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  2. 2. Socrates 5e eeuw voor Chr."Education is thekindling of aflame, not thefilling of a vessel."
  3. 3. Krishnamurti 1948"The function ofeducation is to createnew values, not merelyimplant them in themind of the pupil,which merelyconditions the pupil,and not gives themintelligence."
  4. 4. Gautama Boeddha ong. 400 v. Chr.“Believe nothing, nomatter where youread it, or who saidit, no matter if Ihave said it, unless itagrees with your ownreason and your owncommon sense.”
  5. 5. Jezus Thomas-evangelie Ergens tussen 50 en 150 na Chr."Jezus zei: Waaromreinig je de buitenkantvan de beker? Besef jedan niet dat depottenbakker die debinnenkant maakte,ook de buitenkantschiep?"
  6. 6. Kant 18e eeuw"Denken zonderervaring is leeg,maar ervaringzonder denken isblind."
  7. 7. Yeats 19e - 20ste eeuw"Education is notthe filling of apail, but thelighting of a fire."
  8. 8. Aristoteles 4e eeuw voor Chr"De ergste vormvan ongelijkheid isproberenongelijke dingengelijk te maken."
  9. 9. Plutarchus 1e - 2e eeuw na Chr."The mind is nota vessel to befilled, but a fire tobe kindled."
  10. 10. John Dewey 19e - 20ste eeuw"Failure isinstructive. Theperson who reallythinks learns quiteas much from hisfailures as fromhis successes."
  11. 11. Lao Tse 6e eeuw voor Chr."Failure is an opportunity.If you blame someone else,there is no end to the blame.Therefore the Masterfulfills her own obligationsand corrects her own mistakes.She does what she needs to doand demands nothing ofothers."
  12. 12. Lao Tse 6e eeuw voor Chr."Knowing othersis wisdom,knowing yourselfisenlightenment."
  13. 13. Isaac Asimov 20ste eeuw"Self-education is,I firmly believe,the only kind ofeducation thereis."
  14. 14. Mary Parker Follett 1918Education is a continuousprocess, it does not end withgraduation day; it does notend when ‘life’ begins. Lifeand education must never beseparated. We must have morelife in our universities, moreeducation in our life... Weneed education all the timeand we all need education.
  15. 15. Henry Nelson Wieman 20ste eeuw"The ability to learn whatothers have learned, toappreciate what othersappreciate, to feel what othersfeel, and to add all this towhat the individual hasacquired from other sources,and finally to form out of it all... ones own individuality iswhat distinguishes the humanmind from everything else."