TPC February 09 Newsletter


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Monthly Newsletter for No-Kill Animal Shelter

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TPC February 09 Newsletter

  1. 1. ctãá yÉÜ g{Éâz{à The Pet C o n n e ct i o n , I n c. 5 9 1 8 B ro a d m o o r , M i s si o n K S 6 6 2 0 2 9 1 3 - 6 7 1 - P E T S Volume 3, Issue 1 Matted Brad-lee Receives Extra TLC From Empire Pets Groomers 01/01/2009 Written & Edited by Brandi Bruns was entangled in one big, and helps supply to The Pet gigantic mat. The honor of Connection pets. After dili- Inside this issue: naming him was given to gently searching for a home Teri Aalders, owner and that may have lost their A Special Thank you 2 groomer at Empire Pets, for puppy several months ago… Available Programs 2 the several hours after clos- we began looking for a new Happy Tails—Maxwell 3 Brad-lee before ing time she and her forever home. Happy Tails—Luna 3 Saturday afternoon in Janu- daughter spent making Happy Tails—Socks 3 Brad-lee will undoubtedly ary 10, 2009, The Pet Con- Brad-lee more comfortable. TPC Available Pets 4 be spoiled for life. His new nection staff was confronted They spent over 3 hours Lucky Is A Lucky Pup 5 family says that he is doing with a Shawnee resident shaving & sculpting Brad- Annual Awards Dinner 5 great on his housetraining who had just found a little lee into the beautiful dog Operation Regift 6 and that TPC will see him dog who really needed he is. PetPalz 7 soon in their obedience some immediate TLC. TPC Recycle Program 8 classes. TPC offers free be- As we are not able to al- TPC Wishlist 9 havioral and obedience ser- ways assist dogs and cats vices to every adopter for directly off the Kansas City TPC 2009 Statistics: the lifetime of their pet. streets, we were quickly • TPC has spayed/neutered 288 pets in Interested in getting your pet able to secure assistance for 2009 alone! groomed at Empire Pets? Brad-lee through the kind Brad-lee after • TPC has provided low-cost vetting to Schedule your appointment donation of the citizen and 373 pets in 2009. by calling (913) 236-5318 the time and love given by Teri commented that most • TPC has placed 82 pets in homes or visit them at 6506 Mart- the team of animal lovers at dogs would have had to be during January 2009. way, Mission KS 66202. Empire Pets. We wish all sedated, but this little guy dogs could come in with such just tolerated every bit of good support. this intrusion with out any ill Hours of Operation: temper. We contacted Empire Pets Monday: Closed immediately and we didn't Being the animal person Tuesday: 9a-8p Wednesday: 9a-8p have to ask twice when we that she is, Teri offered to Thursday: 9a-5p explained that the poor dog foster the dog until a per- Friday: 9a-8p could not go to the bath- manent placement could be Saturday: 9a-8p room, could barely walk, we Sunday: 9a-8p found. Brad-lee needed a Brad-lee says “Thank you” to Teri couldn't tell what gender he few days of the great Pets can be shown Monday’s by appoint- & her team at Empire Pets!!! was, and we had not yet food, Innova, that Empire ment only. Call 913-671-PETS to schedule. found one foot because he Pets sells in their storefront
  2. 2. Paws for Thought Page 2 A Special Thank You From TPC’s Volunteer Coordinator When asked if there was ber. The dogs were so exer- Liquors at 135th and Antioch, anything missing from this cised that day and fell asleep Overland Park, KS and also month’s newsletter, TPC Volun- exhausted-what a good to Merriam Liquor at 8925 teer Coordinator Barb Varhol Johnson Drive, Merriam, Kan- thing!” sas.” quickly chimed in! “The cats had been played “I would like to recognize and with so much that they too “We could not provide our thank all the new volunteers were snoring in their beds by cats with consistently clean who came out on Martin Lu- about 3:30pm. It was a won- litter boxes without their ther King Day. By about derful day.” contribution. We, the staff 3:00pm, I noticed when a at The Pet Connection and Barb also went on to say, “I volunteer went to get a dog certainly all the cats in our also want to thank two liquor to walk, the dog would either care, thank you for your stores who on a consistent look up with an expression contribution.” weekly basis donate beer that said, “No not me, I need flats