time be- March Events 2 website. fore and after with other Available Programs 2 The cost for these behavioral dogs for socialization. Happy Tails Seamus/ 3 consultation sessions are: Roxy The costs for these classes Happy Tails Calvin 3 $0—pets adopted from TPC are: The Pet Connection has re- & rescues (a donation is ap- Happy Tails Gus 3 cently restructured our be- $0—pets adopted from preciated) TPC Available Pets 4 havioral and obedience con- TPC $15—all other clients sultations. Rest In Peace Big Foot 5 $5—Members of TPC In Home Consultations Rest In Peace Percy $10—Non Members of TPC 5 The number one reason why people relinquish a dog or a Ask A Pet 6-7 In home consultations are Behavioral Consultations cat is for relatively common also available with our Volunteer Corner 8 behavioral problems. These If you have a more serious trained staff. Consultations Yappy Hour 8 classes help educate indi- issue such as dog aggres- will address any issues you Operation Regift 9 viduals on how to fix these sion, human aggression, are having with your pet. PetPalz 10 problems. The classes use excessive chewing, litter TPC Recycle Program 11 positive reinforcement to The cost for an in-home con- box behavioral problems in TPC Wishlist 12 teach dogs how to live with sultation is $75. cats, scratching post train- their owners and to teach the ing, etc., we now offer To schedule an in-home con- TPC 2009 Statistics: owners how to communicate separate behavioral consul- sultation, contact TPC at with their dogs. tations scheduled on an as • TPC has spayed/neutered 670 pets in 913-671-PETS. 2009 alone! needed basis. Basic Obedience • TPC has provided low-cost vetting to 727 Online Consultations These sessions are held on pets in 2009. We still host our open access Thursday’s and Sunday’s You can also see online as- classes Thursday’s at 7:15pm • TPC has placed 160 pets in homes during and will be scheduled as sistance from our behavioral from January—February 2009. and 8:30pm and Sunday’s requested. Please call our team by visiting our filling at 7:15pm. Our open access facility at 913-671-PETS to out our behavioral question- classes are geared towards schedule. Hours of Operation: naire at http:// basic obedience and sociali- Monday: Closed zation. Classes address Each session has room for Tuesday: 9a-8p TPC_Behavioral.htm training basic commands, 10 people and 3 dogs (if Wednesday: 9a-8p leash training, house break- dog geared class). Ses- Thursday: 9a-5p Online consultations cost $25 ing, crate training, problem Friday: 9a-8p sions already scheduled and can be paid online using Saturday: 9a-8p behaviors, & leadership ex- can be found on our calen- PayPal. Sunday: 9a-8p Pets can be shown Monday’s by appointment only. Call 913-671-PETS to schedule.
  2. 2. Paws for Thought Page 2 March Calendar of Events March 4: Yappy Hour—A at TPC. Surgery only. Drop March 22: 2p-5p - Vaccina- TPC benefit 5p-7p at Pete off 8a-9a, pick up 5p-6p. tion & Microchip clinic @ and Mac’s—8809 Monrovia Appointment required. Brookside Barkery & Bath— Lenexa KS. Flyer on page 8. 14040 W 119th St., Olathe, March 12: 6-7p On Demand KS 66062 March 5: 6-7p On Demand Consult – Territorial Aggres- Consult – Possession Aggres- sion & 6-7pm Dogs Chasing March 26: 6-7p—On De- EVERY THURSDAY: Listen sion towards other dogs & 6- Cats. mand Consult—Litter box to us weekly at 7:30am on 7pm: Foster Care Seminar Issues Jack FM 105.1 & at March 15: 5-6p On Demand 7:45am on 94.9FM Consult—Dog on Dog Ag- March 29: 5-6p - On De- March 8: 5-6p On Demand gression. mand Consult – Dog on Dog For a space in our On De- Consult – Fear Aggression. Aggression mand Consultation March 22: 5-6p On Demand March 8: Spay/Neuter Clinic Classes, call to reserve Consult – Housebreaking your spot: 913-671-PETS TPC Available Programs Behavioral Consultations: Pick up under 40 lbs 5-7p Microchipping: Walk in TPC offers low-cost HomeA- vaccines: gain microchipping to the 8a -12p public for $25. Bring your Appoint- pet in during open hours! No ments required for surgery Thursday’s: 7:15p & 8:30p appointment needed. patients. Schedule appoint- Sunday’s: 7:15p Our building houses more than just an adop- ments by calling 913-671- tion facility! We also have low cost vet *Free to adopters PETS. Prices vary based on services, behavioral consultations, and volun- *$5 TPC members p/session income. teer opportunities! *$10 non-members p/session Adoptions: Recycling: Volunteer Orientation: Includes Recycle (Required for all volunteers & spay/neuter, for home- community service workers): vaccines, less pets! Sunday’s: 6:00p (excluding tested nega- TPC ac- holiday’s; weather permitting) tive (FeLV/ cepts FIV cats aluminum Heartworm cans, ink dogs), & toner cartridges, old cell treated for fleas, worms, & phones, old laptops, and micro-chipped. iPods. Bring your recycla- *$25 membership for all + bles to The Pet Connection, *$25 admin fee cats 5918 Broadmoor! Aluminum Low Cost Vet Clinic: *$25 admin fee dogs can recycling is outside by Mon-Tue-Wed-Fri weekly 40+ lbs the garage door. All other Drop off: 8-10a for surgery *$85 admin fee dogs
