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Slideshare Coaching Session - The Travel Institute, CTC #1 The Marketing Process


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CTC Online Coaching Webinars

Join Cory Andrichuk, MCC this summer as he facilitates a series of six webinars on selected components from the new CTC course. Through real-life travel business scenarios and examples, Cory will focus on the practical application of the course materials. Each of the first five sessions will focus on one of the 10 key core courses and the final session will review all 10 plus test preparation tips.

Each week he will encourage discussion of that week’s topic and will be there to answer any questions so that you can get the most out of your CTC professional certification.

Cory will help coach you, motivate you and keep you on track while demonstrating new ways for you to develop and grow your business.

Register for all sessions for $99 or choose only the sessions you want for $19.99 each.
All sessions start at 3 p.m. EDT/Noon PDT. Click here to reserve your place!

Registration in the CTC certification program is required.
Coaching Webinar Agenda:
June 9 – Coaching Session #1 – The Marketing Process (90 minutes)
June 23 – Coaching Session #2 – The 3 Pillars of Interpersonal Excellence (60 minutes)
July 7 – Coaching Session #3 – Emotional Intelligence Fundamentals (60 minutes)
July 21 – Coaching Session #4 – 5 Levers for Producing Great Leaders (60 minutes)
August 8 – Coaching Session #5 – Managing Change: Identifying your Profile (60 minutes)
September 15 – Coaching Session #6 – A 90 Minute Review and Test Preparation (90 minutes)

This summer, why not use the slower pace and longer days to do something for yourself … earn your CTC!

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Slideshare Coaching Session - The Travel Institute, CTC #1 The Marketing Process

