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Branchout 2017 - Day 1 Session - Everette Taylor


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Driving Mobile Growth via Instagram Without Paying for Ads
By Everette Taylor, Founder at PopSocial

Everette Taylor, Founder of PopSocial, stopped by Branchout 2017 to share best practices for organic mobile growth across Instagram and other social media platforms.

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Branchout 2017 - Day 1 Session - Everette Taylor

  1. 1. @Everette Everette Taylor Founder & CEO Driving Mobile Growth on Instagram Without Paying for Ads POPSOCIAL
  2. 2. Influencer Marketing… Don’t Play Yourself ● Trackable Metrics (Branch links, promo codes, etc) ● Relationships, relationships, relationships! ● Barter if possible ● Cost Per Acquisition Model ● Don’t Sleep on Micro-Influencers
  3. 3. Partnerships & Contests... That Actually Make Sense ● Run contests that actually appeal to your target audience ● Strategic partnerships are key ● Consistent promotion using Instagram Live Stories ● Two step landing pages ● Always be able to measure success
  4. 4. Batman Level Tool Kit (Hell yeah marketers can be super heroes too) ● Analytics: Instagram Insights, Iconosquare, SocialBakers ● Deep Linking/Internal Metrics: Branch... duh ● Schedule/Post Content: Buffer, HootSuite ● Find Influencers: Traackr ● Affiliate Marketing: Impact Radius ● Grow Your Audience: PopSocial
  5. 5. Code: BRANCH50
  6. 6. Dope Content Wins… Say It With Me CREATIVITY ● Great Content > Followers > Turns IG Into Re-engagement Tool ● Stop thinking like a tech company aka boring. ● Amazing content = Thanksgiving Food. Repurpose those leftovers.
  7. 7. ICO… Settle Down Crypto Folks: Instagram Conversion Optimization ● Deep links in bio is a must ● Attaching links to your Instagram Stories ● Marketing copy in captions to convert link clicks ● Encourage people to turn notifications on ● Strategic hashtags (beware of the shadowban) ● Use teamwork to conquer the algorithm
  8. 8. Instagram: @everette
  9. 9. @everette #branchout17 Questions Submit your questions via Enter code Branchout2017