  3. 3. Paws for Thought Page 3 Happy Tails—Meet Seamus & Roxy Seamus & Roxy are thick as most perfectly matched in days and bought him a big, thieves together and our cat size, weight, & strength so it is fluffy bed, which he most has joined in on the fun. Tug truly anyone’s game each certainly enjoys. We hope of war remains their favorite time they play. Seamus is so you enjoy the pictures of our sport but they will not hold well trained that he refuses to silly happy dogs. Thank you still long enough for us to take sleep on furniture. Since Roxy again for matching us with a picture. It is really some- has no such qualms, we en- these two. They are a great thing worth seeing and a couraged Seamus to hop on fit into our home and in our source of great amusement up at night but he refused. family! for our family. They are al- We broke down after a few Happy Tails—Meet Calvin Winter 2007 we adopted terscotch brothers. They all found a way to crawl Sunkist who we now call Cal- play well together along with through the ceiling from one vin. We love the little twerp our 7 year old dog, Kipper. room to the next. Calvin is so much, and he fits into our Calvin is quite the explorer. also our little acrobat! family SO well! Our 12 year We have 3 house rabbits who Sometimes when you hold old cat Sammy and Calvin have there own room. We him he flops backward, bonded immediately and are couldn't figure out how Calvin arches his back and throws inseparable! We also kept getting in their room in his head upside down. He'll adopted a little Chihuahua the basement. We'd find him let you hold him in this posi- pug mix named Marco and curled up in one of the bunny tion for up to a few minutes, all three pets are the same beds with one of the rabbits. completely trusting. color so we call them the but- We finally figured out that he Happy Tails—Meet Gus When Gus came to TPC in walked up and down stairs. great w/his two feline broth- September, he was in really He has grown healthier every ers. bad shape. He was extremely day. He has gained weight Gus is a wonderful family malnourished, had tapeworms, (perhaps even a bit too member. We love him very a gash on the back of his much!). He has a thick, beauti- much and look forward to head, mangy hair, ear mites, ful coat. He loves to go on making his senior years as a bladder infection, arthritis, walks and take naps. He's healthy and happy as possi- was not neutered, etc. even learned to enjoy the ble. Thank you so much for It was clear when we brought challenge of getting a treat taking him in! Laurie T. him home that he had never out of his Kong. He follows us been in a house before, never in and out of every room of played with a toy, and never the house and he gets along
  4. 4. Paws for Thought Page 4 Featured Pets Available for Adoption!!!! Joe is likes to talk & is very pas- She would thrive in a home a DLH sive. He is independent but as an only pet. She doesn’t that loves being in the room with like cats & is timid w/ dogs. was his human friend, but is not born clingy. He followed his previ- Reggie was in Oct 2008. He is sweet, ous owner all over the house. rescued as loveable and playful. He He likes to play fetch and a stray ap- was adopted from TPC, but comes when called. His fa- proximately returned because their vorite toys are balls. JJ is 9 months In our cageless facility, visitors find daughter had allergies. Joe scared of children and of ago, but his dogs and cats comfortably living in a homelike environment while likes to snuggle and is great high heeled shoes (or shoes rescuers could not keep him awaiting their forever home!! with the kids. He would be a that are loud on the floor). in the fence so they brought great addition to any family. him to TPC to find a new Midnight is home. Reggie is a beautiful, Chloe is ~1 y/o. high energy dog who is an ex- She is shy sweet & loving. Reggie tremely initially and knows how to sit & shake on sweet does not command. He is good with lap cat. like to be kids & dogs. He doesn't care She loves everyone that visits held close for cats. Reggie is housebro- her. She is good with other to your face. But once she ken & is approximately 1-2 One of our featured senior pets last cats, but would probably warms up she is sweet as y/o. month, Lacey, has found her forever homes. prefer to be a only cat, & sugar and loves to be pet. loves kids. Her owner tried to Midnight will play with other Nico was dump her at the Humane cats & sleeps with them. She adopted Society but they didn’t have understands the meaning of from TPC SAVE THE room so they transferred her quot;Noquot; & quot;Offquot;. She has gor- 2 years to TPC. Chloe is over-weight geous orange eyes. ago but DATE & will need a diet & exer- was re- cise. Due to her current