The Google+ Project


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What is The Google+ Project? Do we really need another social network? How is Google+ different from other social networks? The answers to these questions and more will be provided in the first installment of the MWMC’s Digital Learning series of webinars covering the topic of Social Media.

At the end of June 2011, Google launched a beta version of its latest venture into the social media landscape, Google+. On September 20, 2011, Google opened the doors to its social network to the public. Judging from its record breaking growth and the sheer volume of articles, blog posts, specialty sites, and enhanced features that have emerged since, Google+ is definitely here to stay. Whether you are a network newbie or pro Plusser, this seminar will provide you with resources, how-to\'s, tips, and tricks to help you get the most out of Google+.

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The Google+ Project

  1. 1. Minnesota Women in Marketing and Communications Digital Learning Webinar: The Google+ Project Presented by Brandi Palechek Digital Media Strategist Note: The hashtag for today’s webinar is #mwmcgp
  2. 2. Agenda• Overview• Live Demonstration• Search Marketing• Content Sharing• Social Strategy• Conclusion
  3. 3. What is Google+?• Google+ is a social networking site• It is a tool you can use to: – Connect with contacts – Upload and share pictures and videos – Chat or video chat with friends and colleagues – Share thoughts, links, and information
  4. 4. Google+ Is Not Dead
  5. 5. What’s Google+ Up to Now?• Build a strong social foundation for search, browser, mobile, location and enterprise• Move Google from search-centric to people-centric• To eventually fold other services into Google+• Use social data to improve search technology
  6. 6. Is Google+ Open for Business?• Google+ open only to individuals for now• Exceptions: Ford is one of the few “test accounts”• Currently developing business platform• Business profiles are scheduled to début in November 2011
  7. 7. Google+ Features • Profiles – Tell Your Story • Circles – Organize Your Contacts • Hangouts – Connect With People • +1 – Share Your “Likes”
  8. 8. Google+ Live
  9. 9. Profiles – Tell Your Story Add a profile picture Adjust email settings Customize Circles display Write an introduction Add personal touches Fill in education and employment Turn on profile search Link to other sites/profiles Turn off unused tabs Change notification and privacy settings
  10. 10. Circles – Organize Your Contacts Design for specific audiences Import contacts from Facebook via Yahoo! Search for new contacts Functional Circles Don’t automatically Circle back Filter incoming posts Take time to organize contacts
  11. 11. Hangouts – Connect With People• Fun feature with lots of potential• Invite individuals or Circles to join• Cool Hangouts with extras in beta• Group chat feature• Featured video changes based on who is talking• Watch and discuss YouTube videos as a group• Max of 10 people
  12. 12. +1 – Share Your “Likes”• Similar to Facebook “Like”• Gradually being added to websites• Endorse websites, blogs, articles, products online• +1 votes display on websites, search results, and G+ profiles
  13. 13. Search Marketing• +1 in Google search results• Refine and improve search technology• Impact on AdWords quality scores• Integrating social data into search rankings• Search shows +1s and social shares from Google+ contacts• G+ posts rank high in social search
  14. 14. Content Sharing• How do you want to use Google+?• Variety of interests and topics• Target content to specific audiences• Be generous.• It’s not about you.• Use G+ stream to get content for other social networks• Quality vs. quantity• Use a variety of posting techniques• Comment on posts of others• Review comments on your posts
  15. 15. Social Strategy• How does this fit in with other social media strategies?• Get started on Google+• Add +1 button next to “Like” and “Tweet” icons• Budget time from other social networks• Avoid post duplication• Don’t abandon your profile
  16. 16. What I Like About G+• Clean and simple appearance• Easy to navigate and understand• Help articles, videos, and blog updates• Ability to update and edit posts• Using Chrome extensions to customize• Hangouts have tons of potential uses• Variety of ways users can interact• Quality of the conversations and posts
  17. 17. What I Don’t Like About G+• No way to edit link content• No private messages• Old discussions return to the top of the stream• Not open for business• Not integrated with other Google tools (Calendar, Docs, Reader)
  18. 18. Will Google+ Succeed?• Google is dedicated to making this work and has learned from past mistakes• Winning over Facebook users• Ability to sustain growth• Popularity vs. adoption• Better mobile app experience• Business profiles for brands• Integration with other Google tools and services
  19. 19. Conclusion Thanks for joining us today! Join us for our next Digital Learning Webinar: Building a Successful Facebook Marketing Program Tuesday, October 25th @ 1:00PM CST Register at Please visit for a current calendar of upcoming events.