Storytelling at Roskilde University


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In May 2013 our group of the European Centre for the Experience and Transformation Economy had a 2 day masterclass with The Mol program at Roskilde University Centre. The second day I gave a lecture about storytelling.

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Storytelling at Roskilde University

  1. 1. ASTORYABOUTSTORYTELLINGCASE:#BRANDEXPEDITIONmasterclassatRoskildeUniversityCentreEuropeanCentrefortheExperienceandTransformationEconomy07/05/2013
  2. 2. Martijn AretsForget The Box / Brand Expedition, speaker, author, on aCrowd Expedition, intellectual curiosity, ‘Dutch Entrepreneurof 2011’, 40 under 40Utrecht Area, Netherlands | Management ConsultingCurrentForget The Box BV, Crowd Expedition, Brand Expedition BookBV, Brand Expedition Book Cooperation UA, Brand ExpeditionFoundationPreviousTalent&Pro International Holding, In’tent ExperienceCommunications, Obsession Event Group, Skyline sound & lightEducation European Centre for the Experience Economy, EuropeanInstitute of Brand Management (EURIB), Hogeschool InHolland,Several CoursesEmailmartijn@brand-expedition.comPhone+31(0)650244596AddressUtrechtTwitter@martijnarets@crowdexpeditionWebsites (Dutch)
  3. 3. NIET!a storyabout
  4. 4. “how you can reachamazing thingswhen you focus onsharing a story andfocus on addingvalue”
  6. 6. #1focus on your DNA, what makes you special?*
  7. 7. #2preserve the core, stimulate progress**by Collins & Porris, ‘Built to Last’
  8. 8. #3it is so much easier to tell your own story. beauthentic. be yourself.
  9. 9. #4create moments that are worth spreading.(and make them easy to share)
  10. 10. #5create ambassadors by sharing your story.*
  11. 11. #6keep it personal. people are not dealing withcompanies. people are dealing with otherpeople.
  12. 12. #7dare to ask. dare to involve.
  13. 13. #8attrack your ambassadors in a creative wayto your organization.*
  14. 14. - Priority when you want toreservate a table.- 20% discount on their winesand beers.- Always the first with aninvitation for special events.- Tickets for the opening party.- Your own chair with your name- for the investor lots ofvalue, for theentrepreneur minimalcosts- extra income- leads to amazingstories (Guinness)
  15. 15. #9focus on adding value (what’s in it for them?)
  16. 16. #10think big, start small.
  17. 17. #11expedition learning.*
  18. 18. #12explore your borders. make mistakes. learnfrom them.*
  19. 19. #13think global, act local*
  20. 20. #14don’t be seduced by the hype(what is new?)
  21. 21. #15innovation does NOT comes from yourcustomers.*
  22. 22. #16going on expedition is not like going onholidays
  23. 23. #17nobody wants to join a project that isn’tsuccesfull...*
  24. 24. #18forget the box. there is no box. everything ispossible.
  25. 25. #19don’t forget to think by yourself. you’re theexpert. you are in control. no excuses.
  27. 27. Emailmartijn@brand-expedition.comPhone+31(0)650244596AddressUtrechtTwitter@martijnarets@crowdexpeditionWebsites (Dutch)have a great journey!