size, Punkin turned she requires assistance clean- was due to financial hardships. ing herself. Chloe is front found He is a very loyal dog. He What: 7th Annual Pet declawed & is ~2 y/o. near a knows how to sit & down on Humanitarian Awards railroad command. He also knows the Ceremony & Dinner John track & command “easy” for taking James had treats gently. Nico loves all When: June 20, 2009 “JJ” been recently hit by a car. dogs & loves to play. His was She is a little firecracker & favorite toys are stuffed with Time: TBD adopted has recovered about 95%. squeakers. He is a fear biter from She occasionally limps on her with strangers. He is ~2.5 y/ Location: Theme Party TPC 6 years ago, but was back left leg but loves to run, o. Emporium—2420 Mer- recently returned because his jump, & play. She loves riam Lane in KCK owner was moving. He is meeting new people though around 7 1/2 years old. JJ she is a bit weary of men.
  5. 5. Paws for Thought Page 5 Rest In Peace—Big Foot I volunteer at The Pet Connec- mals. He also loved to drink me up to the front door (some tion and 4 years ago I went in water from the sink faucet dogs don’t even do that!). looking for a cat since my (or bathtub-wasn’t choosy) Bigfoot was a master cat with golden retriever and I had and he proceeded to teach both patience and accep- been without one for a couple my other two cats (adopted tance that was extraordinary. of years. I found Bigfoot and from fostering) to enjoy this He was a great teacher to never looked back. He was a sport as well! When he not only me and my animals golden yellow color with a would lay with me and I but also to friends and family heart of gold to match! He talked to him, he would put who were blessed by his walked into my home from his paw over my mouth as if presence. His spirit is huge day one as if he owned it. to say, “Enough talking”. He and continues to offer bless- My golden retriever and he had another very unique ings.—Summer J. became fast friends. I began manner. Whenever I had to fostering cats and kittens and take him to the vet and we Bigfoot took care and arrived home, I would open groomed all of them. He was the car door and he would fearless and loved all ani- happily jump out and follow Rest In Peace— Percy I had no intention of adopting could I leave him behind? I fire, which spread to the deck a cat the day I walked in to couldn’t. The staff was so above. The firemen arrived TPC 7 years ago. I just excited when I announced I before the fire spread inside wanted to socialize them. In was adopting him. For years my house, and the smoke that the window was a very fat after, I was known as did enter was sucked out sleeping cat who quickly “Percy’s mom”. I’m very sen- before it reached dangerous came to life when I wiggled sitive to the needs of cats levels. Very concerned for my fingers are the base of and understood his fear re- my cats’ safety, the firemen the glass. With the grace of garding touch. Slowly I con- made sure I located all of Not painless for me. I can’t a ballet dance, her pounced vinced him I would not hurt them to ensure they were ok. begin to convey the sense of my fingers. Charmed, I asked him and he gradually even Percy was hiding under my bewilderment & grief to see what his name was. “Oh let me pet his belly. Over bed. When he saw me he a creature who was so full of that’s Percy. He’s been in the years, we developed a ran to me with his tail up, life to suddenly be devoid of foster care for almost a year mutual bond. I could always relieved to see me & knowing it. I still not adjusted to his now. He was abused as a tell when Percy was sleeping that he was safe now. How- loss. It feels as though I lost kitten & is being trained not nearby because of his dis- ever, several hours later, a several cats that day, he had to bite”. Poor guy, I thought. tinctive “old man” snore. friend called to me to come so much personality. I miss his I’ll jus take him in the visiting And when he was particu- inside. Percy was lying on his rumbling purr, his happy room and play a bit. Once larly happy, he would grunt side, limp. It took me a min- grunts, his snoring. But mostly inside, he checked out the his unique Percy grunt. But ute or two to realize that he I miss his wonderful Percy room, then promptly crawled his most enduring habit was had already passed away. face smooshes. I was blessed into my lap, started into my when he would curl up close Most likely, the stress of the with 7 years of joy with a cat eyes, and purred his loudest & smoosh his forehead fire triggered some physio- that most people considered purr. “I adore you. Take me against my face, & just leave logical flaw resulting in a “unadoptable”. home & I’ll cherish you for- it there. On February 4, the heart attack or stroke. ever”, he seemed to say. heater in my dog’s house Whatever it was, it ap- - Julie P. Tears filled my eyes. How malfunctioned and caught peared quick and painless.
