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Branchout 2017 - Day 2 Session - Sigal Bareket


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Growth Marketing at Lyft
By Sigal Bareket, Director of Growth Marketing at Lyft

Join Lyft's Director of Growth Marketing, Sigal Bareket, for a deep dive into manifestations of mobile marketing and growth at Lyft.

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Branchout 2017 - Day 2 Session - Sigal Bareket

  1. 1. Growth Marketing at Lyft The Secret of Success Sigal Bareket Director of Growth @s_bareket
  2. 2. Growth Marketing at Lyft The Secret of Success
  3. 3. As growth marketers we follow one basic rule Keep growing as long as you can meet your ROI targets.
  4. 4. Lyft is a marketplace Balance supply and demand: Stop acquiring drivers if you can't match them with passengers.
  5. 5. Lyft is a regional marketplace Supply and demand should be balanced in real time and within 4 minutes of each other.
  6. 6. Passengers B2C Short funnel Optimize for first ride Drivers B2B Long funnel Optimize for hours on the platforms We acquire and engage two very different audiences
  7. 7. We are committed to improving people’s life so the economics should work for everybody
  8. 8. Lyft growth marketer’s task Acquire and retain two very different audiences with different goals, and have them meet at the right place and the right time to execute a ride that will pay off.
  9. 9. Wow… Is it possible???
  10. 10. x2 growth Yes!
  11. 11. The secret of being a growth marketer at Lyft is...
  12. 12. Connecting the dots (used to be breaking the silos, but this is so 2016… )
  13. 13. Connecting the dots among teams Growth marketing Product / Engineering Data science The Pod Structure
  14. 14. First week = Lyft-Line The challenge - approved drivers who get “Lyft-Line”on the first week
  15. 15. Growth marketing Brand marketing Local marketing Connecting the dots among the user’s touch points 31% decrease in CPL (cost per lead) 8% increase in CTR (click-through rate) vs existing controls
  16. 16. #DeleteUber Connecting the dots between the user’s lifecycle steps
  17. 17. OnboardingAcquisition Follow the user’s journey Engagement Retention
  18. 18. #DeleteUber Invest heavily in driver acquisition Balanced Marketplace
  19. 19. To sum upTo sum up…. 1. Remember the marketer’s Holy Trinity 2. Increase acquisition CR by multiple touch points 3. Keep consistent communication from the very first touch point throughout the user lifecycle