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Update on DSpace 7


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May 17 2017 DSpace User Group UK presentation by Wouter Janssens (Atmire)

Published in: Technology
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Update on DSpace 7

  1. 1. DSpace UK User Group Meeting 2017 Update on DSpace 7
  2. 2. Introduction DSpace 7 is the next major version of the DSpace platform. It is currently under development by the community. • Main feature of the new version will be the new, unified user interface and extended REST API • Is currently planned to be ready in the course of 2018 (still subject to change)
  3. 3. New User Interface Update on DSpace 7
  4. 4. Goals and approach The goals of the new user interface will be as follows. • Provide a unified user interface technology • Offer a fluent user experience by avoiding page loads • Offer a solution which is search engine optimised • To retain the current functionality offered in both JSPUI and XMLUI • Improve the interoperability between DSpace and other applications To achieve this, the new user interface will build with Angular 2. The XMLUI and JSPUI user interfaces are decommissioned.
  5. 5. DSpace Architecture Solr Database Storage Web Server REST API Browser Dependencies Web Apps Initial page request Returns HTML, Javascript and initial state 1 2 Request data3 Return JSON4 Other Web Apps
  6. 6. Extending the REST API In order to support the new architecture, DSpace 6’s REST API needs to be extended. • The new REST API needs to support all operations which can be performed through the user interface • Can also be used by other applications to integrate with DSpace The development of the new REST API is led by Andrea Bollini.
  7. 7. Planning and status The development of the new user interface will sequentially focus on the following areas. 1. Browse & search 2. Authentication and Authorisation 3. Submission 4. Workflows 5. Administration 6. Statistics The development of Browse & Search is currently ongoing. Early prototype to be expected by the Open Repositories conference.
  8. 8. Early prototype of the new simple item pages • First (and very early) visual of the new user interface • Shows the simple item page • Still subject to change • Implemented by Lotte Hofstede (Atmire)
  9. 9. Community Effort Update on DSpace 7
  10. 10. DSpace 7 UI Outreach Group The DSpace 7 UI Outreach Group is responsible for • DSpace 7 functional test plan, comparable to the DSpace 6 test plans • Identification of those use cases that will be implemented in DSpace 7 • Communication/Outreach to the wider community at specific times Meets every other week on Wednesday through conference call. Led by Carol Minton Morris (Duraspace).
  11. 11. DSpace 7 UI Working Group The DSpace 7 UI Working Group is responsible for • Design of the new architecture and technology stack • Development of the new user interface and REST API • Design of the base theme and look-and-feel of the new user interface The group meets on a weekly basis. The group is led by Art Lowel (Atmire).
  12. 12. Wouter Janssens Bram Luyten Update on DSpace 7