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What is an Enterprise Information Model?


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Bram Wessel and Gary Carlson's Talk at Seattle Information Architecture Meetup

Published in: Leadership & Management
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What is an Enterprise Information Model?

  1. 1. What is an Enterprise Information Model? Bram Wessel and Gary Carlson @factorfirm
  2. 2. @bramwessel | @gc_taxonomy | @factorfirm | What is an information model? A set of taxonomies, metadata, content types, and the relationships between them, that you use to run your business.
  3. 3. @bramwessel | @gc_taxonomy | @factorfirm | What is an enterprise information model? Whenever you have multiple systems, multiple business units, multiple channels, or multiple workflows, you are in an enterprise information environment.
  4. 4. @bramwessel | @gc_taxonomy | @factorfirm | Why do you need an enterprise information model? It exists already whether you acknowledge it or not. 
 Being intentional about it has benefits. 
 Ignoring it has risks.
  5. 5. @bramwessel | @gc_taxonomy | @factorfirm | How do organizations successfully manage an enterprise information model? Organizational alignment. Institutional commitment. Long-term focus and planning. Governance. Viewing information as an enterprise asset.
  6. 6. @bramwessel | @gc_taxonomy | @factorfirm | Where do you start? Ask yourself, what is the business context?
  7. 7. Thank you. Bram Wessel and Gary Carlson @factorfirm