for our cats litter a nap” or they wouldn’t even boxes. Thank you to Antioch look up from their slum- TPC Available Programs Behavioral Consultations: Pick up Microchipping: 5-7p TPC offers low-cost HomeA- Walk in gain microchipping to the vaccines: public for $25. Bring your 8a -12p pet in during open hours! No Appoint- appointment needed. ments required for surgery Thursday’s: 7:15p & 8:30p patients. Schedule appoint- Sunday’s: 7:15p ments by calling 913-671- Our building houses more than just an adop- *Free to adopters PETS. Prices vary based on tion facility! We also have low cost vet *$5 TPC members p/session income. services, behavioral consultations, and volun- *$10 non-members p/session Recycling: teer opportunities! Adoptions: Recycle Volunteer Orientation: Includes for home- (Required for all volunteers & spay/neuter, less pets! community service workers): vaccines, TPC ac- Sunday’s: 6:00p (excluding tested nega- cepts holiday’s; weather permitting) tive (FeLV/ aluminum FIV cats Heartworm dogs), cans, ink & toner cartridges, treated for fleas, worms, & old cell phones, old laptops, micro-chipped. and iPods. Bring your recy- *$25 membership for all + clables to The Pet Connec- *$25 admin fee cats tion, 5918 Broadmoor! Alu- *$25 admin fee dogs minum can recycling is out- 40+ lbs side by the garage door. Low Cost Vet Clinic: *$85 admin fee dogs All other recycling is avail- Mon-Tue-Wed-Fri weekly under 40 lbs able inside our facility. Drop off: 8-10a for surgery
  3. 3. Paws for Thought Page 3 Happy Tails—Meet Maxwell Hello everyone! She has lost weight (a very as well as Science Diet wet good thing) running up and kitten food. He is right at 11 Many thanks to all, and thank down the stairs and in and out 1/2 pounds. VERY active you Donna for showing us of the cat tunnel with him. cat ...loves to fetch about Jose (now Maxwell) on Fri- They like to tug opposite ends anything ... strings, feathers day, 10/31/08. of strings, and sleep very and especially furry toys. close to each other. MANY thanks to all of you! Maxwell has adapted excep- tionally well as an indoor cat, Maxwell gets Science Diet Richard & John and our 13 1/2 y/o Sally Dry quot;Healthy Developmentquot;, orange girl loves him dearly. Happy Tails—Meet Luna Luna, as best I can figure, is a where. The cats just hop up legs. She looks like a car- mix of dachshund & Jack Rus- on whatever furniture is close toon. Her only challenge is sell Terrier. She looks like a & yawn while looking down that she worries about white JRT with short legs. She on her in boredom. Luna strangers. She will bark at has the dachshund love for loves her boxer sisters Tillie & people in the street & in the digging & the JRT prey drive, Elika. Elika is deaf like Luna. neighbor’s yard. I’m work- that is, the love for chasing She thinks she is a big dog & ing on rewarding her for not anything that moves, espe- they play hard. Luna grabs barking & I have plans to cially cats. I have four on & swings from the their walk her more to expose her cats. One cat is going on 14 jowls & it’s all great fun. My to new people with positive y/o. She tolerates no non- Boston Terrier is less thrilled & reinforcement in the way of sense & Luna respects she would rather stay out of treats for good behavior. her. When the others show her way. Luna likes to shred I tell her I got 30% more their little kitty faces Luna underwear, socks, anything dog for the money because does her imitation of Shirley fabric that she can steal. She she looks like a regular dog Muldowney by launching off “kills” it first by “shaking it to except she is the “stretch” my antique glider on to the death, then she “rips its guts model. floor & doing a burnout with out.” She likes to dig in the little short legs going at warp yard & it’s hilarious to see her Thank you, Kathleen I. speed & her body going no- go at it with her tiny little Happy Tails—Meet Socks Socks is doing great in our ing very well to our kids and the cat fishing pole, although home! We adopted him on our dogs. He has the most our dogs' ears are a close December 4th and couldn't be amazing purr we've ever second. Thanks for all that happier with him. He's sweet heard... we call it his motor. you do, and for making and playful, and he's adjust- His favorite toy is definitely Socks part of our family!
