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A Content Strategy Roadmap to Website Redesign

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Over 20 Content Strategy "Must-Haves" for your web redesign, to help you increase web traffic and convert leads.

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A Content Strategy Roadmap to Website Redesign

  1. 1. Created by Joey Barker
  2. 2. Inbound LinksOn-Page SEOTitle Tag & Meta TagsXML Sitemaps301 Redirects
  3. 3. Aim for high-quality, educational and/orentertaining content. ◦ If people like your message and its delivery, they will naturally want to link to it.Submit the website and blog to onlinedirectories . ◦ A cost-efficient, easy way to start getting inbound links to the website
  4. 4. Title: Seen at the top of a web browser, also themain headline displayed in search engine results. <title> FSA, HSA, HRA Software for Employee Benefits Plans – (Company Name) </title>Description: A concise subhead descriptor of thepage. <meta name="Description" content=“Employee benefits software,administration services, and automated workflow assistance for Plan Service Providers...">
  5. 5. XML Site Map Redirects
  6. 6. First impressionsConsistencyImageryNavigationAccessibility
  7. 7.  Is everything to the user… 1. Is the site credible? 2. Is it trustworthy? 3. Is this a professional company? 4. Is this company stable? 5. Does the site make me feel welcome? 6. Am I in the right place? Ask yourself ALL of these questions when redesigning a website
  8. 8.  Colors ◦ Try to make nothing jump out ◦ 2-4 colors max Use animation, gadgets or media only if you need them to support content or information Layout ◦ Clear navigation structure, organize page elements in grid fashion (not randomly scattered) ◦ White space – avoid clutter Easy-to-Read typography
  9. 9.  Photos of Real People outperform stock photos by 95%  Impact of Imagery 1. Relevance 2. Reality 3. Relative WeightI am a Happy Customer!
  10. 10. 1. Keep structure simple, near the top of page2. Include navigation in the footer3. Use breadcrumbs > on > every > page4. Keep the search box where it is5. Links within page copy – keeper as well6. Avoid JavaScript or flash in navigation ◦ Consider HTML 5 instead
  11. 11.  TABLETS ◦ The #1 reason we need to use viewport meta tags ◦ Helps with mobile device browsing as well
  12. 12. 1. Will the user know what we do in seconds?2. Do they know where they are & what it’s about?3. Do they know what to do next?4. Why should they do anything next? Why not someone else?5. Do they know plans & pricing options?
  13. 13.  Offer more than just product content ◦ Demos, free consultation, whitepapers, ebooks, videos, etc. Write product-specific content to one person ◦ Sound human – speak the language Help them solve their problems ◦ Avoid “we are the best” speak
  14. 14.  Get to the point Don’t make the user think ◦ Or guess… Make transitions and conversions VERY easy
  15. 15.  Add social share buttons to key areas ◦ Bottom of home page with footer navigation ◦ Near call-to-action prompts on product & landing pages
  16. 16.  Your Site already does this well – just mix it up ◦ Imagery (including infographics) ◦ Video ◦ Audio (podcasts) ◦ Online utility tools  (Change of Status, demos, etc.)
  17. 17.  Customer testimonials are key to credibility Place real, short, and power ones of your site ◦ Real names, titles, pictures, logos, etc. when you can ◦ Rather than random placement on your page, consider placing them on pages relevant to use The more the better ◦ Make it part of your strategy to collect case studies & testimonials Leverage other Channels ◦ Sites like Yelp are helpful in this venue
  18. 18.  Make them bigger and bolder than page elements Offer CTAs that provide value ◦ Demos ◦ eBooks, Whitepapers, etc. ◦ Webinars ◦ Free Consultation Make it Look clickable (hover element Less is More ◦ Keep it as simple as possible
  19. 19. 1. Place CTAs above AND below the fold2. Studies suggest that, often, CTAs to the Right of the page work better3. Use “Thank You” pages for additional CTAs
  20. 20.  Recommended Template 1. Headline and (optional) Subhead 2. Brief description of the offer/CTA 3. At least one supporting image 4. (Optional) supporting elements such as testimonials and/or security badges 5. Most importantly, form to capture leads / information
  21. 21.  Limit to elements of previous slide + only what’s needed NEVER use the Home Page Remove main site navigation from landing page ◦ So visitors focus on message ◦ Only collect the information you need
  22. 22. Offer a newsletter subscription on yourwebsite.Not all CTAs need to be big offers.Newslettersor mailing lists are the perfect way tocollectemail addresses so you can nurtureprospectsover time to become leads.Just make sure it’seasy for people to find your subscriptionform.
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Over 20 Content Strategy "Must-Haves" for your web redesign, to help you increase web traffic and convert leads.


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