  1. 1. Cory Andrichuk Entrepreneur Join the conversation #coryAndrichuk
  2. 2. • Analyzing... starts with you • Recommending... some ideas to get started • Implement... a plan and start today Workshop Agenda
  3. 3. Sales Booking Service Marketing
  4. 4. Marketing is everything... Marketing is an investment in your future business. No matter how successful you are, how experienced, and how many clients you currently have, you always have to be marketing...
  5. 5. What is one strength you have in terms of your current marketing plan/ idea/ strategy? What is one area where you can look for your ‘improvement’?
  6. 6. Marketing is changing… Door to door Radio TVDirect mail and email Cold calls
  7. 7. Traditional Marketing is sometimes like being hammered over the head with the message!! People are finding ways to TUNE OUT traditional marketing messages… So what do you do??
  8. 8. Edison Research Consumers look to Facebook friends for advice: 24% of consumers consult their Facebook friends before making a purchase.
  9. 9. Market Research #1. Primary Research - Are those you can do yourself. #2. Secondary Research Sources are those that others do for their own purposes, but that may serve your purposes, too.
  10. 10. Yellow Pages Visit to competitor Call to competitor Speech or talk made by competitor Article written by competitor Competitor's publications Current or Help wanted ads Convention or trade shows Clients of competitor former employees Analyze your competitors Suppliers Professional organizations Other competitors The "Grapevine" Promotions Advertising Internet Site
  11. 11. Analyze your Partners • Suppliers (Cruise lines, Tour Operators, Tourist Bureaus) • Vendors (CRS's) • Outside sales reps (Independent contractors) • Volunteers • "Circles of Service" companies • Clients refer others to you • Clubs and associations
  12. 12. Analyze your Products 1. What travel products do you sell or emphasize now? 2. What new travel products should you sell or emphasize in the future? Why?
  13. 13. Analyze your customers 1. My target customer audience is: 2. The average age of my customers is: 3. The average income of my customers is: 4. My customers buy this kind of travel (in general): 5. My customers are loyal to me because: 6. My customers buy their travel this way (walk-in, home, internet, etc.): 7. They buy from me because: 8. They buy generally at this time of year: 9. I reach my customers in this way: 10. I can exceed their expectations by: 11. Other characteristics of my customers are:
  14. 14. Know Thy Customer... Customers often don’t know what they want It’s up to you to find out...
  15. 15. Consumers wants and needs are changing!
  16. 16. We value different things and are willing to pay for it… …because we like customization, unique, choice with affordability!
  17. 17. …because families are doing things differently …and need help doing it!
  18. 18. …because they love and treat their pets like Children/ family! And/ Or… …because they choose NOT to have children and still want to take their pets on vacation!
  19. 19. WHO… 2008 San Francisco, Airbnb is a trusted Community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone. Metrics • over 10 million nights booked • over 300,000 listings worldwide • over 33,000 cities • 192 countries • over 600 million Social Connections
  20. 20. Survey finds travel agent users more satisfied with travel experience New York, NY, February 27th, 2014 — The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) today announced the release of its new study, Value of Travel Agents, which was sponsored by Carnival Cruise Lines. The primary objective of this study was to measure the value of the travel agency channel and to show whether working with travel agents enhances the travel experience. And the results confirmed just that, and more. Findings from the Value of Travel Agents study, which was conducted by MMGY Global, discovered that over half of Millennial (59%), Xer (53%) and Boomer (58%) leisure travelers who used travel agents believe that vacations planned with travel agents were better than those organized without their assistance. Not surprisingly, consumers that use an agent travel more (average 4.7 trips) than consumers that don’t use a travel agent (average 3.6 trips). “The Value of the Travel Agent study shows that people who use a travel agent are more likely to be satisfied with their trip. The research also provides insight into how and where travel agents can expand their businesses." said ASTA CEO Zane Kerby.
  21. 21. What are you willing to consider? Automatic Experience:  Operating under default settings…  “I cannot change… I was born this way!”  Travel has turned into a commodity…  I do not understand digital/ social/millennial…  There’s no money in travel…  Clients these days are rude!  That people buy travel ONLY on price…  That the internet is unfair…  Direct and online bookings are killing me…  Nobody talks to anyone anymore…  I miss the old way of doing things… Choice & Opportunity:  Choose to see life differently,  Choose to think differently,  Choose to do things differently,  Choose to be personal, customized & caring,  Choose to USE perspective,  Choose to consider opportunities, & options,  Choose to create more meaning & purpose  Choose to be different!  Choose to embrace change more often,  Choose to create the travel experience with your hello  Choose to enhance your professional travel passion with technology!
  22. 22. We have choice… We have choice to make a conscious decision on HOW to think… AND… What to pay attention to!
  23. 23. Travel Advisor Entrepreneurial spirited Fee based Specialized/ Niche/ Expert Mobile Social and online savvy