  4. 4. Paws for Thought Page 4 Featured Pets Available for Adoption—Available Seniors!!!! Lacey is 11 y/o. She is a cats & dogs & is front de- Baby was re- beautiful declawed Calico. clawed. TPC will pay for her turned when her Lacey insulin for the remainder of owner moved. was her life for the appropriate Baby is ap- re- home. proximately 9 turned y/o & is de- to TPC clawed. She is Bowser was born in 1999. after a very sweet cat & loves human The family that we entrusted 7 years because her elderly friends. She also gets along with his In our cageless facility, visitors find owner could no longer care other cats. Baby loves finding new care dogs and cats comfortably living in a homelike environment while for her. She is very sweet & nap spots & she sleeps in the cutest to awaiting their forever home!! loving but would do best in a places. Baby also loves catnip. were home without small children. Baby is on a special diet. not Her previous owner says she as was a complete lap cat. at- George's tentive as we would have owner died Sela liked. He was overweight and there was was and having a hard time no one that adopted grooming himself, so they could keep him. from returned him smelling of He seems to do TPC at urine & with a bad infection well with chil- Three of our featured pets last month, the Mis- that caused him a lot of pain. dren. He is Sophie, Levi, & Ringo have found their forever homes. sion Mall. One day, her Bowser was treated for his housebroken. He is very scared adopter showed up in a car urinary infection & despite and shy right now. So he is cur- with Sela loose in the back the report that he was tem- rently in foster care, but can be seat. Sela had been living in peramental....he has always shown for adoption. George does the car for a few days be- been sweet (hard to be nice well once he adjusts to his new cause the woman had no if you are hurting). In fact, settings. George is 9 y/o Collie X. where to take her. She was Bowser is quick to flip over severely overweight & not on his back to have visitors Harley came healthy. It didn't take us long pet his belly! We do help to us after his to figure out that she was in Bowser with his grooming by owner died poor health because she was using grooming cloths & are with his friend diabetic & in need of insulin. hopeful that we help him Davey. He is This older love bug has ac- loose weight to increase his a quiet, lov- cepted her fate no com- mobility. He is a lounge boy. ing, & friendly dog. He would do plaints. She gets two insulin He loves to crawl under the best in a family with no children or shots per day & loves every covers & snuggle. He is af- only older children. He is good one. She is a great ambassa- fectionate with everyone. He with other dogs & is housebroken. dor for TPC because she will has done well with all the Harley a 12 y/o Chow Mix. On sit on anyone's lap & let just resident cats & with proper 9/2/08 Harley's best friend about anyone love her up. intro would tolerate a dog. Davey passed away in his sleep in She's a big girl & about 11 This mature (11) cat is all foster care. Harley is still looking y/o. She is good with both four declawed. for his final forever home.
  5. 5. Paws for Thought Page 5 Lucky is One Lucky Pup On 01/16/09, TPC received how old she must be, we The couple who found the a phone call that a dog were startled to find a dog is donating about 70% needed emergency vet assis- puppy. She was only about of their cost and they said tance. The clinic was closed & 8 months old. We were also they will continue to donate every member of the veteri- elated that the couple who after Lucky is completely narian team was helping found her was happy to pro- better. someone. One of our volun- vide her with daily TLC if teers asks staff, quot;Can we see they had a little financial There is currently an unpaid a homeless dog who may support for all her medical balance of $200. Is there Would you like to sponsor Lucky? need to be put to sleep?quot; The needs. anyone out there who would We need $200 to cover her medi- answer comes back, quot;yes.quot; like to be Lucky's sponsor? cal! Call 913-671-PETS to sponsor Lucky had mange, heart- The names of the sponsors & Lucky & have your information listed Lucky (previously known as worms, parasites, was heart- her updated picture will be in our next newsletter! Stinky) was being carried by worm positive, & malnutri- included in the next newslet- her new care givers. She had tion. She would need a lot ter. been running in their of care in the next few days neighborhood for the past 6 just to see if she could sur- Lucky has responded to treat- months, but would never let vive. Her obvious will to live ment nicely. The couple relig- them catch her. They had not was shown through her will- iously brings her to her ap- seen her for several weeks & ingness to eat and drink. pointments & she has gained thought something