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Goals for 2012 for 2 26-12


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Calvary Bellefontaine's goals for 2012

Published in: Spiritual
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Goals for 2012 for 2 26-12

  1. 1. Calvary Baptist Church Bellefontaine, Ohio
  2. 2. “Calvary Baptist Church exists to love and glorify God by encouragingbelievers to be like Jesus Christ and by faithfully proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to our neighbors and around the world.”
  3. 3. Calvary’s vision is to be: a church where those in Christ are challengedto grow deeper and love Him more a church where those who are hurting andfeeling alone find acceptance and answers fromGod’s Word and God’s people a church that is passionate about sharing themessage of Christ a church that will use its resources to displaythe love of Christ to each other and to ourcommunity
  4. 4.  Growing Stronger– knowing God’s Word to become more like Christ Loving Others– developing deeper relationship and meeting needs Reaching Out – sharing Christ with our neighbors and around the world Serving Others– learning and using our spiritual gifts Strengthening Families – building families on the foundation of God’s Word
  5. 5.  Growing Stronger– Every believer is called to become more like Christ. We must study God’s Word and work to grow stronger. Loving Others– As a body of believers, we are called to represent Christ to our world. We must actively develop deeper relationships, meet needs, and love others. Reaching Out – The command of our Savior is to make disciples. We must see the spiritual needs of our neighbors, friends, and those around the world and share the gospel message as we reach out. Serving Others– God charges us to be excellent stewards of our time, treasure and talents. We must use the special gifts given to us by God to serve others. Strengthening Families – The family unit, as designed in the Bible, is under attack. We must equip and encourage parents to fulfill their God-given responsibility and provide biblical tools to strengthen families.
  6. 6. Growing Stronger Design a summer elective doctrinal study on Wednesday nights Teach our mission, vision and core values Review our membership objectives to assure gracious biblical guidelinesLoving Others Host quarterly fellowship meals Develop a widows’ assistance team
  7. 7. Reaching Out Intentionallyconnect with community events Host an evangelism training seminar Plan a county-wide pack a box program for Operation Christmas ChildServing Others Begin a biblical counseling ministry Complete Phase 1 of Vision 2020
  8. 8. Strengthening Families Begin Calvary Christian High School Design a series of parenting classes Host a marriage retreat