  24. 24. Who Are You...? What Is Your Purpose? Your CORE beliefs are the basic philosophies of how you live your life.
  25. 25. STRENGTH ES THREATSOPPORTUNITIES WEAKNESSES 1. Home Based/ Retail/ .com 2. Client Database / history 3. Experience / Passion 1. Budget 2. Experience 3. Planning/ Organization 1. Technology/ Tools/ Online 2. Niche Markets 3. Professional Development Resources 1. Direct supplier intervention 2. Economic/ global landscape 3. Consumer Perception of travel agents value. NOT THE INTERNET!
  26. 26. Become customer centric AND…get purpose-based!
  27. 27. Create a unique customer experience
  28. 28. Creating a unique experience
  29. 29.
  30. 30. Create a unique customer experience
  31. 31. Create a unique customer experience
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Create a unique customer experience Trustworthy, Credible, Personal, Intimate, Customized, Professional, Safe, Secure, Reliable, Certified, Objective, Useful, Relevant, and FULL OF VALUE!
  34. 34. Self-assessment…what kinds of travel experiences have you created in the past?
  35. 35. It’s YOUR choice to choose! Create a unique customer experience
  36. 36. It’s a mindset shift! STOP telling /selling…  AND Become VALUABLE…  Become RELEVANT…  Become USEFUL...  Become YOU (again!)  Become brand U
  37. 37. Travel agents/ agencies …in the news
  38. 38. Develop a plan A Marketing Plan is part of a Business Plan, but is much more brief. Imagine. Create. Balance.
  39. 39. Sales Booking Service Marketing
  40. 40. What’s been your biggest drawback/ hang-up in planning your marketing in the past?
  41. 41. Your plan needs goals 2 sets of responsibilities: 1.One is to manage today's business. 2.The other is to manage tomorrow's business.
  42. 42. What are goals? Goals are the written milestones you pass on your way toward your vision. “Don’t just think it, INK it!”
  43. 43. S.M.A.R.T Goals – Using a 3-P Formula ( Brian Tracy) Specific… I EARN $X in commission per month Measurable… I COMPLETE my CTC, by October 31, 2014 Attainable… I HIRE passion, personal, and professional people Realistic…I SELL one travel package each day Timely… I POST on Facebook daily
  44. 44. 2014 Marketing Goals: • Sales/ Rev $ Goal:________ • Cost/customer:__________ • Recruitment: ___________ • Acced. / Certif:__________ • CRM: _________________ • Build a niche in?:________ • Travel Fam : ____________ • Marketing Budget:_______ Website Goals:___________ E-Marketing Goals:________ FB Like Goals:_____________ Linked In Goals:___________ Newspaper Goals:_________ Blogging Goals:___________ Direct-mail Goals:_________ Twitter Goals:____________
  45. 45. You need growth... Make this goal substantial, but achievable. We'd suggest a minimum of $10,000.
  46. 46. Define a Niche Marketing Objective (s)
  47. 47. Prepare a Promotional Plan
  48. 48.
  49. 49. A Travel Agent Marketing Mindset is…
  50. 50. “Travel Expert Homework” results from a Google search (Google yourself/ business name...)
  51. 51. A Marketing SUITE of products
  52. 52. My Niche I create unforgettable romantic getaways to exotic tropical destinations for time starved couples who are too busy and/or overwhelmed and need to reconnect with each other and re-kindle the romance.
  53. 53.
  54. 54. StationaryBusiness Cards
  55. 55.
  56. 56.
  57. 57. What emotional footprint does your brand create?
  58. 58. A strong brand leaves an emotional footprint that resonates with your clients.
  59. 59. Co-branding works… Adventure lifestyle…
  60. 60. Co-branding works… Destination specific…
  61. 61. Co-branding works… Product specific…
  62. 62. Does your marketing leverage your client knowledge? (Effective marketing relies on the quality of your data.)
  63. 63.  Review you and your agencies logo, marketing, Products & Services, and Personality to ensure you are congruent online and off!  Market you and your brand and not anything/ anyone else by creating client touch points: •Welcome to my Travel Agency greetings, •Personal Hand-Written Thank You notes, •Unique & Personal Coffee dates, and Shopping excursions! •Personal Passport Renewal Reminders, •Thank You for Your Referral, •Creative Welcome Home, Birthday, Anniversary Check List
  64. 64. 2014 Strategic Plan Vision: ________________________ Mission: _______________________ 90 Day Objectives: _______________ Marketing Goals: ________ Q3 & Q4: Objectives: _____________
  65. 65. Your Vision Statement… …is a picture of what you see your business becoming in the future. … offers you clear direction for your future activity. … is part emotional (the product of your imagination, hunches and values) and part rational – based on your analysis.
  66. 66. Historical Examples…. 1. “A computer on every desk.” Steve Jobs 2. “A computer on every desk in every home running Microsoft software.” Bill Gates 3. “Produce an affordable automobile.” Henry Ford 4. “One team, one country.” Nelson Mandela
  67. 67. Your Mission Statement is not...
  68. 68. Dissected…the mission statement should convey some of these parts: 1. Values – To Inspire, to Educate, To Lead, Engage, Interact, 2. Geographic Areas – local, regional, community, state/ provincial 3. Purpose – To serve 4. Responsibility – To enrich, cultivate, support, “To <insert Value> in my community of <insert Geo Area> and <insert Purpose> and/ or <insert Responsibility>
  69. 69. 90 DAY OBJECTIVES: (Measure what matters most!) • Marketing • Sales • Service
  70. 70. Don’t be these guys…
  71. 71. Create a unique customer experience Trustworthy, Credible, Personal, Intimate, Customized, Professional, Safe, Secure, Reliable, Certified, Objective, Useful, Relevant, and FULL OF VALUE!
  72. 72. Sales Booking Service Marketing
  73. 73. Our Journey Begin… Travel Agent Travel Entrepreneur Ongoing…