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Harmony Trails offers excursions to Finnish nature. During these excursions you can feel the calming and reviving power of the silence and experience how simple things can cause joy and happiness.

Harmony Trail programs are unique 1-­5 day travel experiences which are designed to the selective visitor to cater for their wishes and needs. We want to share Finland's nature's richness, holistic and healthy foods and relaxing times.

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Harmony trails

  1. 1. Harmony  Trail  -­‐  Finnish  Life  Style   Experiences   More Information: annamari.lammassaari@brandbalance.fi or +358 891 8586 Follow us at http://facebook.com/HarmonyTrail
  2. 2. HARMONY TRAIL EXPERIENCE - LIKE NO OTHER About Harmony TrailHarmony Trailtm programs are unique 1-­5 day travel experiences which aredesigned to the selective visitor to cater for their wishes and needs. Wewant to s andrelaxing times.  You may elect to:         spend a day out from your conference or business program spend a relaxing day in our company before a long trip back home take your family members with you for a trip escape the city life and dive into the world of tranquillity charge up your batteries for a better balance and wellbeing experience something special during your visit to Finland  Duration: Blueberry Trail, Apple Blossoms ,Winds & Waters,Midsummer´s Magic Night and Designing Tranquillity Programs last 5-­6hours.                                
  3. 3. Organic Apple Blossoms trip - Lohja Lake District  Finnish lifestyle is characterized by thesimple joys of life. Feeling the light windon your face, seeing and smelling theSpring Blossom by the Lohjanjärvi lake,will fill your heart with joy.   Organic Apple Blossoms Program Only a short 45 minute drive from Helsinki, The Lohja Lake District is ready to offer you a great day out from your busy program. In May and June Harmony Trail brings you to see the awakening of the Finnish summer. Lohja Lake District is known for its hundred thousand blossoming apple trees. At the Lakeside Hideaway we are welcomed by the international Finnish- English-Papuan host family who returned to their roots in Finland, back to their childhood playgrounds by the lake and quiet forest pathways. We will slowly stroll among the blossoming apple trees for a silent moment in the heavenly sent and let your mind fly. The family owns an organic apple farm, where we have a picnic, enjoy organically produced healthy food, and gain knowledge of the treasures of the nature. We enjoy a short boat ride on the Lake Lohja, explore small forest trails or just relax by the lake.    
  4. 4. Helsinki, the city of Winds & WatersThe Baltic See and its linked waterways have always been a lifeline of Helsinki. The city hasalways been an important port and the gateway to East and West. The Baltic Sea has been theprovider of food and protection with its multiple islands along the coastline.We want to show how that continuous energising force is effecting everyday life. Finns could becalled "water people". There is no comparison to the deep feeling of sparkling when sitting on arock or on the dock and listening to the sound of the wind. Who does not want to dip ankles inthe warm water and feel the sensation of the water . Winds & Waters ProgramThe day starts on the top of the Kaivopuisto hill. We will sip pure andnatural blueberry drinks and stroll the seaside peer. A cruise will take us to visit Saunasaari Island. It is full of different kinds of sauna´s. Smooth and wind molded rock shores are a perfect place to feel the warm sea breeze on your face. The beautiful sea view and fresh air will give you a chance to renewal.Saunasaari is a place to go to a traditional smoke sauna and have aninvigorating swim. The mystical moment after hot sauna and cool wateruniquely opens up your Qi - in a very sensual way it energises you. Good and healthy food is a part of good energy. For example traditional Robbers roast and vegetables are stewed in a hole in earth under glowing coles for many hours. Imagine the simmered taste and aromas´s.Perhaps we decide to go to visit a lighthouse or SuomenlinnaFortress. It will give a sense of mysticism of adventure, oldtimes and extreme circumstances of the northern nature.    
  5. 5. Blueberry Trail - health on the palm of your handA short distance from Helsinki and you have arrived in Lohja Lake District - awonderful region with blueberry forests. Walk along blue - green hillsides, closeyour eyes, let the sweet taste of berries fill your mouth. Sense the harmoniousmoment where the nature opens its treasures. Let your mind wander freelyand feel the urge to pick more and more such healthy miracles. Blueberry Program Blueberry Trail starts with a short drive to Lake District where we take a slow boat-ride on the lake. We will be taken to a forest and guided safely along the best trails. We will learn about Finnish nature letting the nature inspire and energise you.   In the forest we might find a Hunter´s hut. A tipi-like hut has an open fire where we enjoy blueberry shots and have a surprisingly healthy lunch. Spend a moment and breath in the forest´s enchanting aromas, sense the warmth of the fire in a hut. Not forgetting homemade blueberry pie with freshly made coffee boiled over the open fire.   The most enjoyable way to end this trail is swimming in a lake. See the blue sky reflecting from the water - feel the relaxing sensation of   the velvety water.  
  6. 6. Designing Harmony Helsinki QIThe Finnish quality of life is strongly connected with the harmonious encounters withthe nature. Right in the middle of Helsinki you can feel and sense the quiet energyflow - the Helsinki Qi.Connecting East and West, Finland with its capital city Helsinki - is an energypower centre like no other in the world. To feel it, let go. To sense it, let it come toyou. HELSINKI QI PROGRAMWe can find the Tao of Design in Helsinki. Today the idea of living in ordered,harmonious place where peace and relaxation has never been more appealing. The s the importance of simplicity as the key to truth andfreedom. Surprisingly, we can find a lot of Asian-type characteristics in Helsinki. Places for listening the stillness: Market Square, Temppelinaukio Church carved in stone, the new Music Centre with sensational acoustics and the new Kamppi Chapel and Silence centre. Touch Helsinki at the Sibelius Monument and have a picnic on the oldest rock on the planet. Feel the Qi from the sea and land, from the old rock and the blue skies.