terrible weight & hair. had happened to her. The people who found her carried her around when she The veterinary services that Something terrible did hap- couldn't walk, gave her we offer for low income pen to her....her life without regular medicated baths, families helps dogs like Lucky appropriate care, without treated her skin with aloe get off the streets & get nec- nutrition, without a warm envi- several times per day to essary care. In a traditional ronment, had finally taken it's relieve her discomfort & veterinarian hospital, Lucky's toll. Lucky could hardly walk pain, & made sure that she care would have easily been and had no hair. We won- got all of her necessary a thousand dollars. Here at dered how miserable she must medications. TPC, for a few hundred and had been during some of a few sponsors we can add these cold nights. MWI Veterinary Sup- another happy tail to our ply donated some of the history. When we did an exam & shampoo & all of the medi- pulled back her lips to see cated dip needed for Lucky. TPC’s 7th Annual Pet Humanitarian Awards Dinner—June 20, 2009 The Pet Connection will again of wonderful donated items. More information will be host the 7th Annual Pet Hu- Last year, we had a GPS available soon including: how manitarian Awards Dinner on system, sporting packages, to nominate someone for an Saturday June 20, 2009 at and many items for the award and how to register the Theme Party Emporium home. for the dinner. located at 2420 Merriam All proceeds from the dinner If you have items you would Lane in Kansas City, KS. are used in the Kansas City like to donate to our silent We will have a rescue raffle animal rescue community auction, please contact Ami containing prizes that will helping abandoned animals Rouse at amity- benefit animals in need. find forever homes. There will be a silent auction
  6. 6. PET PALz Monthly Donor Program The Pet Connection 5918 Broadmoor, Mission KS 66202 913-671-PETS (phone) 913-362-8460 (fax) Name_______________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________________________ Phone________________________Email_____________________________________ Amount ___$10 ___$25 ___$50 ___$75 ___$100 ___Other__________ ctç uç V{xv~ Please initial the transaction of your choice: _____1st of each month _____15th of each month Please attach a VOIDED CHECK from the account to be drafted. I hereby authorize a bank draft to The Pet Connection on the account designated, for the amount agreed to above on the date indicated above. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify The Pet Connection in writing if I wish to withdraw from this program at any time. I further understand that if the check is dishonored or returned for any reason, that the amount of the check plus a processing fee of $25 (legal limit) will be electronically debited from the account by CCF. Signature__________________________________________ Date______________ ctç uç VÜxw|à VtÜw Please initial the transaction of your choice: _____1st of each month _____15th of each month Type of card_______________________ Expiration date_______________________ Card Number______________________________________________ I hereby authorize a draft on the credit card account designated, for the amount agreed to above on the date indicated above. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify The Pet Connection in writing if I wish to withdraw from this pro- gram at any time. Signature_________________________________________ Date_______________ The Pet Connection, Inc. is a licensed 501 (c) 3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.
  7. 7. Recycling—Go Green and Save Homeless Pets The Pet Connection is pleased to announce that we have expanded our recy- cling program! Recycling is an extremely important reality of the world we live in. We must save our planet!!! Why not raise money to save homeless cats and dogs while we’re at it! Instead of throwing your cans away or taking them to the recycling center, please bring them by The Pet Connection! Cans can be dropped off anytime (open or closed hours) at our facility located at 5918 Broadmoor in Mission KS. Our recycling bin is located on the south-east side of the building next to the obedience center entrance. We are also proud to announce recycling abilities for printer & toner cartridges, old cell phones, laptops, & iPOD’s! Recycling boxes are lo- cated in our main lobby “The Bratcher Lobby” and can be accessed any time during open hours. Simply come in and place your product in the correct box. Want to do a fund raiser for The Pet Connection? Collect aluminum cans, ink cartridges, or cell phones from your schools, your neighborhoods, your clubs and bring them in! You’ll save the planet and you’ll save the lives of homeless pets all at the same time.
  8. 8. The Pet Connection, Inc. is a licensed 501 (c) 3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.