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Star Wars - Social Media Buzz Analysis


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Analysis of online discussion about Star Wars based on data collected from social media monitoring. Statistics include sentiment of mentions, social media reach and context of a discussion.

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Star Wars - Social Media Buzz Analysis

  1. 1. Ir ) Analysis based the data collected from the Internet . _ _N. ‘V’ . .__ . . . . _ . _ monitoring. The vast majority of mentions have positive sentiment < I v f»_/ ; ‘. _' "W*WFW“ TNTERNEJ ‘<: -ks" USERS 1:]; :~71,I: .S : ‘E9 [:3 35 1 1:1 I - U. I The most popular sources of mentions are three social media latformsz Facebook (40%), Jitter (31%) and Instagram (16%). QWENIS rmsmms TEASER TFRMILER W HJME (E| LEBM41T| ‘I@lfi| B@1T| ‘THLEFR[Blfi| Tl‘ J N ‘A 4 May the force be with you SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING 8. ANALYTICS