Taglines 7 Deadly Sins


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Taglines 7 Deadly Sins

  1. 1. Inc. www.marketingtbd.com Inc. © 2009 Marketing TBD, Inc. 7 Deadly Tagline Sins
  2. 2. Inc. #1 CLEVERNESS photo
  3. 3. Inc. © 2009 Marketing TBD, Inc. CLEVERNESS Using cute, catchy words in taglines doesn’t necessarily make them meaningful. In fact, jargon and doublespeak may turn people away. Don’t say it – prove it by telling them how you help them reach the ultimate payoff, and why clearly they need you … now.
  4. 4. Inc. #2 BLANDNESS photo
  5. 5. Inc. © 2009 Marketing TBD, Inc. BLANDNESS Bland is boring. While it’s the safe route, it doesn’t excite, provoke or inspire. If your tagline is safe and generic, your brand is as well. Talk above the noise, without fear of breaking grammatical rules. Be fun. Represent your brand.
  6. 6. Inc. #3 BANALITY photo
  7. 7. Inc. © 2009 Marketing TBD, Inc. BANALITY Beware the platitude. If your greatest value inspires “Well, yeah, they should do that” you’ve got a platitude. Dig deeper to find the ultimate pay off.
  8. 8. Inc. #4 IMITATION photo
  9. 9. Inc. © 2009 Marketing TBD, Inc. IMITATION Your goal in creating your tagline is to illustrate how you differ, not how you are able to plagiarize. It’s not easy to be original, but it will pay off.
  10. 10. Inc. #5 DECEPTION photo
  11. 11. Inc. © 2009 Marketing TBD, Inc. DECEPTION Don’t make a claim to a brand attribute on which you don’t or can’t deliver. If not, you risk being seen as a brand that doesn’t deliver on its promises. How? Know your brand, what it stands for and what you deliver that’s unique in the marketplace.
  12. 12. Inc. #6 VANITY photo
  13. 13. Inc. © 2009 Marketing TBD, Inc. VANITY If it’s all about you, what’s in it for the customer? Sure, you should be proud of your brand and what you deliver – but saying you’re the best isn’t enough. Being the best is something you need to prove. Instead, focus on common values and the ultimate payoff you deliver for your customer. Remember, it’s all about them.
  14. 14. Inc. #7 RECKLESSNESS photo
  15. 15. Inc. © 2009 Marketing TBD, Inc. RECKLESSNESS Conduct a Google search to see if your tagline is being used by another firm. If you find it, does it have a service mark (SM) or trademark (tm) next to it? Further, check to ensure a web site doesn’t exist using your tagline. It’s part of your brand. Don’t lose it by being reckless.