  6. 6. Paws for Thought Page 6 Ask A Pet… Squeak, Sela, Rufus, & Dudley Answer Your TPC Questions Ask Squeak anything that you would like the vet to answer.....Squeak was a semi-feral cat that came in for rehabilitation. He was so nasty that we decided to let him just hide and live in the laundry room. What a sneak, that squeak!!!! Turns out, he is a rehabilitation suc- cess....he's fat, sassy, and requires pets. It's amazing what you can do with a steady stream of volunteers folding laundry and 10 tons of Salmon I Pity the Kitty treats. Squeak runs things in our laundry area...and it's right outside the vet clinic. He hears all the gossip and learns a lot about animal care from vets, vet techs, trainers, and The Pet Connection's herbalist. Question: William Huff, volunteer and staff child, age 8: How many pets have had sur- Squeak gery at the spay/neuter clinic since we started? Resident Vet Expert Answer: We are currently at 4158....I'm planning to have a HUGE party when we reach 5000. I love clinic. Sassy and I get to meet a lot of new cats. We come down and say hi to them if they are friendly. Some of them certainly have some attitude with us, so we reach our paws in and try to steal food from cats that are just there for exams. It's so much fun because we get to perch on their carriers and run around loose while they watch us. We feel like we Submit questions for our are putting on a show all the time. Now, Starlight, she still only comes out when it's quieter, experts to: but eventually she will have the confidence to join our antics. Our spay/neuter clinic is unique for a variety of reasons. Many members of the surgery team have been working together since 2002. Because we offer other veterinarian services, we handle all of our own emergen- cies with animals who come to spay/neuter. That means that Melody, Jason, Julie and Jules; veterinarian team members, get to spend many late nights, early mor nings, crashed on the laundry room table. I kept playing with Melody's hair the last time she stayed up all night with a sick pet. I didn't let her get one bit of sleep......Come on over to TPC and help us out on a clinic day. Every veterinarian to be should come and observe. Ask Sela anything that you like about cats.....Sela is a permanent resident of our sanctuary. She was transferred to us almost a decade ago from Animal Haven where she was scheduled to be euthanized due to health. We were able to adopt her to a home, but it just didn't work out. The owner had a family emergency several years later and Sela was homeless again. Sela has had several homes, lived in a car, was impounded at a shelter, had foster care homes, and was eventually transferred to home sweet home on 59th and Broadmoor. Sela has good days and bad days, but her health has prompted us to make her a permanent resi- dent. This last year has been a series of little things that happen when you have lived long. Sela loves to be brushed and held. (Sela is always looking for a new lap to solicit.) If you Sela have time to sit with an elderly friend, she would be most grateful. Sela is also diabetic and Resident Cat Expert gets daily insulin. Question: Please submit your questions to
  7. 7. Paws for Thought Page 7 Ask A Pet (Continued) Ask Rufus (Roo) anything that you like about dogs.....Roo is quite nervous and shy around new people. He came from a local humane society when a local citizen claimed that he was keep- ing them in a child's sand box, he was about 3.5 months old. The puppies had not had any normal socializing and the individual had barely touched them. They were covered in their own pee and poop. Roo does better all the time with getting used to new people, we thought hat giving him his own column would be a boost to the ego. This beautiful Lab mix will love you if you only will give him a chance. Ask Squeak and Sela....Roo cannot live with a cat....unless it's a stuffed one or a picture on the wall. Rufus Question: Please submit your questions to Resident Dog Expert Submit questions for our experts to: Ask Dudley anything and he will find someone that can answer the question. Dudley walks the Mission community on a regular basis because constant walking helps him settle. Dudley lived his life on a chain before being taken to the shelter to be euthanized. It's only because of Beagles and More, local rescue group, (he's not a beagle) that Dudley was given a second chance. When the foster home was having training difficulties with this adolescent puppy who had never been treated like a pet, it only made since that he came to TPC. Beagles and More volunteers and TPC volunteers have worked together to give Dudley some good training and socialization so that he can eventually be re-homed. Because he's such a socialite, he often Dudley attends workshops, volunteer orientation, and rules the obedience center with a loud bay. He is also one of Jack's Picks on 105 FM. This famous guy has a lot of friends and his social network Resident Expert on all just keeps expanding.....ask him anything. aspects of The Pet Connection Question: Please submit your questions to
