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Seo business plan

  1. 1. Framework forSearch Engine Optimization
  2. 2. • Purpose: to present an overview of the Search Engine marketing and overall process and how this process can benefit your business in acquiring new customers searching for your product.
  3. 3. • Stage 1: Business Assessment• Stage 2: Keyword Research• Stage 3: Site Structure & Rich Snippets• Stage 4: Onsite optimization• Stage 5: Content Publishing Opportunities & Distribution• Stage 6: Social References & Visibility• Stage 7: Inbound Links• Stage 8: User Behavior• Stage 9: Local visibility• Stage 10: Tracking and Refinement
  4. 4. • Determine current search positioning• Determine Customer and product profile• Highlight Key business issues• Establish Business Goals & objectives• Identify Key Players/competitive Analysis• Examine Current Metrics• Conduct Site Review• Keyword Brainstorming
  5. 5. • Study search and interest levels and seasonality of your brand, product and category.• Determine possible keyword niches that your service or product could be categorize under. (organic cat food, black cat food, sugar free cat food.• Determine keyword relevancy based on “search modes”, Ranking possibilities and Keyword difficulty• Discover global and local monthly search volumes on words and phrases related to your brand and category.
  6. 6. • Access Google Webmaster Central• Determine how Google sees your website• Utilize Google Diagnostics for Crawl errors• Crawl stats and HTML suggestions• Determine Site configuration (Sitemaps , crawler access, duplicate meta descriptions and title tags• Locate Duplicate Content• 301 redirect Setup
  7. 7. • Integrate keywords Title Tags• Optimize Meta Data• Optimize Alt-tags• H1 tags• Create silo themed pages or multi-theme pages based on product categories, service niches etc.• Integration of rich snippets (structured data) into the website to help people make decisions before they click. Structuring data like review, video, location, product and photo based data• Integrate related keywords into content
  8. 8. • Blogs/newsletter• Interviews/podcasts• press release creation and distribution• white papers/case studies• Product feed distribution• power-point presentation/pdfs• Video optimization and distribution• Pictures distribution• Landing page and micro-sites creation
  9. 9. • Signup for all relevant social networks• Create a editorial calendar that blends and integrate all social media and keywords• Integrating sharing capabilities into website like Google plus• Use Google alerts to discover product and company mentions and link• Create a link wheel for all social networks and keywords
  10. 10. • National Directory Submissions• Form Link Partnerships with relevant sites• Comment Links• Social networks• Link Baiting• Evaluate the backlinks of your competitors and get site listed• Discover link opportunities for related businesses
  11. 11. • Decreasing the bounce rate for keywords by making the site more relevant to he end user• Increasing page loading time• Increasing Google plus recommendations• Increasing site engagement with relevant content
  12. 12. • Get placements on local directories and Major U.S. Data Providers• Get listed on GPS directories• Get locations listed on Bing, Yahoo Business and Google Places• Integrating sharing capabilities into website like Google plus• Get local citations on local search engines, Blogs, Locally- focused directories and Industry-focused directories or blogs• Create a link wheel for all social networks and keywords
  13. 13. • Tag pages with Google Analytics• Determine Which keywords drive conversions for each niche product or service• Remove keywords that drive high bounce rates• Determine which keywords are the most profitable Determine back-link link growth/SEO position/traffic volume/keyword referrals for organic sources• Report on Findings• Discover what kinds of content is share the most and engaged with.• Make adjustments then re-launch cover