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Email deposit

Idea for the ideas challenge

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Email deposit

  1. 1. Kimberly Chapman Bram Luyten Marianne Parkhill Rastislav Hudak Team Low Friction Submission
  2. 2. The mother of all problems Self submission still requires too much manual effort 
 Repositories stay empty
  3. 3. The Solution: Email Deposit Assumption #1 
 we have reliable author identification: ORCID or institution staff registry Assumption #2 
 we retrieve relatively good metadata in 3rd party sources: Pubmed, Arxiv, Crossref, Mendeley, ScienceDirect ... Feature #1 
 After ingesting metadata automatically into a new workspace item, an email goes out to the identified author to ask for the file Feature #2 
 After automatic processing, the attached file gets added to the submission and the item can go into workflow (or straight into the repo).
  4. 4.