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Got a Taxonomy Emergency? Call the EMT!


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Bram Wessel of Factor and Melinda Geist of Intel discuss how to fix taxonomy emergencies in your organization.

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Got a Taxonomy Emergency? Call the EMT!

  1. 1. @bramwessel @factorfirm Got a taxonomy emergency?
 Call the E.M.T.
  2. 2. @bramwessel @factorfirm a taxonomy strategist? So you wanna be
  3. 3. Melinda
  4. 4. @bramwessel @factorfirm REALITY
  5. 5. @bramwessel @factorfirm how good is our data? If we want to be 
  6. 6. @bramwessel @factorfirm across all our channels? Do we have line of sight
  7. 7. @bramwessel @factorfirm information
 supply chain? What is our
  8. 8. @bramwessel @factorfirm up at night? What keeps us
  9. 9. @bramwessel @factorfirm
  10. 10. @bramwessel @factorfirm Gary/Bram/Factor
  11. 11. @bramwessel @factorfirm Gary/Bram/Factor
  12. 12. @bramwessel @factorfirm Train to Portland
  13. 13. symptoms? What are your
  15. 15. @bramwessel @factorfirm Campaign name game of operator.
  16. 16. @bramwessel @factorfirm Campaign name game of operator.
  17. 17. #TMW
  18. 18. What is “enterprise level?”
  19. 19. @bramwessel @factorfirm Break the problem 
 into smaller chunks.
  20. 20. @bramwessel @factorfirm Break the problem 
 into smaller chunks.
  21. 21. @bramwessel @factorfirm enterprise taxonomy decision tree
  22. 22. @bramwessel @factorfirm Taxonomy Topology Form
  23. 23. @bramwessel @factorfirm Our Taxonomy Topology
  24. 24. Visual of Taxonomy Topology
  25. 25. Visual of Taxonomy Topology
  26. 26. @bramwessel @factorfirm 19 taxonomies 26 systems
  27. 27. @bramwessel @factorfirm Have a project charter, so you don’t boil the ocean!
  28. 28. @bramwessel @factorfirm What will it take to operate at enterprise scale?
  29. 29. @bramwessel @factorfirm A seat at the table.
  30. 30. @bramwessel @factorfirm CALL THE EMT!
  31. 31. @bramwessel @factorfirm Now the REAL work begins
  32. 32. @bramwessel @factorfirm Cultivate a shared vision of the desired future state.
  33. 33. Assessment. Roadmap.
  34. 34. ASSESSMENT
  35. 35. ROADMAP
  36. 36. @bramwessel @factorfirm MODELING
  37. 37. @bramwessel @factorfirm Our First Question: What is a campaign?
  38. 38. @bramwessel @factorfirm Campaign Process Model
  39. 39. @bramwessel @factorfirm Campaign Process Model Workshop
  40. 40. @bramwessel @factorfirm Campaign Process Model Workshop
  41. 41. @bramwessel @factorfirm CIM = Campaign Information Model
  42. 42. @bramwessel @factorfirm CIM Workshop
  43. 43. @bramwessel @factorfirm ORGANIZATIONAL
  44. 44. Setting Stakeholder Expectations
  45. 45. @bramwessel @factorfirm 1. Define Your Terms
  46. 46. @bramwessel @factorfirm 2. Build Trust
  47. 47. @bramwessel @factorfirm 3. It’s not a quick fix.
  48. 48. @bramwessel @factorfirm 3. It’s not a quick fix.
  49. 49. I TAXONOMY
  50. 50. ROADMAP
  51. 51. Roadmap ROADMAP
  52. 52. @bramwessel @factorfirm Roadmap ROADMAP
  53. 53. Research ROADMAP
  54. 54. Research ROADMAP: RESEARCH
  55. 55. Research ROADMAP: RESEARCH
  56. 56. Research ROADMAP: RESEARCH
  57. 57. Research ROADMAP: RESEARCH
  58. 58. Strategy ROADMAP: STRATEGY
  59. 59. @bramwessel @factorfirm Strategy ROADMAP: STRATEGY
  60. 60. @bramwessel @factorfirm Strategy ROADMAP: STRATEGY
  61. 61. @bramwessel @factorfirm Strategy ROADMAP: STRATEGY
  62. 62. @bramwessel @factorfirm Modeling ROADMAP: MODELING
  63. 63. @bramwessel @factorfirm Modeling ROADMAP: MODELING
  64. 64. @bramwessel @factorfirm Modeling ROADMAP: MODELING
  65. 65. @bramwessel @factorfirm Taxonomy ROADMAP: TAXONOMY
  66. 66. @bramwessel @factorfirm factorfirm.comROADMAP: TAXONOMY
  67. 67. @bramwessel @factorfirm Information Infrastructure 
  68. 68. @bramwessel @factorfirm Information Infrastructure 
  69. 69. @bramwessel @factorfirm Information Infrastructure 