  7. 7. Midsummer´s Magic NightThe sun reaches the peak of its powers at Midsummer, The Midsummer nighton approximately June the 21 each year. This is the was believed to be alongest day of the year and the shortest night. very powerful time forMidsummer marks the turning point of the year, the magic, hence tricks andend of the Bright, the beginning of the Dark. rituals were performed mostly for love,Finns burn bonfires as a tribute to the Sun and to this fertility and marriage.they contribute the energy from their own fires to keepthe Sun´s fire burning longer. Midsummer celebrations also be predicted byoriginate from old pagan traditions. performing certain rituals on Midsummer´s Eve.To get a husband We shall enjoy MagicalOne of the most widespread Midsummer Eve traditions Midsummer programin Finland is for a woman to and Midsummergather seven (or in some parts of Dinner.Finland nine) different flowers,tie them together and place the When: Three eveningsbouquet under her pillow on in June 21, 22 and 23Midsummer Eve. Her futurehusband would then appear to Where: Bus pick-­upher in a dream that night. from the groups hotel, 45 min 1 hour drive from HelsinkiTo become powerful and richA specific type of fern was alsobelieved to blossom on Midsummer Welcome  to  Eve, and anyone who saw the Midsummer  Magic  at  flower and was smart enough to Lakeside  country  pick it would gain magic powers, hideaway  with  or, according to some traditions, Harmony  Trail  become rich. Welcome to Midsummer´s Magic at Lakeside Hideaway with Harmony Trail!    
  8. 8. Nordic Treasuresweek long we are subjected to immense stress and pressure caused by societymembers and other various circumstances. As a result we find ourselves absorbedby everyday routine and environment.F or certain our life is full of versatile emotions, feelings, events, some of themlifting our mood, whereas others unfortunately, - bringing us down. When negativeemotions overwhelm a soul, it is a high time for reminding yourself that life doestime to recall the beauty of nature that is near us.We offer you an exclusive relaxing and calm Nordic tour combined of the followingelements:- Gorgeous hotel- Luxurious car or helicopter- Individual assistant- Wellness and relaxation- Individual shopping tour  Weekend program for a small couples or families) Friday   Pick  up  at  the  airport  on   a  luxury  car  (Mercedes-­‐ benz  S  Long,  Audi  A8   Long)   Supper  at  the   restaurant   Accommodation  in  hotel   Kämp  
  9. 9. Saturday   For  the  whole  Saturday  males  and  females  followdifferent  programs.  The  idea  is  to  enable  every  member  of  a  group  to  enjoy  activities  he/she  is  interested   Sunday   in.   The  program  for  Sunday  is     PpRrOoGgRrAaMm FfOoRr WwOoMmEeNn: designed  to  gather  group   French  or  light-­‐eco  breakfast  at  the  hotel     members  together  and  make  them   Shopping    includes  visiting  such  famous  brand   enjoy  peaceful  and  relaxing  day  in   stores  as  Chanel,  Chloe,  Dior,  Louis  Vuitton,  D&G,   the  countryside.   Yves  Saint  Laurent,  Armani,  Lapponia  and  many     others   Horse  riding  in  the  forest   Lunch  at  the  restaurant  Saslik,  serving  Russian   Photo  session  with  a   cuisine  food  or  traditional  Finnish  restaurant   professional  photographer   Savotta     who  will  later  design  an   Rest  at  the  hotel  with  a  possibility  to  have  a   exclusive  photo  album     massage  session   Lunch  in  the  forest   Solo-­‐salsa  class  with  a  Russian  speaking  teacher   surroundings   from  Cuba   Chinese  massage  at  SPA  center  Liangtse   Entertainment  by  country   Supper  at  the  restaurant  Sipuli   activities   Visiting  lounge-­‐bar  Teatteri     Supper  with  candles  with     homemade  food  of  Chinese  or   PpRrOoGgRrAaMm FfOoRr MmEeNn: Finnish  cuisine       Breakfast  at  the  café  Esplanade     Yachting   Harmony  Trail  will  do  its  best  to   Lunch  at  the  restaurant  Savotta  /Lappi/Saslik   make  your  wishes  come  true.   Rest  at  the  hotel   Having  a  session  at  Långvik  SPA  center   Supper  and  show  program  at  the  hotel  Kämp s   restaurant  and  its  lounge  bar    
  10. 10. F innhorse with loveNature, horses and healthy food, what a great receipt Additional  program  of   for an escape from you daily routines. choice  includes:   Did you know that In Finland there is a native Finnish horse breed, known as Finnhorse. With its quiet  boat  rides  to  the   kind eyes and prick ears and strong short neck, it lake   warms your heart immediately. They are calm, berry  and  mushroom   compliant and even-tempered and patient but also picking   beautifully lively! peaceful  hikes  on  the   Our Finnhorse lovers trips are open to all horse foresty  pathways     lovers basic skills are a requirement. Saddle-time every  evening  the   during our educational Finnhorse trips is maximum possibility  to  have  the  2 hours. Riders should be in control of walk, trot and Finnish  Sauna   experience.   short canter. Country  and  Western   Nature´s Table organic food catering will ensure dancing  is  our   pure and healthy food. Our philosophy is to offer additional  activity  if   fresh air, simple activities with very good service. there  is  any  energy   The meals are served at the ranch during the ride or left!   at the ranch. Available:  all  summer     We  welcome  groups  from  3-­‐ 6  people.     Prices:  always  tailored   More  information  and   contacts:       Reservation:  Brand  Balance     Pte.  Ltd     CEO:  Annamari   Lammassaari   annamari.lammassaari@br andbalance.fi     +358  045  891  8586   Facebook/Harmony  Trail