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  1. 1. Thursday: A- Analyze Learners - The learners for whom this lesson will be for are 5th graders of different sexes and backgrounds with differences in cultures. I assume that at their ages there will be a basic knowledge of Native Americans and some preconceived ideas. The issues in this lesson plan may be the bias that is already established in each student by what they feel they already know. S- State Objectives-The objectives for this lesson is that each 5th grade student will show knowledge in modern day Native American Life by creating a podcast describing the way a Native American Lives today using the provided software with 100% accuracy in the facts and details. S- Select Methods, Media and Materials – A podcast will be played for the students regarding current living conditions of the Native American People. U-Utilize Media and Materials – Podcast will be prescreened for accuracy and instruction on utilization of podcast software. R-Require Learner Participation- All podcasts will be played for the class upon completion and each student is responsible for creating a podcast E-Evaluate and Revise- After the completion of the lesson it will be reviewed based on Student participation and success and revised accordingly.