  70. 70. @bramwessel @factorfirm Implementation ROADMAP: IMPLEMENTATION
  71. 71. @bramwessel @factorfirm Implementation ROADMAP: IMPLEMENTATION
  72. 72. @bramwessel @factorfirm Implementation ROADMAP: IMPLEMENTATION
  73. 73. @bramwessel @factorfirm Implementation ROADMAP: IMPLEMENTATION
  74. 74. @bramwessel @factorfirm Onboarding ROADMAP: ONBOARDING
  75. 75. @bramwessel @factorfirm Onboarding ROADMAP: ONBOARDING
  76. 76. @bramwessel @factorfirm Onboarding ROADMAP: ONBOARDING
  77. 77. @bramwessel @factorfirm Onboarding ROADMAP: ONBOARDING
  78. 78. @bramwessel @factorfirm Measurement ROADMAP: ONBOARDING
  79. 79. @bramwessel @factorfirm The bottom line.
  80. 80. @bramwessel @factorfirm An Enterprise Information Model is a core corporate asset.
  81. 81. @bramwessel @factorfirm Focus on CAPABILITIES.
  82. 82. @bramwessel @factorfirm SUCCESS FACTORS
  84. 84. @bramwessel @factorfirm Organizational Alignment
  85. 85. @bramwessel @factorfirm Organizational Alignment Questions: What will it take to overcome siloes in your organization? Do you have taxonomy emergencies? What is the awareness within the organization of problems with how information is managed?
 What is the level of agreement among groups of stakeholders that your challenges need to be addressed at an enterprise level?
  86. 86. @bramwessel @factorfirm Organizational Alignment Questions: Are interests aligned within and among stakeholder groups? Is there a sense of a common purpose?
 How motivated are stakeholders and the organization? Is there enough pain to motivate people to fundamentally change the way they work?
  87. 87. INFLUENCE. 
  88. 88. Influence and Buy-in Questions: 
 Do potential executive sponsors materially understand the nature of the challenge? Is there an executive or team of executives who are responsible for the parts of the business that are impacted? 
 Do executives sponsors have influence and the ability to allocate budget at an organization-wide level?
  89. 89. TECHNOLOGY
  90. 90. TECHNOLOGY
  91. 91. @bramwessel @factorfirm Technology Questions: What are the systems of record for different core taxonomy assets? 
 Is there a need for a taxonomy management tool or can enterprise-level information assets be maintained manually or in a distributed fashion? 
 What are the modeling capabilities of systems of record and other systems at play?
  92. 92. @bramwessel @factorfirm Technology Questions: 
 Are there gaps in the technology stack that are preventing enterprise taxonomy management capabilities? 
 How well do systems integrate with each other?
  93. 93. @bramwessel @factorfirm BUSINESS CASE: TANGIBLE
  94. 94. @bramwessel @factorfirm BUSINESS CASE: TANGIBLE
  95. 95. @bramwessel @factorfirm Business Case Questions: Is it easy to point to the business losing money due to the lack of enterprise-level management of information assets? Are there clear and present pain points arising from the current state? Is it easy to see how the business could make more money or have a positive return on an investment in shifting to an enterprise-level information strategy?

  96. 96. @bramwessel @factorfirm Business Case Questions: Is there enough clarity to see a path to a desired future state? Are there business capabilities that the organization lacks that an enterprise approach would enable? Are the benefits of the desired future state clear?
  97. 97. @bramwessel @factorfirm Lessons Learned 1. Educate and simplify. Repeat.
  98. 98. @bramwessel @factorfirm Lessons Learned 2. Get support for 
 ongoing investment.
  99. 99. @bramwessel @factorfirm Lessons Learned 3. Challenges are inevitable. 
 Find the opportunities in them.
  100. 100. @bramwessel @factorfirm EVERY ORG IS DIFFERENT
  101. 101. @bramwessel @factorfirm What is your information supply chain?
  102. 102. @bramwessel @factorfirm TAXONOMY AS A SERVICE
  103. 103. @bramwessel @factorfirm NO MORE TAXONOMY EMERGENCIES
  104. 104. @bramwessel @factorfirm THANK YOU