  8. 8. Volunteer Corner I would like to thank all the April and would love for you walking them, etc. We want volunteers who helped us set to check the volunteer board to include some fun facts as a new record for number of or contact me at bvar- well so if you have any sug- volunteer hours in a month. to send you via gestions of things you would January was a great month email that list so you can like see in our volunteer let- for volunteer assistance and check if you are able to help ter, please pass this onto me the entire staff thanks you as out at any of these events. as well. We would also like well as all of our animals who Please be sure to check the to include a volunteer of the were recipients to your care. volunteer board each time month and will certainly take I would also like to thank the you are at The Pet Connection any nominations from our volunteers who helped out to see what new events are volunteer group. with our 2/8/09 Sunday planned. A huge thank you for all that spay/neuter clinic. You We are also working on a you do not only for our ani- helped care for 37 animals volunteer newsletter that will mals but also for our organi- which are now no longer able include several various stories zation in making it the best to populate our world. Con- and facts such as who was place in town! gratulations! adopted during the month, - Barb Varhol, Volunteer We do have several special who has special needs, tips on Coordinator events planned for March and dog commands when you’re Recreational Resort for Pets 8809 Monrovia Lenexa, KS 913-888-8889 You are invited to join us for 2 Hour Specials! Yappy Hour. • Buy a Daycare Package & An Adoption Event get 3 days free! for The Pet Connection limit 1 per client Wed, March 4th, 2009 • 25% of Retail Sales go from To The Pet Connection 5pm to 7pm $5 suggested donation • $15 Dog Nail Trims – $5 to at the door The Pet Connection Your ‘fur-kids’ are welcome! Raffle to Benefit Pet Connection Training Demo Drinks & Hor Devours Come. Stay. Mix. Mingle.
  9. 9. PET PALz Monthly Donor Program The Pet Connection 5918 Broadmoor, Mission KS 66202 913-671-PETS (phone) 913-362-8460 (fax) Name_______________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________________________ Phone________________________Email_____________________________________ Amount ___$10 ___$25 ___$50 ___$75 ___$100 ___Other__________ ctç uç V{xv~ Please initial the transaction of your choice: _____1st of each month _____15th of each month Please attach a VOIDED CHECK from the account to be drafted. I hereby authorize a bank draft to The Pet Connection on the account designated, for the amount agreed to above on the date indicated above. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify The Pet Connection in writing if I wish to withdraw from this program at any time. I further understand that if the check is dishonored or returned for any reason, that the amount of the check plus a processing fee of $25 (legal limit) will be electronically debited from the account by CCF. Signature__________________________________________ Date______________ ctç uç VÜxw|à VtÜw Please initial the transaction of your choice: _____1st of each month _____15th of each month Type of card_______________________ Expiration date_______________________ Card Number______________________________________________ I hereby authorize a draft on the credit card account designated, for the amount agreed to above on the date indicated above. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify The Pet Connection in writing if I wish to withdraw from this pro- gram at any time. Signature_________________________________________ Date_______________ The Pet Connection, Inc. is a licensed 501 (c) 3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.
  10. 10. Recycling—Go Green and Save Homeless Pets The Pet Connection is pleased to announce that we have expanded our recy- cling program! Recycling is an extremely important reality of the world we live in. We must save our planet!!! Why not raise money to save homeless cats and dogs while we’re at it! Instead of throwing your cans away or taking them to the recycling center, please bring them by The Pet Connection! Cans can be dropped off anytime (open or closed hours) at our facility located at 5918 Broadmoor in Mission KS. Our recycling bin is located on the south-east side of the building next to the obedience center entrance. We are also proud to announce recycling abilities for printer & toner cartridges, old cell phones, laptops, & iPOD’s! Recycling boxes are lo- cated in our main lobby “The Bratcher Lobby” and can be accessed any time during open hours. Simply come in and place your product in the correct box. Want to do a fund raiser for The Pet Connection? Collect aluminum cans, ink cartridges, or cell phones from your schools, your neighborhoods, your clubs and bring them in! You’ll save the planet and you’ll save the lives of homeless pets all at the same time.
  11. 11. The Pet Connection, Inc. is a licensed 501 (c) 3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.